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a lot of missing updates here on our blog, since our virtual life is mostly only on instagram these days. but hey team izadnhana is still alive and thriving! erm, i think.

let’s see, what’s happening: the girl lost her SECOND tooth just two days ago, bottom left, next to the first one that dropped 7 weeks ago, a new one grown back in its place practically full size now. (we kept asking her to open up her mouth and marvel at the speed it grew.) still none of her peers in her K1 class have lost their milk teeth yet, which is puzzling. gawd i hope she won’t be, like, the first among her classmates to get her period or something. (because i want her to stay little for a bit longer.) anyway, she was a bit emo on the day she dropped that second tooth at school, for some reason. her teacher rang me up while i was at work and told me she cried “i want my mummy!” when it happened, and when she got on the phone mumbling something incoherent to me, i told her i’d get her ice-cream later, which turned her back into a barrel of sunshine again. see, everything can be solved with ice-cream, i say.

the boy will be in P3 next year, which i’m still in denial about. P3! that’s like… halfway to PSLE, dammit. oh that four-letter acronym, how it sends shivers down my spine. he did average for his “exams” this year (i give that quotation marks because they’re not real exams, now, are they…?) and the feedback we get about him is more or less positive. he also received some “certificate for good progress” (note the quotation marks again), but you know, i’m just relieved he’s made it through another year. another year of blood, sweat and tears (on both my part and his) of spelling, homework, and yes, tuition. i’ve succumbed to the good ol’ singaporean way out of having to teach my own child, because god knows i need my sanity.

i’ll be increasing my work hours to 2/3, and our office is moving to a building somewhere right in TOWN (nooooo! i’ll actually miss Greyville!), so the start of the new year will be one of uncertainties – especially in terms of logistics. the kid’s school bus fees will be increased by 50-friggin-dollars, thanks to parents who are “concerned” about the safety of their kids in the buses and thus, the new 1-child-to-1-seat policy which led to the fee hike. seriously, parents! why spoil market?! anyway, the husband suggested teaching the kid to take the public bus home, but i’m iffy about it, because i know this kid – i don’t trust him! who knows where he’ll end up? probably woodlands one day, jurong another day. i’d fetch him myself but with my move to town, i’d likely be demoted to public transport myself (ha ha, padan muka), plus with my increased hours, my chauffering duties will sadly be cut down. the husband too may be changing work duties and timing, so we really can’t figure out how everybody’s going to get where they’re supposed to come next year, except for auni who thankfully will be in K2 and just across the road from our house.

ugh, trying to figure out logistical solutions gives me brain injury, so let’s not. (maybe i should just eat some ice-cream.) i just have to say, it’s no wonder people think twice about having more children, especially full-time working parents who have none to little family support.

on the yoga front, i’m happy to be progressing, still…

#yogawithhana in #forearmfridays. been working on my #pinchamayurasana this whole month and i'm feeling my #progress! (ps: am SO loving my new @liquidoactive #yogapants and @hipwidth mally tank. thanks for bringing them in @updogstudio! :))

oh those pinchas (forearm balance), they be the death of my elbow skin. but all those ugly black scabs are worth it, it thrills me to get more hangtime in this now. am also still working on those damned handstands without mr paul wall – i’ll get there some day, mark my words!


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i was privileged to attend a media preview of Fluff Bakery’s first store (which is supposed to officially open its doors on 19 Oct, but is now delayed due to some issues) to sample its bestselling cupcakes and get to know the owner and chief baker, Nursyazanna Syaira.

Import 1
[photo by Pink Elephant Labs]

i’m not normally a cupcake person, but HOW COULD I RESIST when these were right under my nose, i ask you?! they were screaming “EAT ME”, you know, like in Alice in Wonderland, which was, of course, in line with the Mad Hatter Tea Party theme for the media preview event.

Import 2
[photo by Pink Elephant Labs]

now, if you’re on instagram and/or are a cupcake junkie, you’d have heard of (and likely have joined) the ‘infamous’ queues that form outside Penny University and Parlour by Ashley Isham every time Fluff Bakery announces its exciting cupcake flavours. while Fluff’s repertoire of baked goods has since grown to include cakes and cookies, the cupcakes – light, fluffy, oozing with surprise fillings and topped with finger-lickin’ goodness – are the reasons it’s formed a massive following of seemingly insatiable ‘cupcake monsters’.

Import 1

and here’s Syaira herself, SHE’S SO BRIGHT AND YOUNG omg i feel positively dull and decrepit next to her. she shared that she picked up baking from her mother, and she started out baking for friends and family as a hobby. six months before her wedding, she made the decision to quit a job she was unhappy doing, to pursue baking full-time – and she hasn’t looked back since. it’s always inspiring to hear of someone following their dreams, finding support and fulfillment, and ultimately, success, especially at such a young age. (i’m 35 and still trying to find my dream. one that doesn’t involve ryan gosling anyway.)

