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here’s one for november, the month of the scorpion.

scorpion pose


the boy got back his report book yesterday. positive words from his teacher on record, but err, we’ll know more tomorrow when we meet her for the parent-teacher conference.

btw, mum proudly announced that my nephew adam was awarded 1st in class – not surprisingly, of course! go nephie-poo, our future scholar! :)

trying to figure out a schedule for the boy that he won’t object to, or find a holiday programme to fill his time now that the long school holiday is looming ahead. you know, so we both don’t kill each other at home, 24/7. seriously, one and half months of idle time, what in the world do kids do during school holidays??


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the only times we go to USS are if we get free/discounted tickets, and the organisation’s Family Day this year afforded the opportunity to do so.

Shrek, Fiona and their offspring
Shrek & Fiona with their offspring

finally got to ride the battlestar galactica human & cyclon, and while going on the two rides consecutively left us a little jelly-legged, we thought the rides at gold coast’s movie world were more thrilling in comparison. BUT! the Transformers Ultimate 3D ride definitely beat the rest, hands down – it was AWESOME, and this coming from a rides-junkie. it was a very realistic, in-your-face experience, all that swiveling, smashing, shuddering, sucked-into-a-vortex, and free-falling effects keeping you gasping and shrieking throughout. it was so good, aniq and i sneaked away from the rest to queue up 30mins for it again. the boy is turning out to be a rides-junkie like me. unlike my brother, who could never stomach a ride, even the kiddy Dragon one at Far, Far Away, which left him looking quite pale, teehehee.

anda mudah berasa mual?
anda mudah berasa mual?

after each ride, aniq and his cousin adam would check with each other: “are you all right?” so cute.


and as for these two – *facepalm*.



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a few april birthdays in the family. (thanks for the treat, big bro. err, it WAS a treat, right…? :p never mind, next month’s universal studios trip is on me.)


guess who else has been counting down the months (yes, she does know the names of the months after all) and going “I CAN’T WAIT FOR APRIL!”?

the girl with the red shoes


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dunkin donuts time

kidnapped their cousins for a day out. shh don’t tell their parents the amount of sugar they consumed collectively….

we are young, originally uploaded by izadd.

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we were messing about with the dry ice that came with their ice-cream, pretending to cast spells into a cauldron, and getting my mystical genres mixed up, i asked them to each come up with three wishes for an imaginary genie to grant.

aniq: “i wish for another abang adam! and i wish for another aidin! and i wish for another auni!”
(my sis-in-law and i both shook our heads in non-approval.)

adam: “i wish for thousands of millions of dollars…. (to be) a professional football player…”
(and i either forgot his last wish or he didn’t manage to come up with one – i tried to extract it from him the next day but he just shrugged. hmph, boys!)


the other evening, aidin (the little fella there who’s auni’s age) was being badgered by the other three kids for three pieces of mentos left in his hand. reluctant to dole them out, he counted them and muttered aloud, “MAMPOS i got no more.” !!! (their oma eventually dug up some sweets in her handbag, like all good grandmas do, so the boy was spared the tragedy of having to distribute his prized mentos.)

on sunday, we were all heading back after a wedding, and the kids were whining to go to their oma’s house to play some more. adam and aidin, of course, had to first seek their dad’s permission, which they REALLY don’t like doing. (their dad can be such a grinch, you know.) aidin, feeling the injustices of the world on his young shoulders, declared, “not faiiir!” and after a bit more of expressed disappointment, we called all four to come into our car to go to oma’s house. aidin, seizing uncle izad’s hand on the way to our car, looked up at him and plaintively uttered, “thank you for saving me all the time.” !!!

SO dramatic, our little ones.


(ps: all four got their wish of playing to their hearts’ content and had a sleepover at their oma’s that night. AND their mummies & daddies had a nice quiet evening catching up on movies in their respective homes heh heh. so… good job, superhero/genie/santa uncle izad!)


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turned seven. i don’t see him as often as i did when he was a baby and i’d drive to mum’s all the way from work during lunchtime just to play with him (those being pre-aniq days). these days, i can’t seem to elicit as much response from him as i did then.

what i do know is, i’d borrowed his Diary of A Wimpy Kid, and haven’t returned it. aunty will, i promise!

adam turns 7 on 1/11/11

how about i get your NOISY cousins to sing for you again in the meantime?

(dies in embarrassment.)


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, originally uploaded by izadd.

“selamat hari raya… kain tu betulkan sikit, makcik….” (though she will flatly deny the label ‘makcik’ and correct you with an “i am princess!!” whatevuhhhhh.)


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DSC_0340, originally uploaded by izadd.

