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if you recall, her first birthday was rainbow-filled…

playing with bubbles

it wasn’t intentional but her fifth birthday too was rainbow-filled…

Wondermilk @ PublikaWondermilk @ Publika

well, ok, this was technically the weekend before her birthday, and we happened to be in damansara, KL (again!), on a mission to conquer Publika, where a certain Wondermilk cafe holds residence.

we could not resist the perfect opportunity to buy one of their famous colourful Lola cakes, the sight of which in itself is so delightfully vibrant and joyful, it could make unicorns cry happy, sparkly tears.

Happy Day!

group shot @ Wondermilk, Publika

the actual day of her birthday, i travelled many kilometres, to the other side of the island, to fulfil her wish. yes, she wanted not one pony, but many ponies, and ponies she got – on her cake.



gahh, aren’t preschoolers the cutest?!


here’s to rainbows and sunshine wherever you go…



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me and the boy, we may be born in the same month, under the same star sign, but there are times when i feel like we don’t get along so well. the problem is, he takes on a lot of my temperament – the impatient, easily angered, impulsive one. i’d like to believe that’s the side of me that i don’t normally reveal, that’s been beaten down and suppressed for most of my adulthood. but now that i have this… kid, it’s like a beast within has woken from its dormant state. when he riles me up, i get mad, then he gets mad, and… well, yeah it’s a vicious cycle, i know, but it’s just… hard dealing with someone who’s so much like the you that you don’t like, you know? i just hope it’s something that will sort itself out when he’s an adult and won’t rile me up so much anymore.

aniq & mummy
–> this, peacetime.


i guess God is fair for giving me a partner who has the opposite of my temperament – calm, level-headed, relak-jack, which means he can reason with the kid/s better when i’ve totally lost it.


anyway, kid, mommy may have reached a milestone at 35 – gawd, MID-30s! – but she still has a lot, A LOT to learn (and change) about herself. and you turning 7… well, i wish for you to hurry up and be a mature, responsible adult so mommy can regain her sanity.


and to my mommy, a fellow decemberian who just turned 65 (what temperament i got from her is for another day to analyse) – i hope i’ll be that mature, responsible adult soon too. :p



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“so, have you thought of what to give me on my birthday?” i asked the boy and girl some time last week. (because mummy is shameless like that.)

“i know, i know! on your birthday, we can, like, send you to an island, and then we leave you there. so then you won’t have us to annoy you all the time lah. simple,” said the boy. the girl nodded at her brother’s plan.

“OMG that sounds AWESOME! that would be like the PERFECT gift, ever!! thank you for thinking of it!!” i exclaimed in excitement. (hey, i’d get quiet time alone to read AND another tan. win.)

they know me so well, my kids.

(it beats breakfast in bed, for sure. who eats in bed anyway?! seriously!)

these days, i actually wish for a new nasal passage or a sinus surgery, something, anything to get rid of my morning sinus for good. coz it really sucks waking up to a blocked-and-dripping nose, or trying to wake up early at all because the blocked-and-drippy nose had woken me up in the middle of the night to stuff wads of tissue up my schnozzle, thus disturbing my REM.

and as i was typing this, someone just wished me happy bustday. as in literally because she was sharing with me on a bust cream that works and yeah turning 35 after having kids has not been kind to our boobs, sad and trite and cruel but oh so true.

but let’s not dwell on the imperfections of our bodies, and instead celebrate them, yes?

and to do that, i have resolved to wake up early tomorrow on my birthday and, err, work out some more. (well, i expect a lot of eating to take place the rest of the day, so…)


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eshan turned one, and i was so pleased when I heard what his party theme was… :D

Untitledthe birthday caterpillar

(check out that hairy caterpillar on his head… heh.)

it was a SATURDAY, so you can imagine the caterpillar went wild with all that cake, cupcakes…

birthday cakecupcakes

… salami, hotdogs, lollipops, ice-cream… (come, can you remember what else it ate through?)


here are all his little wiggly cousins, still not fully metamorphosed.

wiggly caterpillars

love the colouring sheets and goody bag. it had cheese, an apple, berries and strawberries, among other things. can make into a picnic, complete with a butterfly kite to fly. clever!

colouring timeUntitled

“Now he wasn’t hungry any more – and he wasn’t a little caterpillar any more. He was a big, fat caterpillar.”

emi+hajar = ezz eshanUntitled

here’s to the first of many birthdays to come, eshan!
now, go eat through some nice green leaves please.

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what am i, a Facebook page?!
what am i, A FACEBOOK PAGE?!

auni & aniq
that’s it missy, NO MORE CAKE for you until you say you LOVE your mummy. >:(


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happy birthday auni!, originally uploaded by izadd.

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
a big thank you to our wonderful family for celebrating with us. :)



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we were nibbling on fish and fries at long john silver’s last weekend, mulling over the wisdom of holding yet another birthday party for the girl, at such short notice.

“princess theme? fairy theme? ballerina theme? princess-fairy-ballerina combo/hybrid/mutant?” we mulled and nibbled, nibbled and mulled.

