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so the eldest in our clan reached 34… yeah, we’re not ashamed to claim our age. we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we’re loving our 30s! we were saying how we’d occasionally look through old photos of us together.. how fun it is to see how we’ve evolved over the years…

(77clan, est. Dec 03)
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77-3 77-4
77-5 77-6
77-8 77raya05
77-7 77clan
77 clan

so what do we possess now, more… confidence? maturity? wisdom? grace?
(well, i guess you qualify for all that when you go around with a koyok plastered on yourself and *still* have someone ask if you’re a model, and have a tube of tiger balm handy in your gucci bag for random moments of muscle aches… :D)


“all u need is effort to keep the friendship going… best is to have friends who are easy going.. and no feelings of trying to outdo one another” – wise words from back-then 30-yr-old esah, dec 2007 (from an old blog post)

ps: happy birthday to the two Arians in the clan!


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77clan, originally uploaded by izadd.

it’s been a while since the clan met. :)


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so we didn’t manage to catch the fireworks. well, we *almost* did, but the little one had a little spewing incident in the car just as we arrived (we’re starting to think he’s got motion sickness… or morning sickness ha ha), so we had to turn around and watch the terrifically terrible countdown at home on tv.

despite that tiny glitch in our plan, a bunch of people more than made up for it earlier that day.

the complete 77clan, finally!

the birthday girl and hostess made us dress up for the occasion, so we did. not that it took much persuasion, we’re always looking for excuses to dress up anyway, heh.

there wasn’t talk of new years’ resolutions, but everyone has something exciting to look forward to this year.

and well, i guess you can more or less tell what *i* have in store in 2008… :p


and no, that’s not from eating the entire high tea buffet that day, lol!


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remember this, girls?

and this? :)

well, i’m glad that i still do manage that “semblance of a social life” i was worried i’d miss after having a kid.


with another one on the way, the worry is doublefold. at least for now, the Husband can manage the little boy, coz well, it’s just ONE, you know? most likely, he’d bring him to his grandpa’s place where all the uncles keep him occupied and very happy, all that male bonding or whatever. i’m not so sure i can leave a little girl with them, though. they probably wouldn’t have the slightest clue what to do with her, lol!

sooooo… hmm. i’ll play it by ear.

(btw, girls, how’s this for freaky – aniq’s a december baby like ayu and me, and his sister, insyaallah, will be an april baby like esah and rini!)

i asked my grandma this evening, how did she give birth to seven kids?? her answer was simply, that it was different then, zaman dulu lain. i guess she didn’t have much of a social life back then, having been married by the time she was what, thirteen, fourteen?? it was all they knew, have kids and look after them.

but us women now, we want it all. and i mean, ALL.

and i intend to have it all too, or as much as i can get. and for me, two is all i want.

mr LKY would have been proud of me if this was the 70s. :p


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the sisters i never had. (coz i’m deprived like that.)


for their teary calls late that night, their hugs, their girly company, for being there.

and for ‘luring’ me out for our traditional “AGM”, i needed it. :)

ps: on another happy note, congrats to the neos on the arrival of another Tahui Boy! one more ‘brudder’ for aniq’s future clan hehe.


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little did they know, they were to become great bosom buddies (in more ways than one ha ha).

through three weddings, three pregnancies, four babies (of the two-legged and four-wheeled kinds, heh), many birthdays, various hairstyles, fluctuating bra and belly sizes, and countless hugs and laughter.

it seems like we’ve known each other much longer, somehow.

we still harbour dreams of going into business together, with each of us having our own individual ‘talent’. ;p

maybe some day


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