… a lot about their personalities, really.

my nephews in the middle there – yeah, the ones that look all smart, serious, well-behaved – they’re all that.

and those other two at the sides – well… you can pretty much guess.



i had to add this one in. TOO CUTE. (again, those two grinning monkeys… i don’t know whose they are.)



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the organisation had its Family Day last weekend. with discounted tickets, considerable food vouchers AND retail vouchers, how could i not go?

Universal Studios

brought not two but three kids who were excellent company, with nary a whimper or complaint despite the slightly schizo weather and long, snaking queues.

First queue of the day

20- to 90-minute queues for 3-minute rides! we ended up on most of the kiddy rides, as you can see.


we had the most fun at Shrek’s Far Far Away land, especially the 4D show. and what’s with everything going 3D these days? saw a whole set of fairy tale books at Times the other day with 3D glasses, i mean, what’s next, assessment books in 3D?!

Shrek 4D

anyway, aniq and adam had their first taste of the rollercoaster. a junior one, short but thrilling nonetheless – and i think they were fairly traumatised. no tears but a little dazed at the end, and when asked if they wanna go on a rollercoaster again, they unanimously went “DOWAN!”. dem wussies, i tell you.

Aniq & Adam's first roller-coaster ride! Food from Friar's

so we were wondering, with the current hype on Shrek 3, all the wonderful details in Far Far Away land, and obviously a lot of money poured into building it, will our Universal Studios be stuck with this theme forever after? the Jurassic Park theme already feels dated, the last movie was what, almost 10 years ago?, and even the merchandise weren’t so compelling (except for that $15 dinosaur tumbler thingy we bought – with our free voucher of course – similar to one my parents got me when we went to Universal Studios in LA a loooong time ago! #relivingmychildhood).

Olden rules Drunken gingerbread Confiscated items

look, Gingy and 2 donkeys! (Gingy’s my favourite character, btw. he just looks… delicious.)

Aniq on the ass

Ancient Egypt, where i could not help but ogle at the model on stilts with perfectly smooth and sculpted washboard abs, and OH, that pelvis (if it were a Greek theme, he’d be Adonis). the other highlight was the Revenge of The Mummy ride, which was the only adult ride izad and i managed to go on while the kids were in another queue. tip for mums and dads – strategise your rides!

Ancient Egypt "check out my hot abs on my waxed bod"

Mardi gras alien thingy

2 of the Battlestar Galactica rides in Sci-fi City were down, which was probably why we were compensated with all those free vouchers. i’m quite a sucker for rollercoasters, so it was quite a bummer. but the kids loved this one, an updated version of the spinning teacup.

One of their favourite rides

feeling New York…

New York alley

and Hollywood…

Charlie Chaplin Kung Fu Panda
Adam & Aniq

the rides and shows end at 7pm, which was about the time we came back to the starting point. you’d think the kids would be pooped by now…

Forrest Gumps

but nooo, especially when there’s a Hershey’s chocolate store outside. and the wonderful smell of Garrett’s caramel popcorn!

Hershey kisses Whoppers

some points:
- i liked that most of the restaurants are certified halal, so we didn’t need to lug around a picnic basket, and with active and perpetually hungry kids, the food joints were convenient for a quick meal on the go or while waiting in queues.
- wish the rides were generally longer, but i suppose if they were designed longer, waiting time would double, and besides, sentosa’s too land-scarce as it is to build any bigger backlots. but perhaps they could do tram ride tours or something to ease the queues?
- i hear that you can enter from 7pm-9pm for $2 on fridays and saturdays, just to walk around, eat and shop. that sounds like a cheap yet fabulous date! coz it’s quite nice at night, lively and scenic.
- ouh, parking at the place itself, while convenient, was costly. goodbye $20 from our cashcard, lol. and that didn’t include the $7 entrance fee at sentosa. there are shuttle buses, of course, but we were too lazy to lug around the kids and stroller, etc up and down buses. SPOILT lor!
- i’d probably go again. maybe without kids the next time. :p

Night scene outside Universal


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some happy pictures to kick-start the new year. :)

Auni & Aidin…
Auni & Aidin

Adam & Aniq…
Adam & Aniq

and we ended 2009 with a new addition to the list of Kid A’s…

Auni & Akid

to all my family and friends who are trying for kids this year (you know who you are), i wish you happy TTC!


