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wait… i just what? :D

thanks to one of my favourite yoga space, Updog Studio!

*does happy handstands*


(yeah like that.)

*POGA = posing+yoga


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had to go on stage to receive this earlier. there were also other ‘dinosaurs’ with 15, 20, even 40 years under their belt. well, i do have 30 more before retirement age, so… here’s to my first, err, milestone..? ha ha.


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We welcome the arrival of Is’s baby girl today at Thomson Medical Centre. She looks like the daddy with the lips from mummy’s :)

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first of all, i apologise to the hundreds of girls (and guys?) who submitted their photos to the Studiofrost team in the hopes of getting a free makeover.

but, alamak, i got it, along with esah esah ‘bypassed’ the process (she does have an impressive modelling résumé after all), and i… well, just tagged along for the ride. so kelong, right? LOL.

in any case, it was all good because we got to let them test us out like guinea pigs on your behalf, you know. it was hard work, okaaay.


and the end result?

check out our virgin bride vs sexy milf looks… :D

click for bigger view

sexy milf was smokin’ hawt, even the virgin bride was tempted to go over to the dark side and pounce on her. thank god i was fasting. ha ha!

kudos to diah and nurul, for their vision and teamwork. am truly proud of friends who are talented, who take risks, who do what they are passionate about. and you can clearly tell that they really love what they’re doing, and they are absolutely blessed with people who believe in them. (and i’m saying this with all honesty, like i do with most things on this blog.)

so do support our young entrepreneurs, and if you want to have a crazy fun time with the StudioFrost team, now!

who knows, you might even get to meet this adorable chick (who is ever-ready with her hand-on-hip pose – seriously!).

you know what she said when she saw esah posing? “sexy yah!” and you know who she pointed at when we asked her to choose between her aunty aan/nurul or esah? yup, “sexy yah!” won. lol.

"sexy yah!"


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if you’ve read my tweets (again, if you’re not on twitter yet, crawl out of that cyber rock and start @-ing!), am thinking of doing a group buy for threadless tees. extending the deadline and will proceed with the purchase only when we hit say, 20 pieces? i don’t know, will see your response. the last i did this was for the peanut shells and i still get people emailing me to ask if i’m still bringing them in. (i’m not, and i’ve hung up my baby slings for good. sigh.)

meanwhile, if you’re still under that cyber rock, threadless tees are for the quirky and possess a sense of humour. (if you’re not and you don’t, erm, mosey along now…)

come, let me explain a few examples. the tee’s titles are helpful too. :p

There’s No Crying in Breakfast (crying over spilled milk, geddit?)

Runnin’ Rhino (unicorns are the cindy crawfords for rhinos, apparently.)

The Accident (pooping paint. **it happens.)

As Fast As I Can (a good speed gauge. how fast are you going, a tree or a cheetah?)

Fail (poor cow. couldn’t make it over the moon.)

Nothing Rhymes with Orange (come to think of it… yeah.)

i know i said i’ll take orders for babies/kids’ tees, but will take in adult tees’ too, if you like.

ok go! :)

everyone poops
(they’ve gone threadless too.)


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join us and our friends today and tomorrow at the H.E.A.R.T. market.

we will be selling away our precious stuff, some still brand new
everything from bags, clothings to shoes at very cheap prices!

visit us at the following booths, 31, 32, and 33!!
and don’t forget to bring lots of cash, sorry no nets or credit card accepted! :)

pic courtesy of calaminesolutions


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a year ago, a tiny bundle of joy came into our lives. the day turned out to be a new chapter in our lives.
no longer just the 3 of us :)

auni haniz, the new addition to our family. she’s different from her brother.
she’s unpredictable, she’s stubborn, she’s strange in her own ways, she’s electric….

