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In the recent National Day Rally speech, the PM brought up more ways to encourage Singaporeans to have children.

Paid paternity leave? Housing priorities for couples with children? Medisave accounts for newborns? Better quality pre-schools?

Or perhaps, a shift in mindset starting with the next generation?

Our reporter speaks to two very young Singaporeans on their thoughts on the issue of procreation and parenthood, in view of the Government’s concern over the falling birth rate in Singapore.

(so, how many babies do YOU want them to have, Mr PM, sir? they’re quite easily swayed, you know, these young ones. as you can see.)


and speaking of marriage, i almost forgot our anniversary (again), but i remembered it first this time (!!) and beat him to it ha ha.

9 years


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We welcome the arrival of Is’s baby girl today at Thomson Medical Centre. She looks like the daddy with the lips from mummy’s :)

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Never too young to train to be a tai-tai.


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some happy pictures to kick-start the new year. :)

Auni & Aidin…
Auni & Aidin

Adam & Aniq…
Adam & Aniq

and we ended 2009 with a new addition to the list of Kid A’s…

Auni & Akid

to all my family and friends who are trying for kids this year (you know who you are), i wish you happy TTC!


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so it began in the wee hours of 23 april, after midnight. that familiar feeling. not those braxton-hicks kind of contractions which i’d been getting for what seems like forever, but sharper. i was prettifying another diaper cake while watching tv while everyone was asleep, and kept watch on the clock at the same time. it’s begun, i thought – ten minutes apart.

i was still up around three, finished up, and decided to sleep till it was time for aniq to go to his oma’s house at seven in the morning. in the shower, there it was, the sign i’d been praying for – the bloody show! the mucus plug came out and there was no doubt that THIS was The Day. i guess the body, and the baby, knew i was given a deadline – the doctor had given me till the next day to have me induced! so i called the doc, told him about my contractions and the bloody show, and he said he’d meet me at the hospital shortly.

it was around eight by the time we got ready, and managed to drink the last of the akar fatimah water and a mug of milo. mum had dropped by, feeling jittery on my behalf as usual, tsk-tsked me who couldn’t help take the opportunity of sunlight to snap pictures of the diaper cake i’d completed while waiting for izad, and off we went!

thankfully, it was still early so no traffic on the ECP. registered and was led to the delivery suite by 8.45am.

goodbye tummy

how familiar. :)

like the last time, i was given a squirt of enema, something i’d looked forward to ha ha, no thanks to all that constipation during the last part of my pregnancy. took the minyak makan too, and recited some prayers.

the doc came in around 9+, just as i was having one of my contractions. he and the nurse placed their hands on my stomach, “good contraction,” he said, whatever that meant, then checked for dilation (4.5 to 5cm). while singing along to michael buble’s ‘sway’ which was emanating from his phone, he discreetly burst my waterbag. swoosh!

“by lunchtime you’ll be giving birth,” he declared. and he left for his clinic – all the way in kembangan ha ha.

and so i watched this machine as the minutes passed. izad even went down for breakfast.

the machine that got me through those contractions

i’d refused any of that gas rubbish, coz the last time it made me giddy. but this machine, kept me focused WAY, WAY better than any gas could! i watched the number rising as i felt my contractions – it made me anticipate them, so i was prepared to grip myself and BREATHE. after the contractions peaked, the number went down, and i could relax again.

this went on for a while, till around 10+, when it happened – the MOST intense contraction had begun, out of the blue. i watched the monitor again and the number had shot up much higher than before. the nurse called the doctor, a manager came in, both assuring us that they were trained to deliver – not that i cared! i’d watched enough of channel 70 to know that ANYONE can deliver babies, even 10-year-olds! :p

very soon after, The Urge became so strong that at the peak of my contraction, i simply had to grit my teeth and PUSHHHHH. it may be my second time doing this, but i was still naive enough not to realise that this was what all the “push! push!” fuss i’d seen on tv and movies was about – NOBODY had ever told me to push at this point, it’d always been my own doing. coz the doctor was not around – again, LOL!

but this time i KNEW that the baby was going to come out, doctor or no doctor, so i told them this was it, and they turned me supine (i was controlling my contractions and the pushing on my side all the while) – and then the final contraction:

and she's out! with a blink of an eye...

