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having tried acroyoga, i’ve been craving for other similar experiences. well, yogafly has the elements of yoga and aerial acrobatics, so i obviously HAD to try it too.

had a bit of trouble locating the studio initially, but finally found it, tucked away within horse city at turf club, with a lovely rustic view surrounding it.

upside motionupside motion

we started out with simple stretches and core work before going on the silky soft hammock to go upside down…

upside motionupside motion

tumble around…

Import 1Import 2

and FLY!

upside motion

such an exhilarating experience, and really easier than it looks. although, all the swinging around did leave us a little light-headed by the end of the session.

the studio offers xtend barre which combines ballet dance with weights and cardio workout (i hear it’s torture!), which sounds kinda appealing because, well, you know, i’ve always wanted to learn ballet (plus i do have those masochistic tendencies).

or maybe i should really take up pole-dancing instead… hey that’s major core work, ok!


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we all have some kind of bucket list – a list of things to do before we, well, ‘kick the bucket’. things may get thrown in and out along the way as circumstances and interests change and evolve over time.

i guess my list is a pretty fluid one, and i’m not so ambitious. somewhere in my shallow little bucket (at this point in time) are things like: go on a yoga retreat; do a certification course; travel solo (e.g. stay in a hostel in paris and do a refresher french course)… but, well, there is the question of timing, money, and of course, the obvious one: “what about the children?”.

so, meanwhile, small things, then. achievable ones.

i’ve been saying for some time now that i really want to try rock or wall climbing, but never got around to actually doing it. well then, here you go – consider that struck off the list.

i was sweating buckets (hah!) within minutes of climbing, it was awesome! (yes i have developed a fetish for healthy expelling of sweat lately.)


ok, admittedly these walls are really meant for beginners. like, for as young as four. :p


the littler one could reach halfway up the blue wall before she started shrieking. the bigger one tended to rush his way up and forget his footing. the biggest one, well, i think he’s just too heavy! (his excuse was that he was hungry and tired from the morning run.) i did a morning hot yoga class and hadn’t eaten either, but i reached the peak of the hardest wall okaaaay. haha ok fine, whatever, beginner’s luck.

i want to have a go at it again!

am trying out something new this weekend, so i’ll get to strike off another thing from my bucket list then.

oh, and i also better friggin’ do something about learning to ride a bicycle, huh?


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almost halfway through the june holidays, which means almost halfway through the month before i go back to work. am trying hard to come up with things to do (preferably free/cheap) to fill in the days, but you know, most of the school holiday programmes here are pretty pricey – i mean, camps and workshops can cost more per kid than a nice staycation for the whole family. (and i’d rather pay for a staycation. not that i am.)

which is why i have to say i love the museums for opening up their doors for free and catering to the children with various activities to keep them sufficiently engaged and entertained.


the singapore art museum at 8Q was definitely worth the trip. i don’t remember going to the museum at all when i was small (oh what a philistine i was raised) – has it always been this… fun? i just hope they won’t be disappointed in future when they discover that not all museums are as colourful or interactive as this… :p


the boy wants to go to the army museum next but i’d whined that it’s soooo farrrr (i.e. jurong), and i’m not sure if it’s worth the trip. the only times i’d drive up to jurong is to go to the zoo science centre (correct or not??). or IMM.


maybe we go when the new mall, JEM, eventually opens up lah, ok? #philistinemum


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if you recall, her first birthday was rainbow-filled…

playing with bubbles

it wasn’t intentional but her fifth birthday too was rainbow-filled…

Wondermilk @ PublikaWondermilk @ Publika

well, ok, this was technically the weekend before her birthday, and we happened to be in damansara, KL (again!), on a mission to conquer Publika, where a certain Wondermilk cafe holds residence.

we could not resist the perfect opportunity to buy one of their famous colourful Lola cakes, the sight of which in itself is so delightfully vibrant and joyful, it could make unicorns cry happy, sparkly tears.