Auni, the journey so far… from izadnhana on Vimeo.

happy 1st birthday auni! hope you don’t bully the boys and make them cry :)


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every year, at this time of the month, people around the world make commitments that they are supposed to achieve during the year. many, like me prefer to make and break them, in maybe just a week. so in 2008, i didn’t make any. anyway, this year seems like a good year to kick start a hobby which has been laying dormant for the longest time while i’ve been busy, well, doing nothing in particular.

so, starting today, i’m going to post a picture daily, nothing fancy, just things that catch my attention during the day. i will make it a point to photograph everyday for 365 days!! there will be a short narration or comment of where I took the picture, with what camera and settings that I took. feel free to critic the picture. hopefully, by doing this, i would renew my enthusiasm for photo taking and also justify the cost of purchasing my dslr camera :)


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i am, undoubtedly, still a novice and mere amateur in the art of dressing up a little girl (god knows i even have trouble dressing up myself), and she’s still at that rapidly-growing stage where i’m reluctant to splurge on her clothes (i may have bought her a grand total of, oh i don’t know, four ‘nice’ dresses to date?), relying solely on hand-me-downs and gifts from kind-hearted friends and family.

other than spending loads on clothes, the challenge is to make her look… girlish, despite her bald pate. so what’s a mum to do but accessorise her follicle-challenged baby, right?

i’ve been getting a number of enquiries about auni’s hair(less) adornments, so i thought i’d care and share once and for all, the site where i’ve been getting her little bows from… AND with a little discount at that!

so, mosey on over to, and choose from a buffet of candy-coloured bows, and get 10% off your total purchase!

before you proceed to checkout, just remember to enter the Discount Coupon Code: 10BPH01, exclusively for izadnhana readers. :p

and you can use it over and over again for one entire week (or pass it on to your friends and fellow ribbon-fetishists alike!), ending midnight next wednesday, 23 Dec.

have fun shopping!

ps: if you’re looking for the nylon headbands auni has in pink and white, they’re currently out of stock, but i’ll keep a look out for them when they’re in, okey?

pps: thanks, angela, for setting up this bow party~ ;)


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ok, a few more hours before my time is up. (macam kena recall masok jail, or worse, kena execution gitu eh? :p)

am still feeling queasy, lethargic, a little achy and chilly from the leftover viral flu which i’d contracted on friday out of the blue, like what bad timing huh?

and nevermind that i had over six months (technically, is apr 3 to nov 3 considered seven months?) to get ‘things’ done, it’s simply… not enough!!

i’ve been trying to come up with a list of ‘accomplishments’, kinda like your half-yearly work appraisal thing you know. erm, so far, i think, not so impressive.

A. Work achievement/progress

Project I: Baby A

i) Gave birth to Baby. (with least possible incurrence of additional hospitalisation costs.)
Progress: Completed

ii) Placed Baby to sleep in own room and through the night by eight weeks.
Progress: Completed

iii) Provided complete nourishment for Baby 0-6months, direct from source. (with no supplementary requirements.)
Progress: On-going

iv) Provided basic care to Baby. (including clothing, bathing, diapering, minyak-telon-ing, urang-aring-ing, etc.)
Progress: On-going

v) Provided stimulation to Baby to best of ability. (ie. verbal, visual, social, emotional.)
Progress: On-going

vi) Ensured proper immunisation of Baby and post-immunisation care. (6-in-1 package)
Progress: Completed

vii) Providing homemade first foods to Baby.
Progress: On-going

viii) Weaning Baby on to bottled teats.
Progress: On-going

ix) Captured Baby’s photographic moments and physical milestones.
Progress: On-going

x) ??

Project II: Elder Child A

i) Ensured smooth transition from single child to elder child and prevented any possibilities of sibling jealousy.
Progress: Completed

ii) Developing verbal skills, physical abilities, emotional well-being, and setting of ‘moral compass’.
Progress: On-going

iii) Successful toilet training to underpants in daytime, with increasingly lesser assistance.
Progress: Almost completed (night training still on-going)

iv) Ensured smooth transition from three-hourly daily playgroup to full-day centre-based care.
Progress: Completed

v) Weathered through various strains of ‘The Terrible Twos’ syndrome with minimum repercussions.
Progress: Good (behaviour still under monitor)

vi) ??

Project: Housework

Progress: ON-GOING
(*note: employed services of new helper, forecast looks promising.)

Project: Social & Love Life

Progress: Minimal. Positively dismal.

B. Training and Development Plans

Nil to date.

