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a lotta exciting things have been happening to many, many people over the weekend.

congrats to the need-i-mention-gorgeous-couple nurul & sofian…

sofian & nurul

and congrats to the mummies of the new babies who just popped out!

namely ogy (baby aqil), an ol’ tkg friend herda (baby adlynn – darn, there goes another A name i can’t use now, hehe), and…

MY NEW NEPHEW, WHOSE NAME I DON’T EVEN KNOW YET!! (but should start with A too, to follow his older brother, adam.)

he came out right on the dot on the day he’s supposed to. and he’s a hefty one, weighing in at 3.92kg. (can i say “OH. MY. GAWD!”?) nevermind, another cousin for aniq to wrestle with!

so, when will this baby A come out, then?? *looks down at heeyuuuuge tummy hanging down almost to my ankles.*


the makciks at the wedding just now were staring SO HARD at it already. not just the makciks, but also the nyonyas, wherever i go. “wow, look at that circus freak,” they’re saying (i think). gah!


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another lil girl we visited in the evening…

ivi nishra

oh my, kiddies galore!

ivi nishra ivi nishra

i’m suddenly reminded of what’s to come in two months time. omg – did i just say TWO MONTHS TIME??? :O

ok ok, let’s not count down.

ps: thanks farah & naz for sending the two of us home, hope you enjoyed the ‘entertainment’ in the car. tak payah dengar radio, eh? lol!


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first and foremost, congrats to lenny for huffing and puffing and giving birth to baby Mia last night!

and more feb babies coming up…


speaking of which, we squeezed in a few hours over the weekend to bring the little one to a birthday party of a feb baby who turned two. (now, if you ask him where he’s going, he’ll tell you either a) “shop” or b) “party” – mummy’s son indeed!)

pinata time

blow the whistle
forget the candies

birthday girl wants to murder barney?

feed the daddy contest
would you like an avent teat in no. 4, daddy? LOL!

and the little one left with more gifts than the one he handed to the birthday girl, thanks to us being kelong and participating in all the contests. heh.


lunch-time, going to see the new feb baby!


updated: baby mia elisha, eyes wide shut…

mia elisha


and congrats to shir too for baby ivi who arrived earlier today! :)

ok, who’s next?!?!


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rin and i have done lots of things in “collaboration” from our school days, from art projects to english assignments (!!), so it was only natural that we jumped on the opportunity (or some might say, “bandwagon”) to do something like this, because we’ve always had similar tastes and ideas, especially for pretty things, and we always wanted to release this dormant “let’s-make-pretty-things-for-people” energy that’s been pent-up in us for the longest time. :D

full view!

we named this “Strawberry Tiramisu Shortcake”! just *try* to restrain yourselves from eating it, ok…

top tier bottom tier
*the little mitten cupcakes at the bottom is in collaboration with our other partner, Simplycupcakes.

and of course, since it was our first attempt at diaper cakes, this one’s made with extra lurve for someone special who held her baby shower over the weekend.

a gift from rin and hana

triplets x 3 don't drink and drive

despite the innocent-looking girly-girl pink affair, it ended up more akin to a wild hen party, with body parts being flashed, raucous laughters that prompted neighbouring guests to complain to the reception counter, and even a resplendent peacock that insistently peered (and leered) through our room, waiting to gatecrash the party.


hey baby in the tummy (yes, yours, len!), we hope you’ll turn out more proper and ladylike than your mummy’s crazy friends, ok? ;p enjoy your diapers! (and make sure you come out in time for your mummy to be free of confinement by Good Friday, coz she’s got more partying to do, heh.)

OHHH, and if any of you like the diaper cake that you see up there, yes, rin & i ARE taking orders. but OF COURSE.

because we love making pretty things. because we still have LOTS of that pent-up energy in us. (and also because we love to shop for baby things, hehe.)

Whims & Fancies – We Cater To Yours!
One-of-a-kind Diaper Cakes in any flavour you like.
You tell us, we ‘bake’ it.
Email: for further enquiries.

ok, go!


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like finally.

our host server fan was malfunctioned or something, thus the downtime.

time for a change, ya think? hmm…

* * * * *

anyway, while it was quite, er, liberating for a while not to blog, the compulsion is still there (fortunately, or unfortunately for some of you, ha ha).

exciting things have been happening, in particular one project rini and i have gotten ourselves involved with. but more on that later, maybe end of this week. (if the server doesn’t go kaput again.) :p

anyway, perhaps i’ve neglected Aniqspeak for a while lately, so let’s hear from him, shall we?

