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was contemplating on forking out on a new laptop to call my own (practically all the technology in the house other than my mobile is owned by the husband) but decided to spend a fraction of the cost on this keyboard instead, and take over the husband’s old iPad since he’s neglected it in favour of his iPad mini.


because i was whining about how it’s SOOO difficult for me to blog on the mobile and the iPad without the click-clackety-ness of an actual keyboard, and it’s SOOO troublesome to boot up the desktop and the heavy laptops (omg first world problems or what?!). so with $130 spent on this super sexy slim keyboard, and the sheer convenience of the iPad, PLUS with the nice click-clackety feeling of actual typing, i’ll have less excuses not to blog.


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Thanks for the response, iphone had been sold to a nice gentleman!

Selling my 11 months old black iphone 16GB 3GS with extra freebies.

Condition is around 8.5/10 with the usual fine scratches at the back.
Screen protected from day 1. Full set with box and cable included.

Will throw in the original iphone dock and Griffin Elan form etch case.


What you see above is what you get :)

All of the above for the low low price of $500!

Interested? Email me at to deal. Thanks!


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[flickr album=72157622958976891 num=10 size=Square]

did a couple of test shots on the d90. i think i’m in love with the camera!


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i’m selling my very new white macbook and its not even collected yet from epicentre. :)
this is from the singnet promo. can collect with me on monday.


specs can be found on the apple website here.
retail price is $1588. student price is $1488. izadnhana special price $1350!!
that’s a saving of $238, cheap cheap!!

interested buyers please email me at to deal. thanks!

Thanks for your interest. Item sold!!


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Ok, trying out with a photo. (Pervpic @ toilet, where else. Notice hand hovering over crotch to hold pee in. Ignore extremely wrinkled dress. Damn you, silk or whatever material you are.)


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Pardon this post as I’m trying out this wordpress application I just downloaded to my BB. This would be perfect if I need more than 140 characters to say something but can’t be bothered to switch on the darn PC/netbook. Am I connected or whaaaat.

Ok, let’s hope this works.


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more pictures of the tour to entice those thinking of switching to bb!

See and download the full gallery on posterous

read the full review at

Posted via email from izadd’s pemalas posterous


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the olympus e-p1 ‘digital pen’, the retro style camera that i’ve been drooling for the longest time. it will definitely make a great father’s day gift but unfortunately its not out yet. coming soon in july!!


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Selling a brand new still in box, HP webcam. Great for video conferencing with your love ones who are staying or studying overseas!




  • 2 megapixel CMOS sensor with autofocus
  • USB 2.0 high speed
  • Live video: up to 640×480 (VGA) at 30fps and up to 1600×1200 at 5fps
  • Still picture: up to 12 MP (4000×3000) by software interpolation
  • UVC (USB Video Class)
  • Face tracking
  • Integrated wide angle microphone
  • 5x digital zoom
  • Software: ArcSOft Magic-i and HP Phtosmart Essential

Selling at a very cheap price of $60! Retailing around $100 plus. Interested? email me at or just tweet me! :)


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a while back, my cousin told us how his kids, who are about eight, would sometimes call him up from school. you know, to tell them that they weren’t feeling well, or to make last-minute after-school arrangements, or well, just to ‘report’ about something they deem as important.

to do so, the little fellas (who are twins, by the way) would need to fish out loose change from their pockets to use the school’s public phone. their daddy thought of getting them a handphone but, as i’m sure most parents do, felt that they were too young for such a responsibility.

yet i did wonder too – what if parents need to get in touch with their kids in school, other than having to inconvenience their teacher via the staff room phone?

and then i discovered online of this new mobile service by M1 called KidSAFE, i immediately thought of them!

a quick glance at the features and i knew it was perfect for parents – AND kids. well, at least kids who are just old enough to know how to function a handphone, lah. not, of course, for aniq (who’s all of 3 and more interested in playing with the torchlight function on my handphone) or auni (who’s all of 10 months and more interested in slobbering all over my handphone).

