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the thing about going swimming, sometimes you forget to pack one of your underthings, only to realise it when you’re all showered and digging into your bag for them. “oh sh*t, my bra!!” well, that happens.

and the good thing about going to a pool WITHIN a mall, is that just one or two floors down, there’s a lingerie shop selling nice underthings for only $9.90 (price slashed down from $59.90 – good deal or what?). i swear i didn’t subconsciously forget to bring my bra just so that i could shop for a new one. really! although, now that i think of it, it could be good business to sell underthings at a swimming complex…

Amore vanity space
(don’t worry, i have my bra on here.)

anyway, i like this changing room, it’s a little bustling after a sweaty class of kickboxing or whatever it is that requires jumping around to the sounds of ‘gangnam style’ a million times, but i strategise by leaving the pool in between those sessions so it’s nice and quiet and i have this vanity nook to myself. i may even spend more time preening in here than actually swimming. and the ladies in here, while vocally louder, are more, hmm, modest than the ones in the more intimate changing room at the yoga studio – there’s this one lady in particular who parades around before and after her shower buck naked, everything hanging, and as she spreads lotion or perfume over her entire length of body, i try hard to avert my eyes from that dark triangular patch of wiry hair nonchalantly displayed. it’s like trying not to look directly at the sun.

too bad the studio is not within a mall, because otherwise there’s a body hair-grooming shop just one or two floors down. a little brazilian wouldn’t hurt if you’re going to cavort naked in the changing room. (well, wouldn’t hurt others who inadvertently look at you, anyway.)


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yesterday morning.


told ya it’s my ‘private’ rooftop pool heh.

it’s interesting listening in to the heartland aunties’ conversations while in the changing room. (yes, they laughingly declare themselves as aunties because only aunties come to the gym in the mornings when their kids are in school, which made me almost chip in, “hey that makes me an aunty too!”) anyway, the hot topic was, of course, their children and the education system and the stress factor, ranging from PSLE to O level. “at PSLE, us parents are the ones feeling stressed, but at O level, the kids are the ones feeling stressed,” lamented one aunty. either way, she says, there will always be stress in the system. another riled at how if all schools are supposed to be the same, “they should send those teachers from RGS or RI to teach in neighborhood schools.” so cute lah, these motherly aunties, with their woman-on-the-street views and opinions (and ‘rage against the machine’). maybe PM should hold those National Conversations in the changing rooms of heartland gyms in the morning.


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it’s been a while since i came here, can you believe my membership still hasn’t expired? and since the public pool was closed for maintenance in the morning, headed here instead…

i am...

… and had the whole pool by myself. so there were no one else’s jiggly bits to distract me or bump into during laps, and better still, no one to see mine. :p

and because it’s open air at the top floor of the building, i could pretend it’s the MBS pool, except that the surrounding skyline is made up of all the buildings in tampines central. that’s not too bad.

because i love tampines, you know!


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Baywatch, originally uploaded by izadd.


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sunday is my Sweating Day.

every sunday, i sneak out of the house before the rest of its inhabitants are awake, and have a nice drive to the studio for the morning hot hatha class. (i love the ECP on sundays.)

barely ten minutes in and i’m on both hands and feet, drops of sweat profusely trickling down from my temples to the tip of my nose, some seeping saltily into my mouth, perspiration dripping on the purple mat beneath me, forming a map of dark archipelagos and continents, as i hold my downward dogs and planks through sets of sun salutations in the forty-degree heat, breathing, breathing, breathing….


i don’t usually sweat easily otherwise, and what more with the many hours spent freezing in the winter of discontent that is Greyville, i don’t have much opportunity to activate the sweat glands. when lunch break comes round, we’d walk out of the building with arms outstretched to embrace the sun and melt in a pleasurable sigh. “helloooo, mr sun.” talk about ‘sun salutations’.