Happy Day!

group shot @ Wondermilk, Publika

the actual day of her birthday, i travelled many kilometres, to the other side of the island, to fulfil her wish. yes, she wanted not one pony, but many ponies, and ponies she got – on her cake.



gahh, aren’t preschoolers the cutest?!


here’s to rainbows and sunshine wherever you go…



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so for those of you who know me or have been reading this blog, i’ve been on sabbatical (or just call it no-pay-leave) since last august. yes, the time is almost up for me to get back on the saddle and re-enter the workforce.

it makes me feel guilty for saying this, but… i’ve really had such a great time away from work these past few months. yes, guilty, because i got to do this with the blessing of my employers, colleagues, husband – something not everyone would have the luxury of obtaining; and i got to fulfil that much-coveted status, the SAHM – albeit impermanently.

do i look forward to going back to work? well… yes and no, for various reasons. but i’ve been given the opportunity to go back on part-time, to job-share with another colleague, which means reduced hours, reduced pay, but on the flipside, more time, precious precious time, for the kids and for myself.

a win-win situation, right?


speaking of jobs and work, the kids had a peek into working life themselves earlier in March when we went to Kidzania in KL.

i went not knowing what KidZania was all about, just that our friend Jai was now working with the company, and that it promised a fun yet educational experience for the kids.

well, i was duly impressed!

Kidzania, KL checking in @ Kidzania

so basically, KidZania is an indoor theme park (but without the crazy rides!) that provides children between ages 4 to 12 with an environment to explore a variety of occupations, by allowing them to learn new skills, role-play, earn their ‘pay’ and choose how they want to save/spend it. imagine little people doing adult jobs, like a judge in a courthouse, a surgeon in an operation room, a flight attendant or a pilot in a simulated airplane… the list goes on!

mommies and daddies, sorry but you’re not allowed in while they’re working or making important transactions in the bank… (we mostly hovered around.)


yes, banks! they are given a start-up amount to open up a bank account. with their debit cards, they can draw out their money at any point, or deposit their ‘hard-earned’ money at the ATM. whatever they save can be used to pay for goods and services within the KidZania city. (if they’re nice, mommy and daddy might just get a treat at the sushi shop.)

kids' ATMUntitled

the kids have to queue up at the work stations and be ‘trained’ in batches, before they go into the job. after completion of the job, they’re paid with money in the form of KidZos currency – the higher level the job, the more they are paid. same as in real life, yeah? but sorry, no CEO or Minister jobs available here. i looked.

what they DID have though, are:

firefighters and fast-food workers…
Untitledburger maker

photography lessonlittle photograper

chocolate and ice-cream factory workers…
Untitledice-cream makers

notebook and nail specialists…
Untitledlittle manicurist at work

window-cleaners and supermarket cashiers…

and aniq declared this his favourite ‘job’ of all: television talk-show host.
talk show hosts

oh look, his sister is also part of the tv crew. as a producer! the moment the boys were done with their monotonous delivery of the script from the teleprompter, she and hayley came out of the production room and exclaimed with unbridled enthusiasm, “great job guys!!” complete with tiny thumbs up. i’m guessing cheerleading is part of the tv producer’s job scope…?

so yeah, overall it was a damn tiring day (for them and for the parents stalking after them) but it taught them so much values (hard work, financial responsibility, independence, social participation, confidence… gawd, i could go on and risk sounding like an early childhood brochure) – it was well worth the time and experience.

see how tiring it is after a day’s work, kids?


no joke! why do you think mummy needed a whole year’s sabbatical?!

heh ok ok, so i know the june holidays are coming up, and with damansara just a few hours away, well, you know what to do… (ps: be prepared for long queues though. we went during a weekday on an off-peak period so queues were a breeze.)

thanks goes once again to the awesome Jai & family for personally bringing us around KidZania and their new home away from home, damansara.


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one of my someday-i-wish-i-coulds: open up a quaint little bookstore like this. ok, i’ll be happy enough to at least work in one. ring up the cash register or do inventory or packing or maybe just write on those blackboard signages. REALLY. (anyone…?)


