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don’t let that demure look deceive you, because wrestling matches and piggy back rides with her brother have taken place within the confines of that baju and kain, i kid you not.

well okay fine, mummy’s guilty of misbehaviour in baju kurung too. oh shush.



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how was hari raya? it was okay. not sure why, but i seem to get less and less excited about celebrating raya. also, just got my first back-to-work pay, so tried to avoid buying a whole lot of unnecessary things this year. even made a few raya goodies on my own, which is like, an entirely new level of domesticity for me.

ouh pictures! perhaps the best thing i like about raya haha.

Camera Roll-537

Camera Roll-540Camera Roll-544

Camera Roll-553Camera Roll-556

happy eid to all!


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me & mini me

me & mini me originally uploaded by izadnhana.


cousins originally uploaded by izadnhana.

to get little eshan to look at the camera, his big cousin aniq gave instructions to me, “mummy! you go and dance gangnam style!” and so i did, in my kain and ridiculous heels, galloping away behind the photographers, just to keep that squirmy fella’s attention long enough for the cameras to click. (yes go ahead, imagine it.)


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the izadnhanas, originally uploaded by izadd.

it was a good day. :)


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more interesting to me than the rendangs and lemangs, were the food for thought shared through conversations with family over colourful cookies during raya visits.

for these kids, having fun with their cousins is the real treat. (that, and having unrestrained access to sugary, carbonated drinks.)

Juahir clan
even more cousins
Jumari clan
cousins galore, aunts, uncles, and one poor unsuspecting grand matriarch in the midst

my generation, i think we tend to group together and chat among ourselves when we should be making small talk with the elderly folk when we go visiting. we usually leave our parents/aunts/uncles – the middle generation – to do the talking; we’re still somehow viewed as ‘children’ just tagging along, even though we’re in our thirties and have kids of our own in tow. i’m not sure why. maybe because when we were kids, we were expected to be respectful by being quiet while the adults speak, reply only when being spoken to, and not ask anything back, and somehow, we haven’t got past that. as it is, there are fewer elderly to visit as the years go by. soon, we’ll be the ones expected to take over the role of our parents/aunts/uncles as the middle generation. will our kids be able to engage in real conversations with their elderly? will they be curious and ask the elders about their past history and current well-being? will the generation gap be closer now that the digital age is bridging it, with everyone on Facebook?

aniq & auni
taking the back seat, for now.


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ahhh, Hari Raya, when future accountants are discovered…..



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he mused yesterday, while we were running around finding last minute errands to do (we were pretty much done with home preps, seeing as how I had a head start with the spring cleaning over the month), that our poor kids were not experiencing the whole raya atmosphere enough, at least not like how he remembers it as a kid.

the smells of raya at home, he said, was what he associates most fondly with raya – the baking, the cooking. well, you should know what a foodie he is, right? but i guess that’s my shortcoming, not providing my kids with the proper olfactory memories of raya at home, seeing as how my domestic abilities are limited in the kitchen.

my raya memories, on the other hand, were mostly to do with cleaning – changing curtains, bed sheets, sofa covers, table cloths, vacuuming, wiping, polishing, etc. yeah, the smells of raya at home to me are new carpets and Lemon Pledge. so, that being my experience, is what i know to do now.

“oh, i’m sure they’ll make up their own traditions, form their own memories of raya,” i said.

they will, right?


raya memories we both did have from young are, of course, hearing the mufti’s declaration of raya and the heart-tugging takbir on the radio after the last buka.

“this is the takbir, Aniq. it’s so sad! don’t you feeeeel sad just listening to it??” i asked. of course, the answer from the 6-year-old boy with the sensitivity of a goldfish was a negative. we wondered if perhaps our feelings of teariness hearing the takbir developed from associating it with images on tv, reminding us of beloved deceased, children in orphanages, the poor elderly, the underprivileged, the destitute.

we should really make them watch more Malay channels, huh.


we’re on an economy drive this year. i’m not earning any income after all, so no, no unnecessary splurges this time. bed sheets, carpets, curtains, are recycled. wall patches are artfully hidden. sorry, house, no new vases of flowers for you either. well, at least you’re nicely vacuumed, mopped and Febreez-ed, aye?

oh, but we did fork out a fair bit to have our room’s parquet floor repolished. we also had a fine time slumber-partying out in the hall for a night while the lacquer dried, then reassembling our crazy four poster bed and heaving our what seems like 1 tonne mattress back to its rightful place.

ouh, i love the smell of newly polished floors. reminds me of my Lemon Pledging days of raya, you know.


i did manage to wheedle a last-minute pair of baju kurung from the tailor for the girl. she reaaaaallllyy wanted a pink one. well, my mum used to let me choose my own colours as a kid and had them all tailored. no reason to deprive her, it’s raya after all. form good memories for them, right?

one of my last-minute errand was buying her a pair of (reasonably-priced) shoes. needless to say, she chose pink. with bling.