Import 1

i mentioned on instagram that these cakes here – the dark chocolate orange cake and the chocolate nutella vertical cake – were the piece de resistance at the tea party table. vertical layers in a cake is a mind-boggling thing to me, much like the Stonehenge, both of which mysteries i’m happy to leave unraveled and simply appreciate. yes, please, don’t RUIN it for me by telling me how it’s made, ok…

Import 1Import 1

guests at the tea party were also invited to create their own cupcakes, so everyone went all #fluffmad (check out the hashtag on instagram!) with the ready cored vanilla cuppies, squirting in and piping on a variety of fillings and toppings, and finishing them off with a flurry of sprinkles, edible glitter, and even pretzels. auni chose chocolate and LOTS of pink stuff on hers. are you even surprised?

Import 1Import 1

we each got to bring back a boxful of cupcakes and cakes of our choice at the end of the event, to share (or to hoard). SO awesome. rest assured, i held on to my box like precious cargo all the way home (even while counting the calories that will go to my hips with each bite, and then not caring).

Import 1

so let’s hope everything goes smoothly for the opening (the date is now pending, look out for their announcement on instagram @fluffbakery), so you can drop by 12 Jalan Pisang (just across Hajah Maimunah) for your Fluff fix (and maybe even say hi to the friendly owner herself)!

the opening hours will be 11am to 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 10am to 10.30pm on Fridays to Sundays – there, surely you won’t need to queue up anymore… right?! there’ll be no fixed menu but its bestsellers, like the red velvet and salted caramel cupcakes, will be available daily.


there are more than 80 flavours to try, so watch their instagram space for updates on what’s baking each week and PACE YOURSELF, PEOPLE!

i’m actually VERY curious to taste the chocolate milkshake and fries cupcake (say whuuuut), which i think was inspired by… mcdonald’s?! haha tsk, these crazy kids and their crazy ideas. whatever other crazy flavours will they think of next…?


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this pose took me quite a while to get into and it was only in the beginning of last year when i got the hang of it.

this girl, she’s five and never been to a yoga class but after watching me countless times taking flight, she decided to ‘practise’ and whaddaya know, got into it herself. in straight arms, no less. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY.

she associates yoga with playtime with mummy (and sometimes her brother) and it’s been a lotta fun tumbling around with her.

#yogawithauni earlier this evening. yes, she has her own hashtag. and yes, she changed her outfit just to #matchymatchy mine. thanks for the galaxy-inspired pants you got her, @nurhashim. now she can #yogawithhana. :p

right now every night, she’s into headstands, even the look-ma-no-hands variation….


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a week or so ago, the girl came back from school and showed me her wobbly tooth. her first wobbly tooth!

my first reaction (after cringing, because i always cringe at wobbly teeth) was “oh nooooo” because the first loss of a milk tooth officially meant they’re no longer a baby. and that made me kinda sad. my last baby.

also, i was sad because her teeth have grown very neat and straight thus far, and missing teeth would kinda ruin that. so yeah, i wasn’t looking forward to this milestone.

aniq lost his first at 5 too (the same bottom front tooth!), and more than one at a time very soon thereafter. the girl seems pretty unfazed by it, unlike me. i thought, being a girl, she’d feel self-conscious about being toothless, especially in pictures, but maybe she hasn’t realised it yet. my grandma insisted on just plucking it off instead of leaving it dangling precariously – she warns it’ll affect the growth of the new tooth – but i’m more of a, err, naturalist?! you know, let it drop off by itself.

then again, my reluctance is sentimentally-driven.


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“dear Mum,

please be reminded that you are not, in fact, 21 anymore, as this store would have ladies your age believe. you might wish to reconsider that hemline. and that neckline. heck, the whole dress.

yours truthfully,
Auni, your fitting room phoneographer.”


(no, i did not buy this dress.)


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“If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.” – Edgar W. Howe

drive-thru brekkie and off to the movies with their cousins. happy school hols!

i always get a little jittery nearing long school holidays, having to think up 101 ways to keep them occupied and not simply let them slip down the slippery slope of 24-hour Comatose Cartoon Network, dubious computer games and even more dubious YouTube surfing.

still, i’m thankful i get to spend a sizeable chunk of school holidays with them with my part-time work schedule. getting back into my office dresses and high heels felt pretty nice (and right), and given the job i get to do and the people i work with now, it’s not a drag for me to trek up the hill to Greyville.

well, at least we know there is one less insane mother who has an asylum to retreat to three mornings a week.


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wait… i just what? :D

thanks to one of my favourite yoga space, Updog Studio!

*does happy handstands*


(yeah like that.)