(now you know the REAL reason why i do it ha ha.)

hey i haven’t talked much about our book finds lately. well, on our last trip to the library, i whooped in delight when i pulled these out from the shelves – all recently released in 2012, shiny, crisp and new. “score!” i thought. oh the little things that bring me joy these days…


graeme base is the author and illustrator of this BRILLIANT picture book called ‘Animalia which i found on bookdepository and totally LOVED. if you know me at all, you’d know my absolute adoration for all things alliterative (see what i did there!). and this book perfectly combines alphabets and alliteration with beautiful illustrations that will have you practically devouring each page with your eyes. I KID YOU NOT. ok, so anyway, yeah, graeme base, awesome illustrator, and with our recent fascination with pachyderms, ‘Little Elephants‘ was pretty apt.

oliver jeffers, whom i’ve gushed about before, has a new book out, ‘This Moose Belongs To Me‘, which has won the irish book awards children’s book of the year 2012. well, basically, you cannot go wrong with oliver jeffers – his stories are funny and heartwarming in a quirky way, and the illustrations and seemingly precocious characters’ innocence have a way of playing up to a kid’s (and adult’s) sense of irony.

jon klassen’s ‘This Is Not My Hat‘ is kinda like a spin-off from his first book, ‘I Want My Hat Back’, and both are just as funny! if you like stories with a wry sense of humour (like we do), this one’s for you. i love looking at the kids’ face when a story like this unfolds itself, and they figure out themselves what happened at the end. your kid will either: a) widen their eyes and hang their mouth open with gruesome realisation, or b) widen their eyes and grin with macabre delight. or both haha. the words are sparse and easy enough for auni to read aloud (with some assistance), and the illustrations move the story along with some suspense. (trivia: he was the art director for one of U2′s music videos – see if you can spot ‘hats’ and ‘klassen’ in there somewhere, heh.)

as for me, i have my “score!” moments at the library each time too, but i do still indulge myself, especially when i have a hard time finding the titles i really want there.


(NO I WILL NOT WATCH THE MOVE FIRST even though it has the awesome hermione granger emma watson in it.)

anyway, my Goodreads challenge to myself was to finish reading 100 (non-picture) books this year, and i’m like 29 books short – BUT there are still 12 more days to the end of the year so… i’m going to be optimistic and err, keep trying.


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once again, we got ourselves a nice bag of goodies from Candylicious. yes, christmas came early for us. or maybe halloween came too late. anyway, who can resist a bag of candies?!

Chrismas Candies at Candylicious

holiday candies are so purrty. not sure if they are seasonal but check out those cute animal print heels candy tins. so kardashian.

i also stocked up my reese’s pb cups, in addition to the complimentary reese’s pieces (like m&ms but yellow, brown and orange with peanut butter in them omg) which may finally be the push to start me back on my mini baking binge which has been on pause since we went on holiday.

now, excuse me while i keep the candy stash out of harm’s the kids’ way.


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we’re quickly running out of ideas where to bring the chilllren… so we ended up pretending to be tourists on the sunny (then rainy) island of sentosa. except that (other than the $8-per-kid entry to the Port of Lost Wonder where we stayed put for three hours) we refused to spend on any of the rides, shows, exhibitions, or even snacks, drinks or food there. “so expensive!” we’d cry out to the kids when they asked for something, and proceeded to shove our containers of homemade sandwiches, curry puffs, jemput-jemputs and nasi lemak under their noses, and promised to come again when we get good deals from groupon (yeah right).

i don’t know about you but we wouldn’t think twice to spend on an overpriced souvenir photo or fancy ride if we were in another country; however, in our own backyard, we’d rather get it at a discounted price, if at all. i mean, it’s just singapore whaaaat, any time also can come again and see the same views and do the same things, right? (unless you’re on a first date or something, then it’s totally justified to splurge and impress the chicks, of course. :p)





(please pardon my overly-expressive chilllren, they can be a bit drama i’m afraid. i don’t know where they get it from.)


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so we decided to go on an island holiday – again! – because i really like the sun and the sea. (and was to pay for it when i discovered freckles on my face post-holiday – like whuuut, i’ve had plenty of stuff happen on my face before but never freckles!)

