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the last we had a baby shower was almost two years ago, and we predicted back then that the next in the group to have a baby would be lydia, and the theme would be ‘Lady Gaga’.

both came true….

the DELICIOUS treats and FABULOUS details on the dessert isle were lovingly planned and executed by Ola Lola! dayyym, we have such talented friends.


we wish our Lady, lydia, all the best for the last leg of her pregnancy, and we know baby LH will be showered with as much joy and love as her mummy is. here’s to a wonderful start to being a mum, indeed… (and thank you for the awesome party, at st. regis no less. best!)


and i’m afraid the rest of the pictures are a liiiittle too risque, as you would imagine a theme centred around a woman who’s perpetually half-naked would turn out. ;)

but i’ll leave you with this visual:

the talented esah who did the gaga makeup for some of the girls, AND came up with her very own gaga get-up, which won her Best Dressed. wanna see?

EH EH, TAK BOLEH! wait batal puasa.

i give you our cute baby gaga mascot instead. :p

you and me could write a bad romaaaance…


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quite sure we’d get some flak for being this indulgent and, as the malays say it, “dah tua, tak sedar diri” (so old, never repent) head-shaking comments, you know, being mothers and role models to our young and all bla bla. but we can’t help ourselves, really. we come up with these crazy ideas for parties and themes and food and, well, when we get together, we just have a good, girly time. (case in point: esah’s baby shower.)

and this time, with rini as the host, it was only apt that the baby shower ended up more like a hen party. we must thank the infamous ris/low for the inspiration for this theme too. animal preens, boomz, rad… well, you get the point. (fortunately for everyone, none of us donned biginis and strutted down orchard road. now THAT would’ve been the shingz.)

there was the food. everything had to be, erm, animal-related, somehow. which was easy enough, coz we were all pretty much the carnivores.
Aglio olio Shepherd's pie
Quiche Cupcakes

we had the baby animal mascots, with a female zulu warrior to boot. check out the terrified expressions of the baby animals she preyed upon.

Baby leopard Guests' favours
Xena the Warrior Princess Children beware

the gamemasters were at it again. note to future hosts: to get your guests to participate extra enthusiastically, dangle Topshop vouchers at them. it works! :p

Musical cushions - blindfolded

they’d even willingly allow themselves to be blindfolded and gobble down melted ice-cream, lactose intolerance notwithstanding, and have gooey dairy dribble down their chins. all for the love of Topshop.

Feed the baby Second winner

Baby Boomz

thanks rin, for getting knocked up again.

Have a safe birth, babe!

though, for all the topshop vouchers in the world, i wouldn’t want that babydust on me again. my tummy’s still paying the very heavy price! *blows babydust elsewhere*

could the next baby shower host sponsor tummy tuck vouchers…?

coz i need to fit into a rad bigini, dammit!


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i think we’ve established that when it comes to planning a do, we really go all out. coz we’re mad like that.

the girls, they’re all incredibly talented individuals, i tell you. and collectively, they’re like the Powerpuff Girls – with the emphasis on Power, of course.

the baby shower theme that the uber-hawt mom-to-be came up with was Hollywood Glamour, and the colours picked were gold and black. yeah, bling, baybeh! :D

being fans of hollywood celeb babies that we all are, plus the remnants of oscar fever still lingering in the air, it was a theme that we took to with (gold-laden) open arms. can you spot Suri, Harlow, Honor and company on the (not) red carpet?


there was the fab food – mouth-watering pastas, pastries, potato salad, all kudos to the appointed ‘head chef’ and everyone else who contributed from their own kitchens. and the fab deco – special thanks to Luxe Nuptials for the use of all things black and gold that was hantaran-and-wedding-worthy to decorate the hotel room with. an entire coop of black chickens was even massacred for aesthetic purposes, lol.

High Tea is served!
high-tea menu: eclairs, macarons, danish pastries, sandwiches, gold cupcakes, mini blueberry muffins, mini quiches, mini fruit tartlets, pasta, chicken potato salad.

Favours Fruit juices
shower favours… gold “champagne”

Whims & Fancies Diaper Cake
our gift to baby. not commissioned one, ok.

there were games and prizes, of which almost each of us won at some point. congrats to farah for her finely-tuned tastebuds (gerber baby food expert, she is) and scissors-paper-stone skill (a tie-breaker between her and Is). also to raihan ruslan, who unwittingly won the pass-the-pampers-full-of-poo contest (of course, it would’ve been more exciting with real baby poo, but we value our dresses waay too much to risk that, even those who only spent $5 on their outfit, hmph). oh, and i won the celebs’ baby names contest, which i sorta cheated on. oops, sorry. alah, who wants my plastic femmebot piggybank prize anyway? no one right?? :D

Guess the Gerber! Yuk...
Guess the Gerber! and Pass the Pampers!

and most importantly, the glam-but-gila company. fortunately, i was holding auni, who was almost terrified of the hairy momoks and clung to me for dear life, so i managed to avoid being implicated in this scary spice scene and maintained posh spice. ho ho!