*POGA = posing+yoga


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the (reproachable) VMAs was on and the girl was watching it, zombified by the flashing lights/women on stage. tried to make the husband fast-forward miley cyrus’ performance on the basis of not corrupting the mind of our young impressionable, but was duly ignored.

so there the girl was, taking in the gyrating and the ‘twerking’ (wth?), so i planted my face in front of her to show disapproval, as all good mothers should.

“remember, this is NOT acceptable behaviour, ok?” i warned her.

“no lah, i told you, i want to be a teacher when i grow up,” she replied in all of nonchalance, her eyes not even blinking or flickering away from the screen.

i was taken by surprise, not by the fact that she wants to be a teacher (because which girl doesn’t want to be a teacher at five?), but by how she had deduced that miley cyrus and teachers in general have absolutely nothing in common, that the two are at complete opposite ends of the moral spectrum.

but there you have it, people, the perspective of a 5-year-old. to kids, you teachers are absolute saints, pillars of modesty and proper conduct.

so if any of you teachers out there have the inclination to prance around in tiny two-pieces and hump (animate and/or inanimate) objects in public, please know that you would be upsetting the balance of the world order in a child’s eyes. on behalf of all parents, i trust you won’t. :D

happy teachers’ day!


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i thought it’d be gimmicky to come up with a list of 10 things you didn’t know about us to commemorate our 10th year anniversary, but i had a hard time coming up with anything interesting enough that i haven’t already blogged about – oh speaking of blogging, someone just came up to us earlier while we were outside and said she’s been following us online, and that since it’s our 10th wedding anniversary, it means she’s been reading our blog for 10 years now, because yeah, that was about the time we started blogging about our wedding, some 10 years ago!

say whuuuuut.

ok, now i’m slightly more inspired, so let’s try this again.

10 things.

1) he has never heard me fart the entire time we’re married. i kid you not. i’m a lady when it comes to emitting gas at the south end, BUT i have absolutely no qualms about burps, the loud, bellowing, echo-through-the-neighbourhood kinds, which were particularly legendary during both periods of time i was pregnant. (he, on the other hand, has it the other way round with regards to audible gas emission.)

2) every time i lift my shirt in front of the mirror and bemoan the state of my ravaged, superbly stretch-marked belly to him, with pleas to pay for surgery to make the rivulets of wrinkles go away, he would take a cursory glance at it, then proceed to flex his own jelly-belly and ignore me completely. needless to say, i’ll not be going under the knife for nip-tucks any time soon. or ever.

3) if there’s one thing we don’t have in common, is taste in shoes, and i’m talking specifically about sports shoes. he tends to pick these bright-coloured, flashy-looking designs, not just for himself but even for me. when shopping for his shoes, he’d ask for my opinion, and when i tell him i don’t like them, he’d still go ahead and buy them anyway. when i try to shop for my shoes and pick a non-flashy, understated pair, he’d say they’re boring and so last season, and i’d inevitably end up not buying any. which is why the last time i bought a pair of running shoes was years ago, and they’re the only pair i own. (they’re dark-coloured, and hardly-worn.)

4) we like the same kind of music – with the exception of hip-hop. i will leave it to you to guess which of us has jay-z, kanye, macklemore (who?) in the playlist and appreciates rumpshakers in music videos. (hint: he likes big butts and he cannot lie.)

5) he’s a morning person; i’m a night person.

6) we watched Before Midnight (like, finally) on our anniversary, and we both LOVE it. these days when it comes to choosing movies at the cinema, we’re very picky because, as you people who still go dating will know, theatre tickets are SO DAMN EXPENSIVE, and going to a movie either one of us wouldn’t like is just not worth it when we can just d/l the dvd version and watch whatever the hell we like in the comforts of our home. more often than not, we can’t agree on a good one we’d both like (i don’t go for horror and action-packed; he won’t go for chick flicks and human dramas) so movie picks are generally with the kids in tow and in mind, i.e. family-friendly, action-adventure, major box-office types with truckloads of special effects to get our money’s worth. Before Midnight hit the mark this time for our rare movie date because we both agree to it on sentimental grounds that we loved both movies before it, and it has one of our favourite actors from one of our favourite movies, i.e. ethan hawke/Reality Bites. anyway, it was interesting to see how jesse and celine have evolved as a couple over the years (what chemistry these two actors have! seems like they just picked up from where they left off 9 years ago, amazing); how much more natural and intimate their conversations and interactions have become, how there’s an ease yet also a strain in their relationship. i guess every couple wants to feel assured that they’re not the only ones with problems and issues to deal with, and even though she tells him she doesn’t love him anymore, in such a heartbreaking, spur-of-the-moment way, we know she doesn’t mean it, that she was trying to protect her own feelings, and that despite that, they still find a way in their hearts to put aside their egos and verbal wounds to get back that spark that brought them together in the first place, and to try again with each other. because i guess that’s what you do when you have everything to lose in a relationship.