“we’re going to thailand,” i told the little ones. “you mean all the people there wear ties? is it mummy?” asked one of them.

the first full day we were in ao nang, krabi, we went on one of their elephant safaris, where we trundled uphill, all four of us plus a guide, on the back of a 50-year-old elephant (yes, we asked its age), through a treacherous trek of mud. elephants are truly amazing creatures, we’re extremely convinced now, because despite our combined weight, the perilous slopes and the slippery, squelchy pools of sludge, our powerful pachyderm steadily and effortlessly navigated its way through the forest with nary a trumpet call of complaint. although the pace was much slower than a roller-coaster ride, we agreed it was just as exciting (we were kept in suspense as to whether the elephant would slide or trip, and we’d all fall and get trampled under – you know, just imagining the worst-case scenario). needless to say, we kept assuring the slightly nervous little girl that elephants are VERY strong and stable, and we had nothing to worry about. (which was true. phew!)

navigating through the muddy path

the kids had some learning opportunities too while riding through the forest – our guide paused to extract a stretch of white latex from one of the rubber trees and gave it to the kids to play with. “a lot of things are made of rubber, you know. what can you think of?” mummy asked. “rubber bands,” cried the boy. “rubber duckies,” cried the girl. (let’s not ask what daddy’s answer was.) our guide paused again to pluck a few leaves from another tree and handed them to us. they smelled of HEAVENLY TOMYAM. of course, we knew we HAD to have more tomyam for dinner again later.

hanging on to dear life on top of an elephant

we were treated to beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. i swear i’ll never really understand how those rocks and cliffs were formed – geography fail! (ok fine i got a B3) – but i seriously love them and am perpetually awed by them.


here’s the 3-year-old elephant i mentioned in the previous post who not only performed yogic/acrobatic acts, but also kicked a football into a goalpost, twirled a hula hoop with its trunk, played the harmonica AND danced – i tell you, i’d adopt him as a pet if i could but it’d just be an elephant in the room. you know, like the idiom. but literally. ok nevermind. moving on!

3yo elephant can do tricks too

oh did i mention tomyam? YES WE LOVE THE TOMYAM, especially since the seafood is fresh and the portions generous. aniq has grown very fond of this spicy concoction.

our first delicious seafood dinner

most stalls/restaurants offer halal food, so we had no problems at all feeding everyone. even little miss fussy was happy with her daily dose of fried rice with prawns and squids. she even ate almost half my packet of padthai on one of the nights. she also happily gobbled up all the mango pancakes we bought each time.

street hawkers galore
our mango pancake

so yeah, local food > western food here. hurrah! sawadee kha, mr ronald mcdonald, sir, we no eat your food here, kop khun kha

Untitled Untitled

the weather improved the day we went island hopping – beautiful skies with no threat of rain at all, perfect for venturing out into the sea, armed with our sunscreen. our speedboat picked up some people from Railay Island, then on to Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach, Maya Bay (you know, that famous island where they filmed leonardo di caprio for The Beach), then a buffet lunch at Phi Phi Don before the real fun part of the trip began – snorkelling in the clear, open waters off Phi Phi Island.


Maya Bay – OMG the sand was luxuriously soft and the view fantastic, but OMG SO MANY TOURISTS. seriously, look:


practically every inch of the shore was covered with boats and people in all sorts and manners of beach wear, you can hardly move without bumping into another body.


impossible to swim here, although the kids definitely tried. also impossible to take a decent shot of us and the scenery in the background without someone indecent photobombing us. (i had to crop them out. sorry, hairy beer-bellied guy and overly-bikini-ed lady.)

Maya Bay aka The Beach

oh, behold the sights…!


the little girl was all suited up and set to join her gungho brother in the water, but i think breathing through the snorkel with her mouth instead of through her nose disoriented and discomforted her, plus the strong and unpleasant salt water taste may have been a bit much, so it was a matter of seconds before she wailed to get back on the boat. good attempt, nonetheless, for going in the sea at all, yes? the boy on the other hand, took to the water like a fish, so to speak. i hardly saw him while in there, he was too busy exploring by himself.



while others snorkelled, little miss took over the boat guide’s duty of feeding the fishes with rice, at the same time admiring their brilliant hues in the sparkling waters.


the tour boat guides kept plying us with refreshments throughout the ride – water, juice, cakes, fruits. we were like starving sharks out there, you know.


and ouh more sights to behold! (it was a long boat ride.)


we were lucky that our third night coincided with the Loi Krathong festival, which falls on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the thai lunar calendar. the hotel gave us two floats made of banana leave, decorated with flowers, incense and candles, for us to bring to ao nang beach where we were headed to for dinner and shopping anyway. many tourists bought these large paper lanterns, which when lighted and floated away looked beautiful and ethereal, romantic even, like bright orange stars blazing in the darkened skies.


a local helped us light our krathongs, but we weren’t very successful in keeping the flames from getting extinguished by the evening breeze. the tradition is to place a coin or even bits of your hair or nails in the float, then make a wish before releasing it into the sea or river. but of course, since we couldn’t believe all that, we just set our floats off into the dark waters for fun. the roads were blocked and there was an air of festivity as locals dressed up in traditional costumes and danced on stage, and the night ended with a celebratory show of fireworks.


