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i always feel like this song would fit in a david lynch movie or something…

going to sadly miss this tonight. and tomorrow. but like someone who’s also going to miss it said, “nevermind. go youtube and listen”. OKAYYY. :p


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twice i watched this scene, twice i went teary. but then again, WHAT grey’s anatomy episode doesn’t make me cry, i ask you?!

(joining a flash mob should go in my bucket list.)


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… a little bit closer.


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my and auni’s current jam. we be howlin’ to this song when we hear it. (i wasn’t even aware she knows this song, huh.)


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some years back, i had a formspring. (remember those? crazy online questionnaires i obligingly replied to?)

this was one of the questions:

what do you & izad mean by ‘soulmates after 7 years apart’? what happened?

my answer then:

we went out once when we were 15, but didn’t like each other enough to go out again. we were 22 when we met again, after he found my (now-defunct) website and started a few email correspondences with quotes from radiohead songs as subject titles (yes, the way to my heart is by quoting lyrics from bands i adore). 7 years apart made us… more compatible? because our interests somehow became aligned over those years of not being in contact. which is freaky, you know. and now we’re married for 7 years! what’s with this number 7 eh? keeps cropping up…

so that must have been in 2010, if my calculations are correct.

and yes, that number 7 does seem to recur significantly with us.

ok, backtrack a little: a week or so ago, nina asked me over lunch: “how did you and abang izad meet?” i told her it’s SUCH a boring story, and managed to avoid telling it altogether. actually, i could’ve sworn i’ve already covered this in our blogs somewhere, but that’ll take a whole lot of virtual digging seeing as our archives go all the way back to 2003. (HEY WHADDAYA KNOW, that’s 10 years since we started blogging together!) so i thought i’d just keep it on record here once and for all.

oh, and also since this is the year of the snake, and we were both born in the year of the snake – in ’77, no less (see? 7s!) – plus, this year marks our 10th wedding anniversary, AND it was valentine’s day yesterday (ok that last one was just random), what better time to reminisce than now.

so, flashback.

on one fateful day during the hari raya period, back in 1992 (we were 15, in sec 3 – me from TKG, he from GES), we were travelling on the MRT. he was with his group of school friends, ‘jalan raya’, while i was with my group of school friends, also ‘jalan raya’. i was vaguely aware there was a group of boys in the train with us, seeing their reflection on the MRT window. i really don’t know what happened, but apparently one of the boys knew one of the girls in my group from ML1 class (that’s the elite malay language class held separately from us ML2 kids), and he got my number for izad. (ok, this part he’ll have to clarify with you, because he CLAIMS he was actually asking about another girl but got me instead. LOL. too bad, eh.)

so, after some successful communication (back then NO INTERNET ok, boys have to call up my home phone and get past my very fierce dad), we agreed to meet for a movie and to exchange CDs (back then NO iTUNES ok, we had to buy actual CDs which cost like $25 an album). i couldn’t remember the movie AT ALL (he insists it was Buffy The Vampire Slayer). i think his CD was george michael’s Listen Without Prejudice (which should be about right since it was released around then). we didn’t have much to talk about. i remember awkward silences in the MRT. oh and he had this floppy hairstyle. much later on, he told me that his friend saw us together and asked if i was his sister, which probably made him embarrassed. which was just as well because i thought he was a bore. so, well, we didn’t go out again. NOT FATED YET, you know.

now, let’s take a break here from my storytelling with a song by taylor swift, called 15. oh taylor, where were you when we were 15 and could use with a song like this? (oh… you were 3.)

ok, fast forward.

7 years later, we were 22. i was finishing (finished?) with my uni days, he was finishing his NS days. i had this… website back then, under Pacnet, using a handle i now cringe at: u2girl. man, i wish i had a screenshot of that site, html and all. so i had people emailing me once in a while, usually U2 fans. one of those who emailed me claimed to have gone out with me, and after a few exchanges over a period of time (yes, with cryptic radiohead lyrics in the subject), he asked me out. i, erm, avoided saying yes as long as i could. why? because i remembered our boring date from long ago! though i liked our silly emails.

but eventually, i relented (well, i *was* curious). i was teaching a Mendaki class that saturday, and we met after at bugis. we had lunch at this place called amiran’s grill cafe (now long-defunct and not to be confused with amirah’s grill), which served pretty good western dishes back then. no more floppy hair – it was spiky now. we talked. we walked. we squeezed into a photo booth together and TOOK A NEOPRINT. it was like, hey… this date wasn’t so boring after all. there was something there…

ok, let’s take another break with another taylor swift song, called 22. (she’s keeping track of my life story, i’m sure of it.)

fast forward 7 years later and voila, 29 with one kid – gee, who’d have thought?