anyway, as i was saying, KidSAFE has all these child-friendly features that i think will most likely appeal to you young-ish parents of even young-ish kids.

first of all, the service uses a stripped-down-to-basics kinda mobile (a Samsung SGH E200, to be precise), so it’s easy to use (read: idiot proof! yes, that includes some of us who may be, ahem, gizmo-phobic), especially since it’s meant for kids who’ve never owned a handphone before.

and – here’s the important part – it’s actually SAFE to use.

let’s see, now…

  • parents can program up to 40 phone numbers that their children can make and receive calls from
    - hey, that’s a whole lotta numbers! but i would think the most essential ones would be, of course, the parents’ numbers, as well as their grandparents, close relatives, or even their neighbours and trusted friends. with these digits pre-programmed in the phone, there’s no worry about getting the numbers right, especially in times of emergency. i mean, there’s plenty enough to remember with all those spelling tests and math homework, isn’t there?
  • parents can choose to be alerted via SMS when the KidSafe SIM card is taken out and used in another mobile phone
    - so no tampering can be done on the phone – you know how sticky those young fingers can get!
  • the KidSAFE program and features can only be changed with a 6-digit parent PIN
    - and that secret PIN number, which only you have access to, will be required to amend the phonebook entries and any KidSAFE functions on the child’s phone. how’s that for All Mighty Powers?
  • there is internet restriction on KidSAFE phones
    - which, i think this is pretty important, as this minimises any chances of exposing your kids to violent and unsavoury content. let’s hope they don’t grow up too fast, shall we? :S
  • you have control over their viewing and downloading of games, music, or videos on the phones
    - so they are less likely to unintentionally access chargeable mobile services and chalk up hefty phone bills! yeah, they can forget about voting for their favourite Singapore Idol on those 1900 numbers. :)
  • you get to monitor the last 10 blocked actions
    - including details of numbers attempting to SMS or call the KidSAFE number, and attempts made to call or SMS unauthorised numbers. which means, your child is safe from being contacted by strangers, and at the same time, you can be assured that they’ll be unable to dial out strange numbers too. hey, you’ll never know.
  • phew! *pant pant*

    so, i guess it is possible after all for parents to have the confidence and peace of mind should they decide to give their kids their own mobile phone, eh?

    and you know, i think it could actually be a good tool for parents to teach responsibility. for faris here, he was afraid that the phone would get stolen when he brings it to school, so his dad reminded him not to show it off to his friends and to make sure that he brought it along with him when he’s out of the classroom. but kids being, well, kids, he did accidentally show it to his friend, then felt bad about it when his dad advised him that it might tempt people to steal it, so he’s been more careful with it since…

    faris and his brother, faiz, can now make calls to their parents and grandparents with ease. no more digging around for coins in their pockets to make calls on a public phone! can use the money to buy extra snacks liao! :D


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    Iphone B Club (APAD)
    can you try to guess which iphone belongs to whom. :)

    Exposure: 0.033 sec (1/30)
    Aperture: f/2.0
    Focal Length: 5.1 mm
    Exposure: 0.00
    ISO Speed: 250

    shot with LX3 at newton hawker centre, edited in lightroom2


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    I’m selling my underutilized digital camera. Very good budget digicam for beginners dabbling in videography.

    The Panasonic SDR-H40 is a hard disk drive-based, ultra-compact camcorder.

    buy me!!

    Features include

    • 42x optical zoom, more powerful than some similarly priced camcorders
    • Optical stabilization, which is better than electronic image stabilization
    • Support manual focus
    • 40GB Hard disk, plus SD card slot for additional footage.
    • Very light, around 350g!!

    Will include additional original panasonic battery which cost $100 plus 4gb SD card. Box and the cables plus the instruction manuals are all in.

    Bought in July 08, so still got more than 6 months warranty. Now selling at $599, revised to $500. it was retailing at $799 when I bought it

    Interested? Email me at to deal!!