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a few things happening here, if you wish to observe:
- lil A, like most kids, especially girls, loves to dance.
- the part where the chicks go “cheep cheep here, cheep cheep there”, she interprets as “cheek cheek”, which is why she pats her cheeks.
- the twisting thing she does with her hands and wrists, that’s her trademark, reserved for songs she likes best.
- like most girls going wild on the dance floor, she gets jeered at by boys, in this case, a bigger boy, and in turn, her silly brother. the bigger boy started it, pointing out her diaper peeking out of her skirt, and the two boys went into hysterics over her diaper showing, for some reason. boys! *rolls eyes* she has no idea why they’re laughing at her, but whatever, maybe she’s hawt (she does have a thing for bigger boys, remember?), so she goes on dancing, oblivious and enjoying the attention. it’s all very paris hilton.
- her “quack quack” action is more like shaving her armpit.
- the girl beside her is older by a few months but she’s got to learn some moooves, man.

i gotta buy more loud nursery rhyme cds.


so it was adam’s 5th birthday, and his aunt and uncle (no, not us) wanted to surprise him with a party. so sweet of them to throw him one. then again, i think i’d do the same – if i haven’t had kids myself.

he’s not close to me as much as i’d like us to be, but circumstances being so (he’s taken care of by his other grandma and only visits my mum once a week, at most), i hardly get to see him, or his brother, often. sad coz i remember when mum looked after him as a baby, i used to rush home from work, or steal away during lunch time, just so i could play with him, and i’d be all :( when his parents reached there before me to fetch him home.

and he’s so big now. very smart. very articulate. still shy. i gave him a book entitled “how to talk to girls”. i’m sure his parents won’t let him read it. (yes, he can read.)


the boys who used to fight for attention and toys when they were babies and toddlers, are crazy about each other when they meet. they go into animated chatter and form their own games only they get. i wish for them to keep bonding through the years. imagine them as teenagers! they’d surely cringe at these. *chuckle*

Adam & Aniq

happy 5th, my nephie-poo. :)



ok, i couldn’t help adding this. MAUNI MOUSE.

mauni mouse


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aniq’s new cousin! i’ve always had a soft spot for little boys, probably coz my firstborn’s a boy. just one of those mother’s bias hehe.

kissy smoochy

about ten hours after being induced, he was squeezed out, all 3.92kg of him, with epidural administered at one minute apart. =O

and it seems that the lil fella didn’t have much space or he liked a particular position inside his nine-month home, coz his feet are curled inwards. i’d never noticed baby’s feet like that, so i was quite fascinated. in any case, i hope my lil one inside has more than enough room to move and kick about (i KNOW she moves and kicks about – a lot – especially at two in the morning, grrr), so maybe a huge tummy/womb may serve a good purpose after all. and i’m also hoping that the ‘lowness’ of my tummy will help the baby come out faster/easier, since it’s already, err, so near the ‘exit sign’. you think? :S

ok, shan’t think of that for now. there’s no way we can predict what will happen in the delivery room anyway.

let’s focus on the present! here are the two energetic monkeys at, as the littler one would say, “oma aus” (oma’s house). yes, he speaks germanish hehe.

Aniq & Adam Aniq & Adam

other than chase each other around the house, they also make up their own games, like the “big-small” game (of which the origin and rules escape me), hold conversations (with bursts of gun-shooting sound effects in between), make a mega mess out of lego bits, fight for their oma’s attention (and make her sing ‘buai laju-laju’ while she lies down and swings them on her legs – free exercise regime, no need for gyms!) oh, and she also kicks balls around with them, and when aniq says “oma, ek-sais!”, she obliges by leading them in stretching exercises. i swear.

my mum must be going mad at home. i think i would, hehe. :p


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it’s nice to hear updates on his progress from someone other than mum. i don’t talk to them often since i don’t send him there myself everyday, but i know i can call anytime, like a few nights ago, which is nice.

coz now i know where he got the word “rainbow” from, along with the other songs and stories he participates in, the antics he gets up to, the friends he interacts with daily.


i also got an update on adam, who has a HEYUUGE crush on this chinese girl, whom he apparently looks at all adoringly and doe-eyed when she comes in the morning, lol! adam’s terribly shy, though, so he NEVER talks to her, which got her to conclude to their teacher: “adam cannot talk.” so, the teacher tried to get her to talk to him instead, and well, she attempted all right!

without success, i might add. now, let me try to recreate the scene. ahem…

girl: do you want some? (referring to her cereal at the dining table)
boy: *nods*
girl: can you say ‘please’? say ‘please’? please?? (continues pleading)
boy: *zips mouth*
girl: (to teacher again) adam cannot talk.

alamak, so cute can die!

of course, adam can talk very well, VERY VERY well, in fact. and count and read. but cute girls are a different ball game altogether, huh, hunny? :p


i’m not sure which one she is but i think she’s the one on the far right, coz i’ve seen him sitting next to her a few times when i dropped by. addendum: (from dadam himself) “the girl on the far right is chloe not sharmaine.” oops, my bad! lol!

my little one, on the other hand, is busy pursuing different ‘interests’ at the moment, like occasionally assisting the teacher to lay out the breakfast cutlery, and matching coloured beads with disastrous results (teachers end up vacuuming the floor), and doing the skinnymarinkydoo, and well, other stuff.