Nicole Ritchie with Harlow Winter Drunken Dragonball

to baby N, know that your beloved aunties did all this for the love of you and your mummy (never mind that it ended up more like a hen party than baby shower, heh). your mummy has been wanting to have you so much, you’re the blessing she’s been wishing for, for so long. and now we ALL can’t wait to meet you and be part of your life.

not to mention the soo many things we can’t wait to do to you – to pay back for all the bullying your daddy did on our own little kids! :D


ps: if you follow your mummy’s gorgeous genes, i would like to place aniq on the waiting list, pls. thank you.

The Glam Girls


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we did say we were camera shy, didn’t we??

but this time, the deal was simply to ‘borrow’ Whims & Fancies’ diaper cakes as part of a scene for an upcoming programme on suria, and it took one call from *someone* with VERY persuasive powers (how could i refuse when she repeatedly went, “do lah! do lah!”) to agree to it.

not that we ‘jual mahal’, ok – we do for free leh!

and since they told us it was for an episode with a baby shower scene, i even offered the stuff i got for my very recent one. (yes, THAT one. with the same diaper cake that is still very much intact and has been sitting on my coffeetable for over two months now, lol!)

Chef S.O.S
macam pernah nampak benda tu semua, ey?

the main feature of the programme was not our inedible confections, but REAL ones. prepared by the winner of a recent cooking competition on tv… ahh, you probably know who he is by now. right? ;)

Chef at work
chef khaled at work

we were on location in one of the villas at siloso beach resort (i can’t say this enough – $1.5k a night!), and i tried very hard to get out of the way of all those big cameras and mess of wires.

and i got to drool at the food (ok, i DID get to taste them too – at the end!)…

food prepared by Chef Khaled Chef S.O.S

Chef S.O.S Chef S.O.S

Chef S.O.S Chef S.O.S

erm, i’m not a food person so don’t ask me what they are, lol! all i know is that one of them was chempedak (!!) creme brulee, and the mexican salsa dip thingy was REALLLY good. and that last one there, that was ‘baked’ by W&F lah. hehe.

the programme will debut on 2 june (tomorrow!), but this was for the last episode (#7) so… watch out for it! :D


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well, that was the main idea, when i started thinking of the baby sprinkle (what’s that? “baby sprinkle”? read on…)

i even had a FAQ on the invite, lol!

diapers: because the baby obviously needs them.
dresses: because girls look undeniably cute in them.
dr seuss (ie books): because girls not only gotta look cute, they gotta have brains too, you know.

so, the diaper part, we got down pat, coz my Whims & Fancies partner and co-towkay, with the help of two little elves, stayed up to 2am in the morning doing this.

Diaper cake!

Diaper cake

we’ve yet to name this kelong diaper cake (kelong because i was right there in the room when it was ‘baked’ and although banned from touching it, i couldn’t help it lor), but we’ll think of something. that’s always the part we have some (brain-racking) fun with, actually! ;)

next, the dresses part. thanks to the guests, some came in the perfect dresses that fit the colour theme (and all abided by the No Pink rule), and most came WITH dresses for the unborn one (SOME OF WHICH WERE PINK! *gasp*).

Ex-SQ and Current SQ Purple Nur & Fina

ok, spot who’s NOT following the theme. (even baby nusair was in a white & green romper ok. hee.)

Purple, Green & White outfits

but wait… the last part was, strangely enough, not fulfilled. hmm… i wonder why?? lol! ok, maybe i’ll bring my tummy to watch Horton Hears A Who.

so obviously, i wasn’t about to go for a pink do. like, duh! i guess i could’ve gone with something more adventurous like black & white, or red & black, or… well, the possibilities are endless. but purple, green & white has ALWAYS been my favourite (feminine) colour combination, so there. and so i went on a purple & green frenzy (coz i’m obsessive like that, sigh).

Purple straws & Green plates Green straws & Purple plates

Matching flowers & napkins Purple candles

thankfully, my guests humoured my mak buyong whims and fancies (ahem), coz they also came with purple & green food, bless them.

