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this pose took me quite a while to get into and it was only in the beginning of last year when i got the hang of it.

this girl, she’s five and never been to a yoga class but after watching me countless times taking flight, she decided to ‘practise’ and whaddaya know, got into it herself. in straight arms, no less. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY.

she associates yoga with playtime with mummy (and sometimes her brother) and it’s been a lotta fun tumbling around with her.

#yogawithauni earlier this evening. yes, she has her own hashtag. and yes, she changed her outfit just to #matchymatchy mine. thanks for the galaxy-inspired pants you got her, @nurhashim. now she can #yogawithhana. :p

right now every night, she’s into headstands, even the look-ma-no-hands variation….


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… i could probably pay for a few yoga classes.

but never mind the crazy poses. you know what i REALLY can’t do?


i tried it again, yesterday, at ECP, with the husband’s new foldable bike, with adjustable height and a saddle that practically tried to violate me down under. i kept leaning to the left and couldn’t get both feet up the pedals and my body refused to stay balanced in motion for more than 3 seconds. i also tried on the boy’s bicycle, which had slightly better padding, but the same thing thing kept happening.

yes, i am A DISGRACE! to myself! and after a frustrating half hour (or maybe it was less), sweat streaming down my scrunched up face, my perineum was blistered and bruised from the bike seats. how ridiculous is that?! no wonder the girl doesn’t like riding her own bike either, she probably has the same uncomfortable experience on her fanny as i do. maybe sensitive souths are genetic. yeah, THAT MUST BE IT.

anyway, i arghhhghghg dislike bicycles. they’re my Kryptonite. (what’s with these superhero references today?) give me a car and i can manoeuvre into any tight spots no problem (i especially find parallel parking particularly thrilling), just don’t give me anything with two wheels. (no, not even the skate scooter variety.)

so yeah, i guess i’ll just stick to crazy poses and challenging other laws of physics for now. (you know, just like Superman and Batman.)


or just… cycle in the air? (at least my crotch will be safe from harm.)

#yogawithhana post-workshop with briohny & dice. still trying to find my #handstand, but it's damn hard for someone who has balance issues (i can't even ride a bicycle - and believe me, i've tried many times!).

but for the sake of pride and to prove that ANYTHING is possible, i’ll keep trying.

aaand since we’re talking superheroes…

(see, even Batman needs help.)


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hamstrings, like most things, take lots of time and patience to open up….

worked on stretching those hammies this morning... #yoga #fireflypose #titibasana #armbalance #yogawithhana #whaddafeeling!today's hammie #stretch: seated half-bound lotus pose. (or, if you prefer, kiss-your-knee-passionately pose.) #yoga #yogawithhana #lotus #forwardbend #thingsthatdistractyoufromreading #kissthatknee!

and when they’re nice and open, ohh the things you can do with your body…!

now, let's see, how many more doors do i have left in here... #yoga #handstand #inversion #heart #doorseries #maytheforcebewithyogis #yogawithhana #okbyepost-power class this morning. why hello, specks of dust on floor. it's ok, i'm feeling too zen to vacuum you away right now. but you just wait.


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one of the most satisfying things i’ve ever achieved – finding balance.

peacock pose

... so i got distracted from my book...

two favourite things rolled into one. #yoga #reading #yoganerd #multitaskingasana #yogawithhana #seriously? #justafewmorepagestogo!

how to get into a #tripodheadstand... and transition to #crowpose. (this is different from the one with the hands clasped behind the head - and more stable too. go on, try it! :D) #yoga #fun #yogapants #blackmilk #balance #howto #nowhereelsetotakepictures

and i’m so happy i made more than a few friends get on the mat and start stretching and doing things with their bodies they never thought possible too! going on the journey together with them makes practising more meaningful and waaaay more fun for me. thank you, you guys. :)

partner work

and to the rest of you still hesitating – why?!

“allow yourself to be a beginner. no one starts off being an expert.”


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best with an actual child on top of you.



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yeah. it’s a core obsession.

hollowback handstand


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if you think i spend a lot of time these days mucking around in tights and unnecessarily twisting my body into what looks like anguished, torturous, abnormal formations – you could be right. :p


fallen angel

but i love it. all that inversions and balances – they keep me grounded.

even when i have little monsters jump up from behind me every once in a while.


(yeah, i have to be literally on my toes with them around.)


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still not much of the domestic goddess. still pick the easiest recipe.


this cheese scone thingy has all of 3 ingredients, done under all of 30 mins.

doesn’t look like much but they’re highly edible (and quite tasty). i promise!


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always a good way to watch the telly…

inverted eagle

… well ok actually the girl’s doing a much better job of it.

feathered peacock

the girl and i were actually both down over the week; fever, chills, coughs, blah appetite, lethargy. we basically slothed around the house catching up on the entire season 4 of glee (which was overall quite bad), and then i discovered….

Benedict Cumberbatch OMG.

(no, it is not the name of a deadly disease, though his supreme brit hotness could possibly prove fatal eventually.)

ok so he’s all this intense and brilliant “high-functioning sociopath” in the awesomeness that is Sherlock, the tv show that has all of 3 episodes per season. gush!

i love british productions, can?! (have i mentioned Downton Abbey, anyone?)

ahem, so yeah, that’s my source of escapism for now.

because it is otherwise, my friends, a very cruel and harsh reality that we live in. and i’m talking about the recent tragedy that happened just a few metres away from where we live, along a road where we pass by on a daily basis. i cannot think or watch or read about the two boys crushed to death there without immediately tearing up, it’s just so… sad. the fact that one of them is the same age as my kid, and the proximity of the accident being literally too close for comfort, it freaks me out, truthfully. and to lose not one but both your young kids at once, so immediately, so suddenly, so randomly – how does a parent live with that? it’s just… unimaginable.

we’ve pressed the point with the kids since, repeatedly, to never EVER cross the road without an adult, and to never EVER take their bikes on any roads with traffic. but you know, any number of mishaps can still happen, even under the safest of circumstances, so we parents continue to live under a perpetual shadow of worry every day, taking any bits of escapism we can get just so we can forget for a while of the possible dangers that lurk everywhere and not go crazy insane…

so our thoughts go out to the parents in this immensely difficult time, and our prayers for our own children’s safety, because we can only do so much.