i think the reason why so many people feel depressed and perpetually pms-ish at work is because, confined in offices for long periods of time, they are deprived of the vitamin D goodness that comes from exposure to the sun, that it affects the body’s serotonin, the happy hormone. i mean, imagine how much happier we’d all be if we worked at the beach, right?

although i have to say, those lifeguards at our public swimming pools tend to be a tad too grumpy and stern-looking for my liking, despite having plenty of sunlight.

which is where i go to with auni on sunday afternoons for her swimming lessons. and here, again, my sweat glands go on overdrive while waiting for her, sometimes at the side of the pool to give moral support. more maps are formed, this time on my t-shirt, especially under the pits.

and after all those toxins are flushed out, and serotonin levels increased, what else could make you happier than treating your kid (and yourself) to a $1 ice-cream potong? $1! and so delish.


ps: i need a beach holiday.

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progressing all right. only his third lesson and swimming independently, albeit with floating board.

lesson #3, originally uploaded by izadd.

so fun.

lesson #3

meanwhile, the girl tangos…

P2270180 P2270181

my spot under the shade.


but next weekend the daddy’s working, which means mummy’s turn to get wet…


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i have a particular memory of a swimming lesson as a kid – me, miserable at being dragged to the pool with my brother on a scorching sunday morning, looking forlornly towards the bleachers where my (late) dad was lounging, mentally concocting a plan to pretend i was drowning and catch his attention (failing to do so on both counts), wishing i was home, still asleep or lazily watching tv instead.

why was i miserable? well, you gotta remember, this was hana-who-disliked-physical-activities-and-anything-sports-related. a puny hana, disadvantaged against the bigger, stronger kids. and you know how hard swimming tests are? they make you dive and touch the bottom of the deep pool, then they make you wear pajamas and time you to take them off while treading water, and go underwater to BLOW INTO YOUR PJ PANTS and tie the ends to create a float! i mean, for heavens’ sake!

needless to say, i passed (trauma aside), and while i’m not sure i’ll be going anywhere near the waters in pajamas like, ever, i’ve thankfully retained the ability to tread water, do breast strokes, and generally… well, stay afloat. it even came useful one time, when a jetski i was on with my dad in phuket overturned, and as i treaded water, i remember watching my mom, who was on the shore watching us, and thinking, thank god she didn’t come on the jetski ride because she didn’t know how to swim and would surely have drowned if she did.

only now, as an adult and a parent, do i begin to appreciate my parents’ effort at making me go for those lessons despite my reluctance. and i imagine now, how bored my dad must’ve felt having to send and wait for us every sunday morning when he could’ve been lazing in the comfort of home on a sunday morning… but send and wait for us he did, and there i was, resenting how he’d sat on the bleachers without caring how *i* felt…….. tsk.

(too late, but.. thank you, dad. for swimming lessons. that, and driving lessons – but that’s for another story.)


so we all know how important water safety is, and how easily kids take to the water the younger they are, yadda yadda.

well, yeah, i think so too.

initially meant to send just aniq, but decided to arrange for auni in a toddler group since the timing was favourable, and surprise surprise, the younger one proved to be the more gungho between them.

like a fish to the water.

her first lesson was short and basic but very useful nonetheless. you would think nothing of it, but the accomplishment the little fishies felt just going in and out of the pool with the right method (butt first, grab the blue line to go in, use your arms then legs to go out), you could literally see it in their tiny faces – rays of joy bursting through their toothy grins. SO CUTE OK.

end of lesson. fish bait: CANDY.

aniq joined an ongoing class, so he had the disadvantage of being with more advanced swimmers who were already swimming independently. so what does a kiasu mommy do when her kid’s the runt? why, she sits at the edge of the pool and gave instructions on how to blow bubbles underwater while the coach wasn’t looking, of course. :p but being in a mixed group helps too because it made him more compelled to try to do what they can do.

so anyway, we made great progress in just one afternoon – from never being independent in a deep pool, to both diving fearlessly into it. sheesh, why didn’t i do this earlier?

swim forth, little fishies.

(maybe next time i should just stick to the bleachers…)


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