next year, fees will rise, which kinda makes me choke and cough a little.

so just how much has he benefitted from this daily, two-and-a-half-hourly experience?

i can see the pros, of course. for one thing, it keeps him busy for that part of the morning when his mind and body is freshest, most active and receptive. i’m still not keen on keeping him cooped up at home all day with little else to do except watch tv and play with his few toys (coz mum refuses to have her house littered with them), that’s for sure. mum is around in the mornings but she leaves for the hospital during the kids’ afternoon naps to visit the dad. so that leaves only the helper as his companion and ‘conversationalist’ for the rest of the afternoon, which is ok, but, you know, if only she could do more than just give custodial care. too much to ask for from a helper? well, of course. they do go by specific instructions, after all.

so ARE we asking too much, we working mums? i guess so. it’s all that guilt for having to be away from them for a good part of the day that makes us question how much we are really doing for our kids. sure sure, he’ll be ok and will grow up normal and fine and all, just like most of us with working mums did.

it’s just that… you simply can’t help but wonder if you’re doing enough. you know? :S


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it’s official and an announcement has been made to the relevant parties.


there will be an addition to the family!

here’s a quick recap of what the person in question will be going through in less than nine months time…

oh, and here’s another hint.



look out, dadam & aniq, you’re gonna have to work even harder for your oma’s attention soon…

ps: aniq ONLY just turned nineteen today, so shh, no suggesting/requesting/coercing/demanding that we plus 1 ourselves YET, hokay? shh!


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this month, i didn’t see abang dadam very much, but when we do, rest assured we get along REAALLLY well.

if you can call hitting, beating, pulling, pushing, and general bullying each other ‘getting along’. hehe.


we had a belated father’s day for opa, who kept wanting to eat at han river in eastpoint. he’s always craving for buffets, my opa. the other day we brought him to sakura at downtown east, but he couldn’t get enough. despite all he eats, he’s skin and bones. it’s hard getting opa around these days, he has his own stroller which is much bigger than mine. the wheels on his stroller are huge too! he needs two people to carry him from his stroller. i suppose that’s coz he’s much heavier than me. it only takes one person to carry me, but even that person (ie. mummy) complains after ten seconds and shoves me at daddy.

anyway, in the evening of my first day of the so-called ‘holiday’ that mummy and daddy have declared, they took me to…

the moon!!

or so i was led to believe.

diddy and me

daddy got a discount for the trip to the moon via the DHL balloon. i don’t think he could afford what NASA charges for the trip on their rocket. did i mention that the balloon is REALLY giganormous?? it was bigger than daddy’s head, even!

up up and away!

we were almost reaching the moon, what with the strong gust of wind blowing us up higher and higher, but it hung frozen halfway during our journey! i didn’t mind though, coz not only did we have a mesmerising view of the shimmering lights from below plus the cool air, there were fireworks just across the sky, bursting in colourful sparks at the same moment we were up there!


the fireworks lit the sky in thunderous glory. wow. i can tell mummy loves fireworks very muchly. she kept going “WAHH!!” like a little schoolgirl. me? i hung on to mummy for dear life, like a little schoolboy teehee. (shhhh…)

and yeah, that’s how the first day of my so-called ‘holiday’ started.

with a right bang!

oh, and i guess i’ll take a rain check on that trip to the moon. i’m sure NASA’s price will drop soon.


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that’s dadam singing a loud birthday song to his baba and blowing out the candles prematurely on his behalf. and the little kepo naniq next to him just had to follow suit, blowing out the already-blown candles. there’s something about cakes and candles that make children of all ages terribly excited, isn’t there?

till now, i’m still amazed at how my mum could pop my brother out exactly on their first wedding anniversary, right on the dot, perfect timing. i’m sure she didn’t consciously hold him in, or talked him into waiting it out. i believe it’s just a darn good case of coincidence at work.

maybe i should ‘engineer’ our next offspring to come out on our anniversary too. it’s also the Husband’s birthday, so it’d be kinda fair, since aniq’s a decemberian like me.

let’s see… august 30. *counts backwards* oops, shoulda done it last november. we’re five months too late!

oh wait… *counts forward* that’s another seven months down the road. aniq would turn two while i would turn thirty the following month. which means, aniq would be four months short of turning three years (and i, a wrinkly, saggy, energy-sapped thirty-one-year-old coot) if our plan works out beautifully!

*nervous giggle*

erm, i think all this math is making me dizzy.

i’d better go layan aniq. he’s hurling wood blocks all over the room and i think he’s targetting at me. (meanwhile, the Husband’s in the kitchen making fish & chips with some weird stuff in the batter. ouhh!)


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