Cinderella slippers

she practically pranced all over the house with it the rest of the day.

“i can’t wait for hari raya tomorrow, so i can wear my new shoes!”

what can i say, she’s exactly like me when i was small too, in anticipation for raya.

as i was pottering about their rooms at night, getting their outfits ready, she popped her head up from her pillow, “is it you want to make me look pretty, mummy?”

why yes, honey, that HAS to be my life’s mission, isn’t it, now? ha ha.


Selamat Hari Raya to all! here’s to creating fond memories of raya for the family.


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had enough of raya yet, troopers?

let’s give it one more weekend…


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mummy, auni & aniq, originally uploaded by izadd.

aniq & auni, originally uploaded by izadd.

as you can see, they’re like my accessories. :p


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is raya over yet? get ‘em back in the cage, quick!


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, originally uploaded by izadd.

“selamat hari raya… kain tu betulkan sikit, makcik….” (though she will flatly deny the label ‘makcik’ and correct you with an “i am princess!!” whatevuhhhhh.)


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P9101770, originally uploaded by izadd.

and for every good picture (or as far as good pictures go when it comes to getting a bunch of kids in one shot – near impossible, as many may attest), there are even more candid ones with silly faces, expressions, gestures and… wardrobe malfunctions.

spot the flash of pink…!

(courtesy of hazrin. to archive as source of future embarrassment.)


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DSC_0340, originally uploaded by izadd.

… a lot about their personalities, really.

my nephews in the middle there – yeah, the ones that look all smart, serious, well-behaved – they’re all that.

and those other two at the sides – well… you can pretty much guess.



i had to add this one in. TOO CUTE. (again, those two grinning monkeys… i don’t know whose they are.)



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DSC_0271, originally uploaded by izadd.

what is it about this culture of colour coordinating with your family during hari raya?

i suppose the practical purpose would be to ‘identify’ members of a family/clan, and cut down having to repeatedly point your kids out to relatives whom you only see once a year. or perhaps as a show of harmony… solidarity… aesthetics… lack of colour-blindness? :p

i try (try being the operative word here) to resist going all ‘boria’ with the family for, err, vain reasons (Queen Mommy’s gotta stand out), but… i guess, with a little compromise, and since the kids are still small and cute and GREAT AS MATCHING ACCESSORIES FOR ME HA HA – plus, can you deny the aww-factor? – i should make the most of it while they still find the whole baju kurung thing such a novelty that they forego their own personal tastes and inclinations, for this festive period, at least.

coz there may be a point in time when they would be the ones dictating what colour we should all wear (goodbye to Queen Mommy’s reign), or worse, resist going all ‘boria’ with us – their dowdy, boring, old-fashioned parents – and prefer to wear “sedondon” with their friends/boyfriend/girlfriend instead. *gasp* :D



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DSC_0042, originally uploaded by izadd.

not much room for mummies and daddies to be laid-back when it comes to raya – gotta make it worth the kiddies’ while, primping and prepping them up before the big day, with the baju kurungs, songkoks, sampings, and accessories we subject them to, the constant reminders to salam and wish elders “selamat hari raya”, the millions of pictures we make them smile for. so we ply them with sugar-loaded cookies, salty crisps, sweetened drinks, and thrust into their hands colourful packets filled with money. and not to forget, get together with their favourite cousins.

what’s there NOT to enjoy during hari raya when you’re a kid, i ask you??



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DSC_0050, originally uploaded by izadd.

raya is probably the most photographed time of the year, and often we flip through our past raya albums and reminisce over how cute our babies were when they were small or bald, how much they’ve grown since the last raya, how so much or so little has changed over the years – deaths, births, relationships… even hairstyles, fashion, makeup. :D

eid mubarak to all from izadnhana!



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