(right, no break here, guys – taylor hasn’t come up with a song called 29. give her a few more years.)

and now, cut to the present time: we have reached yet another cycle of 7 years.

10 years married! whuuuut!

needless to say, this story still continues. who knows what other milestones we’ll reach 7 years down the road…

ok not to say that i’m a sop or this has anything to do with the above story, but here’s one last taylor swift song, ONLY because i’m a huge fan of high school romance/dramas and the ending to this video always brings a tear to my eye – it’s just soooo sweet and makes me sigh with a wistful “awww”. (no i am NOT a sop, dammit!).

disclaimer: this is only my side of the story – he may have quite a different one. and i’ll never know for sure what went on in his mind when he started emailing me after all those… 7 years.


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today’s earworm. makes me want to run away with a band of folksy musicians and live a gypsy life… or something.

have a great weekend, everyone!


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if getting my tearducts to work overtime was one of my new year’s resolution, i’d say i’m doing pretty well so far.

ever since the new year:

1) i teared up when a character died in the movie, Les Miserables. (my behind wanted to cry too at the length of the show.)
2) i teared up when a character died in the tv series, Downton Abbey. (this, my current obsession!)
3) i possibly created an olympic-sized pool of tears when a character died in the book, The Fault In Our Stars. (john green. is. brilliant.)

seriously. i could be having some existential meltdown. or i could be pms-ing. the truth is, i get… emotionally invested in fictitious characters more easily than in reality.

it’s quite ridiculous, really. i’m perfectly capable of distancing myself from sad or upsetting situations in real life, but get all worked up when something happens not in direct relation to me. i suppose it’s a defense mechanism or something.

anyway, i have more to gush about downton abbey; i’m working on the post. meanwhile, it’s the second day of the year and the first day of school for many little children here. no, i did not get teary at all. i was more than happy to shoo them out of the house after a month and a half of school break.

have a great first day in school, all ye young 'uns!

see? they were also happy. so deliriously happy, at 6.50 in the morning.

ok, speaking of happy kids, i did tear up again today – one last time, i promise – but this time not because anyone died. these kids are very much alive and real, and they’re like TOTES ADORBS (i’m sure everybody’s seen their original video singing superbass and their appearance on ellen), and there isn’t a reason to tear up at all watching them, really, but i don’t know, their innocent squeals of pure, unadulterated delight and wonderment at everything that’s happening to them, and knowing that their wishes came true, beyond their wildest girly imaginations – it made me all fuzzy.

(ok, now i’m quite sure i’m pms-ing. crazy hormones…)

(the fact that they’re british makes them even more supercute. then again, i’m a biased anglophile. did i mention downton abbey already? OMG, LOVE.)


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tim burton + winona ryder + the killers = a kinda ‘lars and the real girl’ music video, except creepier.

this one’s for the husband, who (i think) still has a crush on (a seemingly ageless) winona, and for every other girl who’s liking the tanned, clean-cut, fit-looking, TOTES GORGEOUS BRANDON FLOWERS OMG.


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i just have to put this up! hilarious parody of nickelback’s photograph song, for the instagram generation :)


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there’s something undeniably special and absolutely magical about the music of sigur ros.

most of us may not understand the songs, like, at all (some are in icelandic, some in gibberish or ‘hopelandic’), but that’s the beauty of it – great music transcends language, and connects you at an emotional (or to some, spiritual) level.

sigur ros’ music, coupled with Jonsi’s ethereal voice, make your heart ache and fill you with inexplicable yearning and longingness, and with every rising crescendo or falsetto, a bursting hopefulness.


and that’s why, by the second song in their set, i had goosebumps and was all choked up – such was the overwhelming effect of the sigur ros experience, live. and from the reaction of the crowd post-concert, i knew i wasn’t the only one: goosebumps and tears seemed to be the order of the day.