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    hi, the guitar hero super bundle will arrive tomorrow afternoon. would you like us to do delivery….” as my sms beeped to inform me. finally after 3 months of wait, the guitar hero is finally here!! I was really hooked to the first version of guitar hero that i played at my dad’s house that i told myself if i got a ps3, guitar hero would be the first game i purchase. great timing it was that the latest version with drums will be coming out soon!

    forward to friday 7 november, 6pm, as i await patiently for the delivery, 2 guys from the game shop arrived as expected with a very huge box!! yes, finally i could relive my childhood dream to be a drummer, haha!!

    anyway, i’ve shot the unboxing of the guitar hero super bundle and did a short drumming session to show you what a great piece of gaming this is. so if you guys are up for a jamming session, you know where to come. :)

    Unboxing Of Guitar Hero World Tour from izadnhana on Vimeo.


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    We won a plasma tv in a lucky draw but since the good old projection tv is still working, decided to sell it off.

    Plasma TV

    Notable features:


  • 1,920 x 1,080-pixel resolution
  • 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • V-real Pro 3 engine
  • BBE ViVA HD3D sound
  • 480Hz Sub-field Drive
  • Intelligent Frame Creation
  • x.v. Color
  • Onboard JPEG playback via SDHC card slot
  • 1080p24 input-ready
  • Three (1 front) HDMI 1.3 inputs
  • The TV is brand new, unopened with 3 years warranty. I think Courts is selling it for $3299 with free gifts.

    Sorry, no wall mount installation provided, just the pedestal stand included.

    I decided to sell it if the price is $2000 and above. cash and carry. any offers?

    Those interested can email me at to discuss further, thanks!


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    ipod touch 8gb 

    thanks for your interest, the ipod has been sold! 

    selling a brand new sealed ipod touch 8gb for $400. usual price at apple store is $498.

    features include

    • Revolutionary Multi-Touch interface
    • 3.5-inch widescreen color display
    • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
    • 8 mm thin
    • Safari, YouTube, Mail, Stocks, Weather, Notes, iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, Maps

    includes one year warranty which can be registered online at

    the only catch is that i need the ipod upc label found on the box to claim my rebate. so if you are agreeable, we meet, you open the sealed package, i peel off the upc label and the ipod is yours :)

    still interested? email me at to deal. thanks


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    Thanks to all that replied, my DSLR had been sold. :)

    well, it had to happen. i’m selling my olympus dslr gear to finance a nikon. yep, i’m finally joining the dark side.hehe..

    after a year of sticking to the olympus four thirds system, i’m going with the nikon system. anyway, my loss is your gain. check out my offer below!

    E-500 collage

    selling a complete e-500 olympus digital slr camera package. check out the specs here. include all the manuals, cables and accessories. the package also includes the following

    1. the e-500 camera body, screen protected (shutter count 13k)
    2. 14-45mm f3.5/5.6 zuiko digital zoom lens (include hoya UV filter)
    3. 40-150mm f3.5/4.5 zuiko digital zoom lens (include hoya UV filter)
    4. 35mm f3.5 macro zuiko digital zoom lens (include hoya UV filter)
    5. fl-36 flash (with sto-fen omni bounce)
    6. remote control (RM-1)
    7. 2GB compact flash
    8. Additional 3rd party battery
    9. 01 circular polariser filter
    10. tripod

    used for around 1 year. kept in dry cabinet when not in used. i took the extended 3 years warranty from courts, so there’s still 2 years left. also includes the accidental drop policy. the price? hopefully can sell for $1200. interested? email me at let me hear your offers, price is of course negotiable. :)

    on a personal note, this camera is ideal for those just starting out on photography and want to expand their creativity which could understandably be constrained by the normal point and shoot (pns) digital camera. my package covers almost all the range, from macro to telezoom. i can also give free personal tutorial for those not familiar with dslr camera. :)


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