C. Career plans/ possible posting

i) Child-bearing career: Retired.

ii) Mothering career: On-going (end date: most likely on deathbed.)

iii) Wifely career: Endeavouring for a raise and better remuneration.

iv) Professional career: To be reviewed…

and in order to ensure that C.(iv) gets to see the light of day, i will need to log off this instance and literally wake up in the first light of day. (note to self: do not forget to bring the ‘espresso machine’ and all its parts, unlike the last first-day-of-work!)

wish me luck, people! (and good luck to you too, kiddos, ha ha.)

last day of ‘freedom’, on the sg flyer



mummy to aniq: aniq, daddy go to work, mummy go to work, aniq go to school, ok?
aniq: noo, aniq go to work also!
mummy: you want to go to work? where?
aniq: prison!



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in a few hours time, we’ll be lugging down a huge suitcase and two kids, like refugees in the dark, and off we go!


unfortunately, not somewhere which requires us to go to the airport and take a flight. just a really, REALLY short road trip over the weekend. a gorge-fest before monday comes.

the itinerary is set, or rather, a FOOD itinerary.

but for one person, only one thing mattered. his quest… for Carl’s Jr!


it better taste as good as he imagines, lol. :p

byebye and selamat bersahur in advance, everybodeee.


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i had a pleasant surprise last week when i received a package from the postman. in the package was a book about malaysia. so what is so special about the book? well, for one, i got it free, hehe, but seriously, its because one of my pictures was featured in the book. i didn’t really expect my humble picture of the ramly burger could get published! but there it was, the picture of ramly burger in the publication, in what i must say, a really great introductory guide to everything malaysia.

hey, that's my picture!!

coincidentally, since we are driving up to KL at the end on the month, the book would definitely come in handy! thanks to QuaChee for making it possible, malaysia boleh!


for those who are interested in getting a copy, you can check out the site at maybe after the KL trip, i’m gonna frame up my copy of the book or perhaps laminate the page where my picture is and frame it up :)


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as promised, an exclusive preview of the new liverpool jersey! you can’t get it yet at the stores. maybe you can try this weekend but i guess i’m one of the few who managed to kop it early. :)

season 2008-2010 v-neck

this is anfield the liver bird

same sponsor as last season

To ogle some more of the jersey, check out my flickr here ;)


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calling all football loving daddies, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, etc!!

always wanted to play football but not enough kakis to form a team? you think you can dribble better than ronaldo, score more goals than torres? well, here is your chance to let your feet do the talking! join us in our weekly informal football kickaround at safra tampines futsal pitch.

we are a bunch of fanatic semi-retired footballers who are serious about football as we are with our punctuality! hehe..

anyway, our next session is this coming wednesday, 21 May 2008, 7pm till 9pm. so come down with your scoring boots and get that feet kicking! btw, the missus are more than welcome to come and join the rest of the WAGs in their weekly pekpot sessions. :)

below are the details!

where? safra tampines futsal pitch 2
when? wednesday, 21 may 2008
time? 7pm till 9pm
attire? football gear plus boots (barefoot also can if you tak sayang your kaki!)

i recommend using football boots as the pitch is a synthetic turf aka astro turf, like the one at jalan besar stadium, excellent for boots.

my new futsal ball
must show off my new $30 futsal ball, hehe!!


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so you have been waiting for THE name. well, it took us a while to come out the perfect name for our little girl. it sounds good with aniq and the meaning really describes how she is – ever so gentle.

dengan sukacita saya mengumumkan nama anakanda kami yang kedua……


sekian terima kasih, dan majulah sukan YOG 2010 untuk negara :)

majulah sukan untuk negara


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thanks for all your prayers and well-wishes. my daughter was safely delivered this morning, 23 April 2008, at 10:39am, weighing at a healthy 3.45kg and 51cm. syukur alhamdulilah, the delivery was smooth sailing. we reached raffles at around 08:45am, the gyne came and broke her waterbag at 09:30am, by 10am,  she was getting her contractions which came fast and furious. and at 10:39am, A Haniz bte Muhamad Rohaizad :)) was born!



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