(better to have him and his friends playing at home under my nose than roaming around the estate for most parts of the afternoons, i suppose.)

now excuse me, i need me a bit of handsome anglo hunk to cheer me up.


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i’m not big on home decor, which i sometimes equate to clutter (and more things to dust!), the only bursts of attempts to improve the aesthetic quality of the house usually happening around eid festivities. i actually prefer to throw out things inadvertently accumulated around the house than buying unnecessary things purposefully, you know?

but sometimes, you step into a shop and look around and think, hmm… that would look kinda neat in the house. unnecessary, no doubt, but yeah.

i wanted to spell out ‘izad&hana’, which would have worked out all right since the letters were going at $10 for 3 and ‘izad&hana’ was 9 letters but i thought it was perhaps a little too narcissistic (plus i couldn’t get all the letters in the right colours and cases). then i thought, how about ‘library’, but that’s like, 7 letters and let’s face it, our three slim columns of bookshelf hardly a library maketh and is surely a mockery of the institution itself. so struck by sudden inspiration (a vague allusion to alice in wonderland at the back of my mind), i decided on this. (gawd the thought process and decision-making over such trivial matter, is exhausting! yet another reason why i don’t dabble much in home decor.)

i love Typo. (as in the store, not printing errors, which i am vehemently against.) (and no, the uppercase A is not a typo but an artistic license.) #typo #homelibrary #bookshelf #letterings #3for10bux :D

oh and for some nerd fun, this also serves as a game of anagrams, e.g. ‘dear me’. ‘dare me’. ‘remade’. ‘mere ad’. ‘rad mee’. well i’m sure you can come up with others.

i contemplated quite a bit with this one too – the jewellery tree. i have perhaps the most unexciting collection of jewellery, mostly gifts and random trinkets that occasionally match my outfits, and they’re all basically dumped in one box, rummaged in haphazardly during times of need. well, that store i was telling you about presented the perfect opportunity to organise my admittedly limited collection of knick-knacks, seeing that i was in the mood to, you know, shop.


i had fun tree decorating. look, there’s an owl in the tree! *chuckles* ok ok, i promise to start getting more happening jewellery.

this last item was thrown in the basket as an afterthought. see, somebody (i shall not name names) has a tendency to leave the mail strewn about the house, and if there’s one thing that drives me insane is things strewn about the house. this will (hopefully) keep the mail confined to its own space.


yay for cute (and obvious-stating) paraphernalia (did i get that word right? i don’t know) for organised chaos!


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rehash of some instagrams but whatever, i’m just gonna post them here anyway. super simplified visual how-to’s of two fun poses – an arm balance, and an inversion.

just... you know... hangin' out... #yoga #sidecrow #teeki #yogapants #yogagram

... is what you sometimes need. #yoga #headstand #inversion #yogagram #teeki

oh look, i’m running out of rooms to tumble around in at home.

ok, since i’m clearly out of blog ideas these days, are there any particular (yoga) poses you want to see me look ridiculous trying? i might just, you know, agree.

and maybe i’ll do a visual how-to in the kitchen or the bathroom… or somewhere.


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the husband asks where i’m going when he sees me at home in my yoga garbs. ‘nowhere,’ i say. well, home clothes are basically my sleep clothes. if i wear my sleep clothes, i’ll be tempted to sleep. and it’ll be ridiculous to wear my nice dresses around the house, wouldn’t it now?


see, at least i can monkey around the house in these very comfortably. (besides, they kinda give me superpowers.)


ps: this marks one year since my first foray into inversions – we’ve come some ways since! :)


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of all things, this is how she chooses to imitate me: in bed, late at night, with book (she even found a bookmark somewhere – macam paham, i tell you).

this. me. exactly. sigh.


she’s got my night-owl genes, she does. keep this up, she’ll also get my blind-as-a-bat genes.

go sleep already, fer pete’s sake, it’s almost midnight!

i guess in this case, the late bird catches the bookworm.


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always feeling strong after an early morning hot practice. #yoga #handstand #lululemon

(the perks of having my own free personal in-house mobilephotographer heh.)


i know not many people bother with blogs anymore, prefering the ease and instantaneity of instagrams and other photo-friendly platforms with few or no words to slow down the viewers’ experience or use up any more of their precious time than necessary to click on the ‘like’ button.

but i’m trying to hang on to dear blogging life here, because it appeals to the pseudo-writer in me, so erm, thank you, for coming by this way (yeah the pseudo-writer in me still seeks validation), even if clicking the ‘like’ button here isn’t as fun as on instagram.


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there is NO END to this ‘+20% free’ nutella jar, i swear. it’s practically a bottomless pit of gooey goodness.

nutella bites

found this ridiculously easy recipe that required like, oh, all of THREE ingredients and barely half an hour, that left everyone post-dinner snack happy.

seriously. 3 ingredients!
ie: 1/2 cup nutella, 1 egg, and 5 tablespoons all-purpose flour (i halved the portions because that is all the family can consume in one sitting). i also stuffed a mini marshmallow in the middle of each cup (because i had some). then slathered a layer of nutella on top (because i can!).

they may not look too impressive, but wth, they were gone in waaaay less time it took to make.


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