* * * * *

mummy’s asked if i want to go to the Dentist. i’m not sure who this person is, but i’ve agreed anyway, so she went ahead and booked an appointment for next month. because my paranoid of a mother found out from the Dentist’s office that she should have brought me there upon my first birthday, so she’s like, ohhh, a whole year late. *come, let’s all roll our eyes*

i think she’s now trying to look for books about visiting Mr Dentist to prepare me, and even managed to borrow from her friend an elmo vcd to educate little children like me on proper dental care. (she’s weird like that – mummy, not her friend).

what? no spidey vcd instead??

spidey says brush teeth! this is the way i brush my teef...

and here, i don’t know why mum finds it amusing, but she said my penmanship has changed quite dramatically without her realising it. where i used to draw wide lines and large circles with much force and flourish, is now replaced with tiny little scribbles.

she thinks i’m trying to either: a) write mandarin characters, b) forge daddy’s signature, c) draw the various species of ants i’ve discovered so far, or d) all of the above.

hard at work little scribbles

on other news, mummy is getting fatter by the day, and even one of my damdil brudders think so, coz he kept lifting up his shirt and touching his tummy when he stares at her. (either that or he’s a right perv.) ha ha!

ok, back to you, fatty mummy.

* * * * *

pfft. :p


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intrigued, i finally searched the net for that much-talked-about chinese baby gender prediction chart.

and ended up REALLY confused, coz there seemed to be different charts everywhere!

story has it that the ancient chinese used a so-called chart, drawn up by a scientist, to predict the gender of an unborn child. i guess it must have been a great hit back then, seeing how they all badly want boys to continue their lineage.

well, 700 years later, it somehow got ‘leaked’ out from the tomb where it was buried in beijing, and landed on the world wide web.

ok, you know we’re not supposed to believe in such predictions (and these charts sure look dodgy to me, heh), so let’s take this with a generous pinch of salt, shall we?

so what you’re supposed to do is to check the month of the baby’s conception (see top row) against the age of the mother at the time of conception (see left column).

let’s say aniq was conceived in march when i was technically 27 years old… what do you get?

and let’s say this new baby was conceived in july when i was technically 29 years old… what do you get?


come come, it’s all in the name of fun. with gender, it’s always 50-50, either one or the other, like what the doctors say. (unless of course, you’re having twins, etc – now THAT would have been tricky on the ancient chinese!)

and on that note, let’s continue with more of ChapII, shall we?

(well, i couldn’t possibly publish them without eventually revealing the gender of the baby, so enjoy ‘discovering’ it through the entries, ha ha.)

oh, and here’s another little trivia i found related to predicting baby genders. good luck trying out THIS method! :p

Did you know?

One of the earliest written records of a urine based pregnancy test can be found in an ancient Egyptian document. A papyrus described a test in which a woman who might be pregnant could urinate on wheat and barley seeds over the course of several days: If the barley grows, it means a male child. If the wheat grows, it means a female child. If both do not grow, she will not bear at all.

Testing of this theory in 1963 found that 70 percent of the time, the urine of pregnant women did promote growth, while the urine of non pregnant women and men did not.

Scholars have identified this as perhaps the first test to detect a unique substance in the urine of pregnant women, and have speculated that elevated levels of estrogens in pregnant women’s urine may have been the key to its success.


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am going for my next checkup shortly, so i thought i’d publish the first few entries of ChapII, which only started in september last year, coz i found myself procrastinating this time round, not so on the ball as the first time, you know? :p

feel free to keep guessing ha ha…


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so we didn’t manage to catch the fireworks. well, we *almost* did, but the little one had a little spewing incident in the car just as we arrived (we’re starting to think he’s got motion sickness… or morning sickness ha ha), so we had to turn around and watch the terrifically terrible countdown at home on tv.

despite that tiny glitch in our plan, a bunch of people more than made up for it earlier that day.

the complete 77clan, finally!

the birthday girl and hostess made us dress up for the occasion, so we did. not that it took much persuasion, we’re always looking for excuses to dress up anyway, heh.

there wasn’t talk of new years’ resolutions, but everyone has something exciting to look forward to this year.

and well, i guess you can more or less tell what *i* have in store in 2008… :p


and no, that’s not from eating the entire high tea buffet that day, lol!