Kek lapis Jellies

Ice cream Potato salad

and i provided my current favourite drink (other than Sunkist orange juice, which obviously doesn’t go with the theme) – Grape Snapples. MMMMM. :)

right, as for the question, “Why a Baby Sprinkle and not a Shower?”

well, simply because:

a) it was a small-scaled affair (held at our humble ‘six-star’ Hotel 498, located in the east :p),
b) it’s not my first baby (had one before, shower AND baby),
c) we don’t need anything much coz all the basic baby stuff are already part of our existing infrastructure (you know, baby tub, baby cot, minyak telon, etc).

there weren’t even any games or prizes, just a whole lotta eating, ‘discussing’ and catching up on ‘news’ (HA HA). oh, and cooing at the little ones who were present. (aniq was sent off to his oma’s, where he had a nice looooong nap!)

and by now i’m sure you want me to shut up and view more pictures, right? right.

ok ok. hmph.

thanks girls (especially to my default Chief-in-Command, rini)! *sprinkles baby dust to all* :D


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rin and i have done lots of things in “collaboration” from our school days, from art projects to english assignments (!!), so it was only natural that we jumped on the opportunity (or some might say, “bandwagon”) to do something like this, because we’ve always had similar tastes and ideas, especially for pretty things, and we always wanted to release this dormant “let’s-make-pretty-things-for-people” energy that’s been pent-up in us for the longest time. :D

full view!

we named this “Strawberry Tiramisu Shortcake”! just *try* to restrain yourselves from eating it, ok…

top tier bottom tier
*the little mitten cupcakes at the bottom is in collaboration with our other partner, Simplycupcakes.

and of course, since it was our first attempt at diaper cakes, this one’s made with extra lurve for someone special who held her baby shower over the weekend.

a gift from rin and hana

triplets x 3 don't drink and drive

despite the innocent-looking girly-girl pink affair, it ended up more akin to a wild hen party, with body parts being flashed, raucous laughters that prompted neighbouring guests to complain to the reception counter, and even a resplendent peacock that insistently peered (and leered) through our room, waiting to gatecrash the party.


hey baby in the tummy (yes, yours, len!), we hope you’ll turn out more proper and ladylike than your mummy’s crazy friends, ok? ;p enjoy your diapers! (and make sure you come out in time for your mummy to be free of confinement by Good Friday, coz she’s got more partying to do, heh.)

OHHH, and if any of you like the diaper cake that you see up there, yes, rin & i ARE taking orders. but OF COURSE.

because we love making pretty things. because we still have LOTS of that pent-up energy in us. (and also because we love to shop for baby things, hehe.)

Whims & Fancies – We Cater To Yours!
One-of-a-kind Diaper Cakes in any flavour you like.
You tell us, we ‘bake’ it.
Email: for further enquiries.

ok, go!


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inspired by grissom after watching an episode of CSI where he dispensed trivia about the origins of bridesmaids and bridegrooms, i set out to find the origins of baby showers. however, i didn’t manage to find any interesting historical stories, except that it’s part of an americal culture, like… MTV?, which has since permeated to this part of the earth, and embraced by our generation of party-loving people. :)

(oh, and by the way, the role of bridesmaids is traditionally to act as a ‘shield’ to ward off evil spirits lurking around at wedding ceremonies, and bridegrooms dress up like the groom himself to ‘confuse’ them evil spirits, in case they get nasty and decide to, i don’t know, possess the groom into screaming out “i don’t!” at the altar or something. cool huh? like power rangers protecting the wedded couple liddat. only in better outfits. ok, i’ve been watching way too much kids central.)

so aaanyway, as i was saying, where there’s an occasion where food and girly fun is involved, you betcha i’m in! (coz really, we need as many excuses as we can to stuff our faces and leave the husbands at home, preferably with the kids.)

diaper cake candy-filled socks it's a girl!
can you tell it’s going to be a girl? no??

more than that, it’s rallying around the mum-to-be (whether it’s her first, or fourth kid!) for support as she enters the final lap of that arduous nine-month journey called gestation, and showering her with the last bit of attention before the baby comes out and all eyes would then be solely set on the cute, crying, screaming bundle of joy. honestly, don’t you mums out there feel like you get sidelined and practically ignored the moment you’ve squeezed every ounce of your being in labour? hey, we need some lurving and celebrating for ourselves too, dammit!

so as you can see, i like the idea of baby showers, nevermind that we’ve pilfered it from western culture, and i’m glad that i had that memorable experience once myself too. (how can i forget that girl-on-girl kissing game?? lol!) ;)

good luck and have a safe delivery… insyaallah.

now, who’s next?? *rubs hands in glee* babies popping out everywhere, you know!


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