the moment the music stopped, the sky turned orange and finally released its pent-up tears, and as the band came back for an encore, the rain beat down increasingly insistently, seemingly spurred by the swelling sonic-gasm on-stage, as if nature and musicians were in tune.

we must’ve been a sight to behold, a drenched and delirious audience, tangled up under umbrellas, ponchos, plastic sheets and plastered hair, cheering and whooping as the band bowed and applauded and thanked us for coming.

but oh no, thank YOU! for bestowing upon us such amazing music that makes us feel. for an unforgettable evening. and for braving your way to this part of the world, with our crazy humidity and wonky weather. (it may have rained but it’s no iceland.)

feel the love


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yes, the day has finally arrived!

gearing up for an awesome evening...! #sigurros #handstand


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thanks to this highly infectious tune by carly rae jepsen, we can’t seem to stop singing and humming it aloud and in our heads. gah, total earworm! see, even Cookie Monster couldn’t help himself.

“but you got cookie, SO SHARE IT MAYBE!”

and thanks to the kids’ repeat viewings of Cookie Monster gobbling up snickerdoodles with so much relish, it was inevitable that i too would want a big, round chocolate chip cookie to gobble down myself. and share them, maybe. (so susceptible to suggestions from cute blue muppets, i am.)

big chewy choc chip cookie

i’m going to need more practice with cookies, i seem to churn out an assortment of sizes, thickness and textures in one batch alone, so inconsistent wth. :p but heck, i had at least one appreciative taster – the girl with the sweet tooth, who said she likes it and praised mummy for her attempt. (i’ve given up getting any from my own mother, who returned my last baked goods along with a series of critiques. sad!)

“me love cookie!”

aaaanyway, it is only appropriate to end this with yet another cover of that darned-infectious song. here’s a G-rated version, best enjoyed with a warm cookie and a glass of milk. erm, enjoy! (sorry girls, no hot guy in ripped jeans and skin showing.)

ps: i did share me cookies, with our next door neighbours. maybe they even shared them with their pet dog and cats ha ha.


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this song came on the moment i entered the car after a session playing around with handstands. how apt. :)

i tried to do handstands for you
but everytime i fell for you
i’m permanently black and blue
permanently blue
for you

well, no bruises yet, and not quite a proper handstand yet either. spaghetti arms!

(ps: Is, check out jason segel’s tripod headstand, lol. )


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so what does hana do every day, now that she’s unpaid?

well, some mornings, after kissing the girl goodbye at school, she heads to east coast to sweat in a hatha class, and on days like today, she waits the rain out at a nearby joint with a book and a bite, before she heads to fetch the boy from school.

pockets of quiet time, contemplative solitude, no expectations – what i am cherishing most of my precious, unpaid days.


OMG i made bread.


i’d fancied owning a breadmaking machine ever since a colleague brought her freshly-baked homemade breads in all their glorious smells and tastes, but it was not an investment we were willing to make, at least not yet.

but with all the no-knead recipes out there, there was still hope for domestic plebeians like me. (plus, surely bakers of yore used their bare hands instead of machines to make bread then, right?)

ok so i didn’t make an actual loaf, it was a simple pizza dough recipe, although i was sure i bungled it up when i tried to halve the ingredients (damn my failwhale maths), so me and the dough, together we were this sticky mess of exasperation.

inspired by the cinnamon rolls, i thought i could do pizza rolls instead of the normal flat bread. it didn’t turn out perfectly swirly the way i wanted it to, but the bread tasted surprisingly decent, crispy outside and soft inside, and made for a hearty meal, but more importantly, OMG I made bread!

DSCF5497 DSCF5504


ps: had this in my head the whole day. <3

baker baker, baking a cake
make me a day
make me whole again
and I wonder what’s in a day
what’s in your cake this time…

thought I’d make friends with time
thought we’d be flying…
maybe not this time.


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live at fort canning on 23 nov!
icelandic musicians, in singapore.
hope it’s not too… hot for them here.

maybe i should do a crash course on icelandic language till then.
how else am i supposed to sing along??

(ps: anyone else watched ‘we bought a zoo’ and cried? i blame the soundtrack.)



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maybe i’ll regret missing this gig…


but the husband says he wants to see a female-fronted band for once, and that the esplanade will be more "comfortable" for me than fort canning (so considerate he is). plus, he's paying... :D

“if you’re still alive, my regrets are few,
if my life is mine, what shouldn’t i do?”


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