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let’s end off the year on a positive note.

ahh, the birth of a new life. full of joy and promises – something i wish to all of you in 2008!

it's been a while... :)
“why, hello Tahui Brudder #2! mimmy, why are you making him cry??”

and to us too. :)

“ahh, that’s better.”

anyone seeing the fireworks today?? not sure if we should stay up outside with the little one for that eight-and-a-half minutes of spectacular sky action, or stay snuggled up indoors catching up on those shows we’ve recorded on Smart TV.

ahh, we can do both, right? tomorrow holiday you know!


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the sisters i never had. (coz i’m deprived like that.)


for their teary calls late that night, their hugs, their girly company, for being there.

and for ‘luring’ me out for our traditional “AGM”, i needed it. :)

ps: on another happy note, congrats to the neos on the arrival of another Tahui Boy! one more ‘brudder’ for aniq’s future clan hehe.


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and so we watched as he gasped for his last breath of air, life slowly ebbing away from his body.

2334hrs, his soul left with his last pulse.

thank you for all your calls and kind words.



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thanks, guys!

december girls

for the non-prima deli cake, hurhur…


for the bbq smoke in my lungs…

3 30 sen!

and for being around at the stroke of midnight to officially be the first well-wishers of the day, heh.

i guess i’m supposed to come up with something reflective to say about turning thirty, but… i don’t have any, really. not right now. let me sleep on it, maybe i’ll be more philosophical tomorrow when i’m thirty years and a day old.

or not. :p


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izadnhana & aniqizhan hope you had a meaningful and blessed eid with your loved ones…


i can tell you that THIS boy has been enjoying himself tremendously! :D


can’t you tell??

don't steal my $! superaniq too many boys!

some thoughts over raya:

- matching bajus serve a purpose. they are a kind of tool of identification, especially useful when you have children. rarely-met makciks would inevitably ask, “ni anak siapa?” or “yang mana anaknya?”, and all you need to do is point out “yang sama baju dengan bapaknya/maknya tu…” (depending on gender of child). ps: it is also useful when you are newlyweds.

- you’re filled to the brim from eating at EVERY SINGLE HOUSE which invariably serves the same fare of lontong/ketupat, lodeh, rendang, sambal goreng, ayam masak merah, etc. inevitably, the host of the last house you visit will be the one who FORCES YOU THE MOST to eat, even though you decline politely at least ten times while clutching your stomach and giving your best grimace. and inevitably, you give in and eat yet another plate of lontong/ketupat, lodeh, rendang, sambal goreng, ayam masak merah, etc.

- some of us ‘adults’ discussed that “duit collection” in general has become lesser (judging from the amount our kids get) over time. we remembered “during our time”, when we could “collect” at least $400-$500 a day, giving “kaya raya” a whole meaning by itself! we came up with a few theories on this. i) “during our time”, our parents brought us to visit a lot more houses. we visit fewer houses now, because many of the elderly we used to visit has passed on. ii) people were more generous back then, for some reason. iii) because we were old enough to remember how much we’d “collected”, it meant that our aunts and uncles had been working for a long time and had established their jobs/careers, so they could afford to give us more. most of our (currently very young) kids’ aunts and uncles are likely to have just started working or are just a few years into their jobs, so are perhaps more prudent with money, more so if they have very young kids themselves.

- i wish i could put up my hand when someone asks “is there a doctor in the house?” coz there literally was a doctor in the house during raya, being all useful. my doctor cousin (who’s freaking younger than me!) from KL was in town with her family, and she proceeded to clean my dad’s wound on his foot at home, which was rotting something bad, as in, white flesh exposed and all. this small little girl who used to play barbie dolls with me, all grown up now, steadily picking on bits of flesh with a pair of scissors in her plastic-gloved hands. now why didn’t i go and take up something useful like medicine when i was in school?? much help i am now, with my boring english degree, good for nothing much except to blog. sigh. (PLUS she’s getting engaged to a fellow doctor. how enviably grey’s anatomy!)

- i just realised i forgot to do the seek-forgiveness-and-green-packet from-husband thing on raya morning, in all the mad rush getting ready to leave the house. err, got late penalty or not?

- i came up with my own theory about why we SHOULD make an effort to tidy up and decorate the house for raya. ok, maybe some may say it’s to keep up with appearances or impress the joneses (or jenabs), but i think it’s a kind of respect to your visitors, to welcome them into a nice and clean house so that they would feel comfortable. well, at least i *hope* our house is nice and clean (and comfortable) enough for our ‘pendatangs’…

- when we were young and followed our parents to visit old people, we were always seen but not heard. we were rarely spoken to, except for the perfunctory “sekolah darjah/menengah berapa sekarang?” and pretty much stayed in our parents’ shadows or minded our own business, hardly asked for our opinions or invited to join in their conversations. now we’re thirty years old and it looks like not much has changed – we visit old people with the parents and it’s still them who do the talking and not us! our parents were our age when they brought us to visit all these elders, even distantly related ones, so who do we visit when we’re their age…? i certainly can’t think of that many, except immediate aunts and uncles. *scratch head*

- i still cannot get used to relatives saying that they read this blog. urm. i never know how to respond except, *gulp*.

