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there was a time, almost a decade ago, when i finally decided to meet this guy for lunch on a saturday afternoon, somewhere in bugis.

call it serendipity.

we were actually acquainted some seven years before that, but being the vacuous youths that we were then, well, we never hit it off. only seven years later, when our paths converged again, that we discovered we had, in fact, many things in common, uncannily enough.

among them being, our taste in music. needless to say, idle moments were spent sharing earphones plugged to a discman. (you know, from the dinosaur age before mp3 and ipods.)

he used to burn copies of cds for me, and in return, i made him a compilation for his birthday in 2000. wow, was that eight years ago?? :D


so, what’s on it, then? erm, i’m afraid i can’t exactly explain all my choices here – he’d know the context and meanings best. i think. :p

1. soundtrack 4 2 lovers – mansun
2. ultraviolet (light my way) – U2
3. funny thing – travis
4. morning song – jewel
5. you & me song – the wannadies
6. with or without you (live version) – U2
[like, hello! mega bono fan here, of course. ha ha.]
7. hummer – smashing pumpkins
8. my dark star – suede
9. black star – radiohead
10. i want you – third eye blind
11. ice-cream – sarah mclachlan
12. all i want is you – U2
[we love 'reality bites'. period.]
13. what’s my age again? – blink182
[this was, after all, a 23rd birthday compilation! ;)]

of course, if we were to make a new compilation now, there’d be a whole LOT more songs we’d have to squeeze in. like our wedding song. (don’t laugh – it was a norah jones, lol!) heck, we’d even have to include our kids’ favourite songs as well. (as it is, aniq already has a few hot picks!)

and seeing how izadnhana intend to stick till-death-do-us-part together, you can say, the list would be infinite.

speaking of which, we’re pretty psyched to watch this movie, opening on 11 dec – nick & norah’s infinite playlist. it’s got michael cera, who also starred in juno (he’s grown so much since arrested development), and promises to be the kind of teen romance you wouldn’t find in, say… hmmm, high school musical? lol!

watch out for it…

nick & norah's infinite playlist
Movie opening 11th Dec!


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i got us tickets!

the cheapest i could get, but it’s ok lah, can still see si kudut ni. i think we’ve been to every one of his concerts together, haven’t we? wahlao, we were like dating-dating back then, man. sooo lomantik.

yeah yeah, his songs kinda suck now, so let’s hope he’ll give us some of the old stuff. heck i won’t even mind stuff from the tears album. maybe he should really go back to being an androgynous drug addict and stick with his ex-BFF bernard butler. ah well, things change, people move on, etc… eh? such is the volatile nature of the rock & roll scene. (alah, blogscene pon kekadang gitu jugak. ah ah, joyah!)

oh, we’ll leave the wild one (aka aniq) behind, ok! then we can talk like proper adults without him around! wahh, what a change!*

but have to wait till august leh. meanwhile… we don’t need to talk lah! we blog with each other enough, ok!*


(*private joke laki-bini lah tu.)


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