Phu Pi Maan resort, where we stayed in, is muslim-owned and even located next to a mosque. the people were all so friendly and accommodating, even the owner herself, who sometimes personally drives guests to and from town in the resort’s transport.

Phu Pi Maan Resort & Spa

i guess it’s not hard to find a nice hotel along ao nang with a great view. but with kids, the most important things are: a swimming pool and a bathtub. happy already.

Untitled put yer hands in the air and say yeah!

oh, OH, the view… sigh. wishing i could wake up to this every morning. but if i did, would i even appreciate it anymore then…?
morning cuppa

maybe. how could one not??

(now, let me see what’s outside my window back in tampinesville… sigh.)


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been wanting to go on a yoga retreat in bali this year, and was even ready to finance one this december, but plans fell through with timing and so are shelved for now. well, some other time, perhaps.

since we were going to krabi instead, i thought i’d try to squeeze in at least one session during our four days there and get my ‘fix’. i know other people go for spas and massages, but honestly, those don’t do it for me (plus i think they cost too much and the effects, short-lived).

there are quite a few yoga centres in aonang area where we stayed, so i basically just pointed at random to one featured on the tourist map brochure, and asked the super-friendly receptionists to help me call up the place for a free pick-up.

a driver came to collect me right on time (i chose an evening session), and the place i’d picked was only a few minutes away, off the main road, nestled within a forest of rubber trees, a secluded, rustic hut-like shala, very quiet and close to nature, facing a view of the mountain cliffs. a drop-in session (i went for a 90-minute class) cost 350baht (around sg$14?) and about five other ladies attended the session. the owner, marina, is a german lady who decided to stay put in aonang after many years of traveling, because she really loves this place, a far cry from bustling berlin where she came from. and such a fantastic host she was – she even personally drove us back to our place after the session. :)

marina yoga @ aonang, krabi

on other yoga-related things, check out this awesome 3-year-old elephant at the baby elephant show we went to, doing an awesome crow pose, lol! (compared to me, also looking like an elephant doing a crow pose, along with my pink baby elephant in the water attempting a partially-submerged crow pose. :p)


i don’t know why but being surrounded by beautiful scenery somehow just adds a certain oomph to your practice. i miss the view already!

good morning!while you were sleeping... #yoga #holiday #krabi #thailand


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it was supposed to be a nice day out, filling our lungs with fresh air as we move in vinyasa flow for an hour or so at fort canning park, followed by a picnic, to commemorate the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women and raise money for UNIFEM. but it was not meant to be, as the rain (yes, again!) poured down throughout the afternoon, and the event had to be moved indoors, to the (spanking new) studio at orchard central.

post-yoga at to commemorate International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women supposed to be Vinyasa Flow and picnic at Fort Canning but it rained, so indoors it is...

we had a nice time in any case, sweating it out together, my beautiful fellow yoginis (who both insist they don’t like being skinny, tsk!). :)

it’s almost 2pm now, we’re at the airport, i’m using the free wifi, and we’re leaving for our beach holiday. CAN’T WAIT TO TAN, Y’ALL!!!! (if it doesn’t rain half the time, that is.)

Untitled Untitled

Departing for Krabi! See you soon!