“how about mermaid? Ariel IS technically a princess…”

“hmm, mermaid… fishes… seafood… mmm…” a quick call to Fish & Co. to make a reservation for the guests, who were concurrently texted, and we were good to go.

can you tell by now that the highlight of a party for me is filling up goody bags for the kids? it was, erm, unfortunate that i could not fill glitter-glued goody bags with, oh-i-don’t-know, shell necklaces, sparkly combs, diamante stickers, The Little Mermaid dvds… because 80% of our little guests were boys, who would surely declare the contents as “lame!” and proceed to stomp the bags into a glittery pulp.

on the other hand, no one can say no to a cute, friendly crab.

my favorite item – these came in a box of 3 different titles which i unpacked to give out individually, so a family with 3 kids would get a complete set. plus, they glittered. without being… girly.

i ended up hanging around the aisle of toys ‘r’ us for half an hour playing with this. i knew the kids would like it because: a) it is a toy, b) it is not a book, c) it will keep them occupied for a while, d) it will never run out of battery, e) it will never get spoilt, f) their parents will want to play with it too. (well, i did.)


the obligatory mix of foodstuff. because you have to feed kids at parties or they’ll cry foul and complain to the Association of Universal Goody Bags.

and now this has nothing to do with the goody bags, but it was the only thing that had an ACTUAL mermaid on it. and it definitely made the girl (and all the boys) happy, because it was sooo cold and yummy. :D



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to the little girl who’s turning 4 this monday :)


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aniq’s 6th birthday coincided with his uncle iswandi’s wedding, so we were pretty busy the whole day, and only managed to cut the cake at the end of it…

earlier that evening (looking somewhat fresher):



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… was what they proclaimed at the end of the first day in The Happiest Place On Earth (at least in this part of Asia).


well, that’s mummy’s birthday treat to you accomplished, then.


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my birthday gift came 3 weeks early…


a beautiful, totally indulgent (i admit!), limited edition 20th anniversary boxset. comes with the ‘live in sydney’ concert in DVD, which i used to watch on laser disc repeatedly during one period in my life (dreaming some day i’d see them live myself) and then couldn’t because who the heck owns a laser disc player anymore? :D

listening back to achtung baby now, i realise how, to borrow a phrase from meredith grey, “dark and twisty” the songs really are, and how you can probably play it on radio now and the music would still sound current even though it’s 20 friggin’ years old.

thank you husband, for indulging this (sometimes) dark and twisty wife of yours, who (always) moves in mysterious ways (especially when called to the kitchen).

meanwhile… 3 MORE WEEKS TO 34?!


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turned seven. i don’t see him as often as i did when he was a baby and i’d drive to mum’s all the way from work during lunchtime just to play with him (those being pre-aniq days). these days, i can’t seem to elicit as much response from him as i did then.

what i do know is, i’d borrowed his Diary of A Wimpy Kid, and haven’t returned it. aunty will, i promise!

adam turns 7 on 1/11/11

how about i get your NOISY cousins to sing for you again in the meantime?

(dies in embarrassment.)


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i used to be quite terrible at chemistry. my class did pure chem and i possibly failed almost every chem test in sec 3 and 4. pipettes, precipitation, periodic tables… it was all very perplexing, to say the least. then, during one “study session” at the airport (back when the airport was THE place for students to bring their textbooks and feign industriousness over a scenic view of airplanes), i met (got picked up by? i can’t remember) a JC boy…. who turned out to be nice enough to offer to tutor me in chemistry. like, for real (and for free). and for his efforts, i miraculously scraped through with a credit in chem for my O’s. #truestory

i did not end up dating the said JC boy. you could say… there was no chemistry.
(or maybe he thought i was too dumb HA HA.)


i had that flashback of dreaded chem labs and dull moments of dripping liquids into beakers, when the twin nephews had their 10th birthday party the other day. if only science was as fun (and full of candy!) as this then…

so cute, they invited their classmates over to the party, the boys came first, and when the girls arrived, THEY ALL SCREAMED AND RAN TO THE KITCHEN AND CLOSED THE DOOR.

seriously, can you understand boys?!

i guess 10 isn’t the magic age then.

maybe… 17. think JC BOYS. mmm.


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Happy Birthday, Daddy, originally uploaded by izadd.

so with all the hari raya preps and excitement, i forgot our 8th anniversary (!!) yesterday, which was hari raya itself, BUT i did remember his birthday today.

and i sacrificed one entire nutella roll aka kek tapak kuda to celebrate it. see what a good wife i am??

ok, so i made up for it with a proper dinner at a nice place. i swear, i did! (aptly enough, at aquamarine @ marina mandarin. talk about themes, right?)

oh, by the way, right after daddy’s song was sung, candles blown, and cake eaten, auni had to ask the question on every 3yo’s mind with regard to birthdays: “DADDY! where is your goody bag??”

happy 34th birthday, daddy. enjoy getting your own birthday present at the Comex tomorrow.

and DON’T FORGET YOUR GOODY BAGS, ha ha ha hahaa.


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had a last-minute inspiration about oh… five days to her birthday.

owl cookies
cookies and cake by NCakes.

owl cake
owls often symbolise intelligence, wisdom, knowledge – plus, they’re REALLY cute. (and ok yeah, there’s a literary reference too: Owl Babies is one of my favourite children’s books, makes me teary every time, sniff.)

owl takeaway boxes
pink (her favourite) and black (my favourite) hoot loot. well, i had to compromise.

treated the kids to a stay at royal plaza on scotts over the weekend, and had close family members over for high tea at carousel.

birthday girl!
just a commoner… ;p

mmm scones for tea emi + hajar
nur & anwar is & faizal
yana & sharil zaidi & lina
cake compliment of Carousel.

aniq & auni
the brother who still refers to his sister as “my baby”.

with oma
cousins and yai
the coincidentally colour-coordinated grandparents, heh.

geng kampung scotts road
many eligible princes.

all her aunties
the maids-in-waiting.

yes, even he likes to squeeeeeze her. a lot.

the royal plaza people were so kind as to help set up some chairs and a table at the pool side for a small party in the evening.

night owls.

and she opens her eyes to blow the cake
sleeping beauty was forced to wake up from her slumber power nap to blow out the candles…

and pose for insufferably many pictures.

the mommies.

the children.

balloon courtesy of uncle emi
kate middleton she may not be, but marry a prince… who knows?? :D

happy turning terrible terrific three, my owl baby.

ps: thank you guys for celebrating with us!


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