SHE WAS OUT! just like her brother – she just… tumbled right out, all at one go. kinda slid out, actually. yeah, i sat up to see it happen too. hehe.

the husband didn’t even have the time to take a video or whatever – he was just as taken aback at the sheer rapidness of it all. all he knew was, her head appeared, and then her entire body.

the doc only came by about ten minutes later or so, to deliver the placenta and stitch me up. i *think* there were two stitches involved. i’ll ask him when i see him again next week.


i’d never imagined she’d be so… big. well, big is relative, of course, but i *am* kind of on the small side. the wonders of the womb, to have withstood the weight and tenacity of this baby.

nice to meet you - FINALLY!

and well… that’s that. she came at her own time, just as i KNEW she would. :)


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it was about 10 months ago that we were deciding whether aniq should have another sibling. we were having so much fun with aniq with the growing up, the laughters, the tantrums.

the thought of having another little aniq has always crossed our mind but perhaps we were concerned if we could give the same undivided love and attention that we have showered aniq but the thought disappeared immediately when i looked at her for the first time. :)

sleep tight

more photos in my flickr here!


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thanks for all your prayers and well-wishes. my daughter was safely delivered this morning, 23 April 2008, at 10:39am, weighing at a healthy 3.45kg and 51cm. syukur alhamdulilah, the delivery was smooth sailing. we reached raffles at around 08:45am, the gyne came and broke her waterbag at 09:30am, by 10am,  she was getting her contractions which came fast and furious. and at 10:39am, A Haniz bte Muhamad Rohaizad :)) was born!



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ok, this one is not so much abang-abang, but more like monkey-gets-out-of-cage-and-meets-fellow-monkeys…

Ultimate cheeky monkey pose

in the form of his little boy cousins, that is! :D

we were visiting izad’s cousin who had just given birth to YET another boy (her third, *gasp*), and the irony is, she was SUPPOSED to be due like a few weeks AFTER me. looks like she crossed the finishing line before me! can i say, “ARGH!”?

anyway, this was another ‘labour’ of love since aunty hana obviously had no other kinds of labour going on the night before. something for the new baby from all the other cousins as well. :)

Savanna Cream Cake

lions, giraffes, crocs… but no monkeys in the savanna – we have enough in the family! :D


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while waiting for the second one to come out anytime soon, i created a little slideshow just for aniq. kesian dia, kena push out from the limelight. 

anyway, it has been an amazing journey with aniq. bring on chapter 2! :)


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aniq’s new cousin! i’ve always had a soft spot for little boys, probably coz my firstborn’s a boy. just one of those mother’s bias hehe.

kissy smoochy

about ten hours after being induced, he was squeezed out, all 3.92kg of him, with epidural administered at one minute apart. =O

and it seems that the lil fella didn’t have much space or he liked a particular position inside his nine-month home, coz his feet are curled inwards. i’d never noticed baby’s feet like that, so i was quite fascinated. in any case, i hope my lil one inside has more than enough room to move and kick about (i KNOW she moves and kicks about – a lot – especially at two in the morning, grrr), so maybe a huge tummy/womb may serve a good purpose after all. and i’m also hoping that the ‘lowness’ of my tummy will help the baby come out faster/easier, since it’s already, err, so near the ‘exit sign’. you think? :S

ok, shan’t think of that for now. there’s no way we can predict what will happen in the delivery room anyway.

let’s focus on the present! here are the two energetic monkeys at, as the littler one would say, “oma aus” (oma’s house). yes, he speaks germanish hehe.

Aniq & Adam Aniq & Adam

other than chase each other around the house, they also make up their own games, like the “big-small” game (of which the origin and rules escape me), hold conversations (with bursts of gun-shooting sound effects in between), make a mega mess out of lego bits, fight for their oma’s attention (and make her sing ‘buai laju-laju’ while she lies down and swings them on her legs – free exercise regime, no need for gyms!) oh, and she also kicks balls around with them, and when aniq says “oma, ek-sais!”, she obliges by leading them in stretching exercises. i swear.

my mum must be going mad at home. i think i would, hehe. :p


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a lotta exciting things have been happening to many, many people over the weekend.

congrats to the need-i-mention-gorgeous-couple nurul & sofian…

sofian & nurul

and congrats to the mummies of the new babies who just popped out!

namely ogy (baby aqil), an ol’ tkg friend herda (baby adlynn – darn, there goes another A name i can’t use now, hehe), and…

MY NEW NEPHEW, WHOSE NAME I DON’T EVEN KNOW YET!! (but should start with A too, to follow his older brother, adam.)

he came out right on the dot on the day he’s supposed to. and he’s a hefty one, weighing in at 3.92kg. (can i say “OH. MY. GAWD!”?) nevermind, another cousin for aniq to wrestle with!

so, when will this baby A come out, then?? *looks down at heeyuuuuge tummy hanging down almost to my ankles.*


the makciks at the wedding just now were staring SO HARD at it already. not just the makciks, but also the nyonyas, wherever i go. “wow, look at that circus freak,” they’re saying (i think). gah!