- totally un-raya-related, but we discovered earlier today that aniq had climbed his way INTO his cot without any assistance, the monkey that he is, and instead of taking that as a warning sign that we MUST IMMEDIATELY LOWER HIS COT, we procrastinated and within minutes, he’d attempted to climb OUT of it, with a great big “GEDEBUK”, but of course. the bed is officially lowered now. as in, on the floor kind of low, lol! with no railings or whatever, so i expect that he will be greeting us at our bed in the morning instead of the other way round. we WILL get him a proper toddler bed. right after we figure out the logistic headache of where to place it.

izadnhana&aniq last house of the day

so anyway, two days of syawal have passed. i expect i’ll have more (rubbish) to mull over for the rest of the month.

meanwhile, whoever’s working on monday – HAH!

(oops, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin. heh.)


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as we approach the final day of fasting, i would like to officially thank the laki for taking over sahur preparation duties for the whole month and for taking care of his not-so-well bini by feeding her his various nasi goreng concoctions cooked at five in the morning.

i feel very lucky indeed. (except when it comes to washing the dishes and wiping the stove, ha ha. ok lah, fair is fair. you man, me woman; you hunt, me gather.)

anyway, we survived our highly-focused ‘hunting’ expedition at geylang on weds evening, and were quite pleased with our finds as well as our general navigation in the geylang maze.

we even came upon a stall with piping hot keropok lekor at just the right moment, fresh out of the oil-filled wok. the taste and consistency of the kerepok lekor was yummy perfect, so much so that i was even generous enough to let aniq loose on the “pok!” (as he calls it), much to his delight.

takpe, takpe, mummy kasi chan. nak raya punya pasal, mood ada baik.

we even managed to kill two birds with one stone because sheng shiong was right around the corner of haig road and we bought enough bottles of lemon tea to feed a small kampung.

and all that BEFORE ‘grey’s anatomy’! =)


had another ‘hunting’ expedition at parkway this evening. and i think i’ll forget about my plan to attack far east flora tomorrow because i:

a) am reminded that i am totally devoid of green fingers – live flowers and plants always commit kamikaze on me;
b) am broke;
c) just spent on some fake flowers, which are somewhat pretty and real-looking enough and won’t die out on me for sure!

ok. long day ahead. the list of last-minute chores has been stuck to the fridge. (yes, i’m THAT anal.)

to all of you dreading raya, err, wolf down lots of cookies and sugary drinks, that’ll put you on a high for a few hours, at least.

and to all of you eagerly anticipating raya, pace yourself with all that ketupat, lemang, rendang, sambal goreng, ayam masak merah, etc. or you’ll be raya-ing in the toilet instead!

good luck with the final preps, and happy last-day-of-ramadhan… :)


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we finally managed to redirect our long blogsite url to something shorter and easier to remember. so instead of typing, you just need to remember something shorter.

yep that’s it. very easy to remember, rite? the url will redirect you to our blogsite. simple? now try it :)

also, i had optimised the blog to load up faster if you are using your pda or mobile phone to view our site. if you are using a pda to view our blog, the page will automatically be formatted and optimised for your small pda screen. it will also work on certain handphone models. but so far, the only model i tried was the sonyericsson k800i.

the mobile edition makes your surfing on the small screen faster. anyway, if you still prefer to view the site in its full glory, you can change the settings in the mobile site. we hope these small adjustments will help to make viewing our site, a more enjoyable experience :)


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being the only child, he’s left to his own devices while we do other tasks around the house.

occasionally, i’d sneak up on him in his room when i feel that he’s… too quiet.

p&j b&j

… and sigh in relief that he’s not up to some mischief.

perhaps it’s a nice respite having time to himself after five days of being at arms with his cousin dadam. :)

speaking of which, dadam’s going to have, yes, a BROTHER.

gah! another fella to add to our already burgeoning football team over at the jumari side of the family. more boys!! when will the spell break?!

“ha ha! another boy to fight and wrestle with! yee-haa, bring it on…”


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