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’twas a lazy, slightly wet day, but somebody insisted on bringing the wheels out for a spin.

lorong halus wetland
@ lorong halus wetland / punggol promenade

sometimes i like nature, other times i’m not too crazy about it – especially when i’m being eaten alive by mozzies. i’m unfortunately one of those prone to getting bitten by mosquitoes. if only i was as lucky with hunky vampires. (ps: 10 more days to Breaking Dawn part 2 squeeee! #stillteamedwardandnotashamed)


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been ‘exploratory’ this week, sussed out another two places using up some free 1-week passes from the mass event by the sea the other day.

the first place i went to – let’s not mention names – is spanking new and very conveniently located nearby. went for a hot class in the morning which didn’t feel as hot as i thought it should be, but i guess it’s because of the freezing central air-conditioning of the office building it resides in (which reminded me of those icy-cold days in Greyville, brr). the young male instructor seemed more interested in looking at and preening himself in the mirror than correcting our alignment (thinking back, all the female instructors i’ve come across hardly glance at themselves in the mirror, and they’re mostly attractive, mind!). it was a small class with only four housewife-type ladies (well, i be one of them i guess), so it was pretty slow-paced with too many long child poses in between, and i got a bit bored.

anyway, the worst part – the hard-sell that came after. a ‘foreign talent’ consultant attempted to flatter me before going into her spiel, her praises for the teachers and the practice were overkill, then proceeded to scribble out the package ‘deals’ that would tie me down for a long time, with free x-months plus another x-months, then the processing fees etc which she slashed to make me feel i was getting a great saving. and better still? the price she quoted was valid ‘for today only’ but! for me, she’ll ‘freeze’ it. well, we’ve heard all that before, haven’t we? that’s the thing about these big fitness chains (she insists it’s a ‘yoga school’) – the hard-sell, which is a real turn-off for me. the few small boutiques i’ve been to don’t even try to push their packages – it’s there out in the open, you can choose to take it or not, no pressure, which is infinitely more empowering, i feel. the consultant persisted with follow-up calls, but between her and the vibe i get from the place (the receptionist had a smoke break right in front of the glass entrance, and cursed loudly within my hearing distance), i politely declined.

at another place in the east this morning, tried out my first ashtanga class. it’s not fancy but the vibe here is better, the male instructor attentive (no mirrors in this class, hah!), and there’s an interesting array of classes i’ve not tried before (there’s an anti-aging class where you get to hang upside down on straps) so i might consider coming here again for the new experiences. (although i still prefer my usual place, honestly.)


speaking of ashtanga, it has a lot of ‘hops’ or ‘jumps’, which reminds me of the malay saying, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga. (literal translation: however skillful a squirrel is at jumping, it will eventually fall to the ground.)

well, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, rupa-rupanya dia nak buat ashtanga yoga


(err, ok this is an arm balance, not a jump)
firefly pose

to end this off, here’s a video of something called: motorcycle yoga! something i’ll never do, because… i’d need a bike licence. :p


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the boy had the day off from school on friday, so i let the girl off too. she’d been waking herself up the same time as her brother the whole week, just so she could be in school early too – like 7.30am early. which is a big leap from kicking and screaming to stay in bed till past 9am. she says a lot more fun things happen early in the morning in school (her teachers must’ve brainwashed her, yeay!), which works perfectly fine for me, of course (more time for mummy to herself!).

the downside of having the day off from school is the temptation to have the tv on and let them play video games for long stretches of time, which i reaaaaalllyyy hate, because it turns them into monosyllabic zombie kids. they may occupy themselves with something else at first but it won’t be long before they launch themselves on each other in their own version of The Hunger Games, and then plead to have the tv/playstation on. doesn’t help that i’m not very good at coming up with games or crafts for them to do, i’m more of a “use your own imagination and entertain yourself” kind of mum when at home, which is sort of the antithesis of what a stay-at-home-mum should be, i guess? err.

so as much as possible, i’d lure them out for a bit of sun, and away from the ubiquitous technology that i am close to already losing a battle with.

i mean, come on, surely watching a line of industrious marching ants is a much better way to pass the time??


we’d taken a break at the airport to cool off for a while from the playground, and while lounging around the free slide area, along came a young mother desperately attempting to feed her feisty toddler a thermos of porridge while the little lad thrashed about in his stroller, refusing the scoops of sticky stuff that kept coming to his mouth. i feel you, little lad, i thought, cringing as he swatted and turned his face away from yet another spoonful of sludge, flecks of it flying around, his mother picking them up and promptly putting them into her own mouth (maybe she was the hungry one). so, what does she do next? why, whip out an iPad and turn on the Barney on YouTube, but of course. works like a charm, doesn’t it? next thing you know, little lad has turned into a porridge-eating zombie. (well, beats being an alive-girl-eating zombie anytime, i say. :D although, in this case, i was the one who felt like screaming “nooooooo! fight for your will not to eat when you don’t want to, little one!” ok i’m being dramatic; i know there’s nothing more frustrating than having your fussy kid waste good food, but still, sigh… technology!)