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another lil girl we visited in the evening…

ivi nishra

oh my, kiddies galore!

ivi nishra ivi nishra

i’m suddenly reminded of what’s to come in two months time. omg – did i just say TWO MONTHS TIME??? :O

ok ok, let’s not count down.

ps: thanks farah & naz for sending the two of us home, hope you enjoyed the ‘entertainment’ in the car. tak payah dengar radio, eh? lol!


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first and foremost, congrats to lenny for huffing and puffing and giving birth to baby Mia last night!

and more feb babies coming up…


speaking of which, we squeezed in a few hours over the weekend to bring the little one to a birthday party of a feb baby who turned two. (now, if you ask him where he’s going, he’ll tell you either a) “shop” or b) “party” – mummy’s son indeed!)

pinata time

blow the whistle
forget the candies

birthday girl wants to murder barney?

feed the daddy contest
would you like an avent teat in no. 4, daddy? LOL!

and the little one left with more gifts than the one he handed to the birthday girl, thanks to us being kelong and participating in all the contests. heh.


lunch-time, going to see the new feb baby!


updated: baby mia elisha, eyes wide shut…

mia elisha


and congrats to shir too for baby ivi who arrived earlier today! :)

ok, who’s next?!?!


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i was watching an episode of House on AXN the other day (which had the All American Rejects doing cameo in the opening!), about a rock & roll photographer who was five months pregnant and had a sudden stroke.

she had what was called the Maternal Mirror Syndrome, where the mother’s health mimics the distress level of the unborn baby. she suffered almost immediately from liver failure, kidney failure, jaundice, and basically, both their lives were threatened if the baby was not terminated.

House, being his practical, cynical self, tried to convince the mother to terminate her pregnancy and save herself, all the while insisting on referring to it as a “fetus” instead of “baby”, but the mother steadfastly refused and gave him two days to “fix it”.

so he performed a surgery on the baby in utero, cutting open the mother’s womb in the process, and here’s where time stopped, for Dr House and probably all the viewers of this episode (well, for me at least) – the baby’s tiny hand reached out of the womb, touched his finger, and squeezed it.

pretty much like this.

the difference is, this picture here was NOT staged or televised, but a real-life case where doctors performed a spina bifida corrective surgery in 1999 on a baby who was still in the womb, and from which this particular episode of House was based on.

the baby seems to be shaking the surgeon’s finger in gratitude, thanking him for saving his life, and testifying to his determination and strength to survive. wow.

so would you *still* call this being a “fetus”, then?

(ok ok, i found a clip on youtube.)


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let’s end off the year on a positive note.

ahh, the birth of a new life. full of joy and promises – something i wish to all of you in 2008!

it's been a while... :)
“why, hello Tahui Brudder #2! mimmy, why are you making him cry??”

and to us too. :)

“ahh, that’s better.”

anyone seeing the fireworks today?? not sure if we should stay up outside with the little one for that eight-and-a-half minutes of spectacular sky action, or stay snuggled up indoors catching up on those shows we’ve recorded on Smart TV.

ahh, we can do both, right? tomorrow holiday you know!


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this is a week overdue, but congrats to farah for the much-anticipated arrival of mirza shiraz. :)

wow, only one of you left then, eh? *winks at lyd* lol!

anyway, the bub above here has shown signs of displeasure at not wanting to share mummy’s arms with any other little human beings other than him. his lower lip would quiver at the sight, tsk. so tak abang-abang ok?!

just how do they learn this – ‘jealousy’ – anyway?

nevermind. we shall keep ‘brainwashing’ him till he warms up to the idea. must prepare in advance mah. (way, WAY in advance, in this case.) :p

so, anyone else have babies we could borrow?


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