watching ants and riding on the swings are nice things to do, and so are riding and feeding ponies. unfortunately, at $10 for one round of gentle trotting on a pony and $2 for a small sachet of hay, let’s just stick to discussing insects and the physics of motion, ok kids?

oh fine then! go play your video games now, see if i care!


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saw an Inversion workshop happening in november at this new studio, and since we had to register for it there, we thought we might as well try out their hot class too.


you know, i have loyalty issues when it comes to products/services. i don’t mean issues like problems with being loyal. more like, i tend to be overly-loyal and prefer to stick to what works for me once i’ve latched on to it, and feel apprehensive about trying out something else that might not. for years i’ve kept to the same brands (make-up, clothes, gadgets), telco (i’ve not changed my number since i first got my own mobile in uni), hairdresser, job, husband… err… well, anyway, my point is, i think it could be that i’m essentially a stay-in-my-comfort-zone kind of person; the type who’d rather be inert than be in perpetual motion. which can be bad, because it could mean a lot of lost opportunities to discover better things. but i try to open up to possibilities, and it helps having someone to push/pull me along, for that much-needed traction.

my logic tells me that the studio i already frequent is most convenient for me, plus the ambience, facilities, amenities and people are all to my liking. so jumping to another studio felt kinda disloyal, which is ridiculous of course, since as a consumer with all these choices, there’s always something better out there, right? in any case, i thank my push/pull person/s for keeping me up to date with new things and ideas to try out; i need them to keep me in perpetual motion.

as for this new place we tried out, honestly, i was drawn by the seriously hawt instructors, especially the young and gorgeous owner herself, who led the core class we went to, and i really like the vibe of this place, if not for the location which is a little out of the way for me.

i’m still open to try out new places (or things!), so recommend them to me if you think somewhere (or something!) else is worth a shot. be my push/pull person. :)


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so it seemed like half the youth population of singapore were out on saturday night looking for spooky thrills. after a late dinner together, i left the kids in their daddy’s good hands – they headed to the asian civilisation museum (ACM) while i headed to the central library.

@ the ACM

and from the pictures, it looked like the ACM was more happening. look, someone dressed up as Finn! i heard the kids’ crafts were pretty good too, and a lot of malays were also waiting for the Misteri Jam 12 event at midnight.

the girlfriend and i arrived at the library at 9.30pm, surprised to find a long, snaking queue already formed, and because we were two tiny, unassuming girls, no one minded when we shimmied right in between. saw the people in the first half of the line carrying these pretty polka-dot tote goody bags in bright green and blue, apparently for the first 100 participants. darn, if only we knew there were pretty goody bags.

anyway, we were in the queue for a little over an hour (!!), with no idea what was in the programme, or how long the trail would last, but we had a lot of catching up to do with each other so the time passed, among these strange characters milling about, *trying* to scare us…

@ the Central library

well, they really weren’t scary. and neither was the trail! we entered the area in a group of 12, dumped our things in a box, and were instructed to hold on to the shoulders of the person in front, like a human train. and then we basically shuffled through the entire floor of the library, between darkened shelves of books and curtained aisles and fogged-up corridors, with various characters littered along the way, again *trying* to be scary. but were not. HAHA.

and the trail ended in less than 10mins! we were like “whuuu-? that’s it?”. we’d expected maybe some storytelling or dramatic exhibits and props, but the whole thing just felt like an amateur haunted house set-up by a group of students.

as we left, at around 11+, the overwhelming queue had grown even longer, all the way up to the 1st floor where there was to be a movie screening at midnight, and we felt sorry for those who had to wait that long because it really wasn’t worth it.

well so much for seeking spooky thrills. at least i had a nice night out; it’s been some time since i hung out in town that late.

maybe those who went to the sentosa event had more luck with the spooks!


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