7) i’d always been the commitment-phobic type, the kind who’d get terrified and run away from whichever boyfriend i was with when they declared their… affections after a few months of dating. (YES I HAVE EMOTIONAL TRUST ISSUES.) so being with the same fella now for over 10 years? that’s just INSANE, i tell you that. teen-age me would never believe middle-age me. as for him? well, he was just waiting for me. :pp i guess there’s something about right timing, stars aligning, fate and destiny, you know, that kinda stuff.

8) he never takes me seriously when i show/talk about how hot/smart/hunky/attractive other guys are. why ah? i’m serious you know! then again, when i point out a hot girl to him, he never takes me seriously either. something’s seriously wrong with this man. :p

9) in some ways, he’s a typical virgo – loyal, laid-back, introvert, practical; and in some ways, i’m a typical sagittarius – freedom-loving, impatient, fun-seeking, happy-go-lucky. somehow, we get along.

10) we’ve been taking selfies before ‘selfies’ was even a word – right from the start, on our first date when we spontaneously stepped into a neoprint sticker photo booth. :D

izadnhana’s selfies – then and now

i’m sure there are many more things i can dig up but GAWD that practically took 10 years to write (i exaggerate – it was more like 10 hours).

thanks for sticking around!


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… i could probably pay for a few yoga classes.

but never mind the crazy poses. you know what i REALLY can’t do?


i tried it again, yesterday, at ECP, with the husband’s new foldable bike, with adjustable height and a saddle that practically tried to violate me down under. i kept leaning to the left and couldn’t get both feet up the pedals and my body refused to stay balanced in motion for more than 3 seconds. i also tried on the boy’s bicycle, which had slightly better padding, but the same thing thing kept happening.

yes, i am A DISGRACE! to myself! and after a frustrating half hour (or maybe it was less), sweat streaming down my scrunched up face, my perineum was blistered and bruised from the bike seats. how ridiculous is that?! no wonder the girl doesn’t like riding her own bike either, she probably has the same uncomfortable experience on her fanny as i do. maybe sensitive souths are genetic. yeah, THAT MUST BE IT.

anyway, i arghhhghghg dislike bicycles. they’re my Kryptonite. (what’s with these superhero references today?) give me a car and i can manoeuvre into any tight spots no problem (i especially find parallel parking particularly thrilling), just don’t give me anything with two wheels. (no, not even the skate scooter variety.)

so yeah, i guess i’ll just stick to crazy poses and challenging other laws of physics for now. (you know, just like Superman and Batman.)


or just… cycle in the air? (at least my crotch will be safe from harm.)

#yogawithhana post-workshop with briohny & dice. still trying to find my #handstand, but it's damn hard for someone who has balance issues (i can't even ride a bicycle - and believe me, i've tried many times!).

but for the sake of pride and to prove that ANYTHING is possible, i’ll keep trying.

aaand since we’re talking superheroes…

(see, even Batman needs help.)


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the neighbour’s daughter, a teenager, was singing aloud to a selena gomez song, and asked the kids if they knew it.

the boy went, “that’s justin bieber’s girlfriend!”

the girl went, “no, that’s justin bieber’s EX- girlfriend!”

see how girls pay more attention to the fine details?


(also, according to her, girls are more “fat-sible”. that’s ‘flexible’ to you non-Aunispeakers.)


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don’t let that demure look deceive you, because wrestling matches and piggy back rides with her brother have taken place within the confines of that baju and kain, i kid you not.

well okay fine, mummy’s guilty of misbehaviour in baju kurung too. oh shush.



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how was hari raya? it was okay. not sure why, but i seem to get less and less excited about celebrating raya. also, just got my first back-to-work pay, so tried to avoid buying a whole lot of unnecessary things this year. even made a few raya goodies on my own, which is like, an entirely new level of domesticity for me.

ouh pictures! perhaps the best thing i like about raya haha.

Camera Roll-537

Camera Roll-540Camera Roll-544

Camera Roll-553Camera Roll-556

happy eid to all!


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i always feel like this song would fit in a david lynch movie or something…

going to sadly miss this tonight. and tomorrow. but like someone who’s also going to miss it said, “nevermind. go youtube and listen”. OKAYYY. :p


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Celine: Did you ever keep a journal when you were a kid?
Jesse: Yeah. On and off, I guess.
Celine: It’s funny, I read one of mine from ’83 the other day.
Jesse: Yeah?
Celine: And what really surprised me is that I was dealing with life the same way I am now. I was much more hopeful and naive but the core, and the way I was feeling things, is exactly the same. It made me realize I haven’t changed much at all.
Jesse: I don’t think anybody does. People don’t want to admit it, but it’s like we have these innate set points and nothing much that happens to us changes our disposition.
Celine: You believe that?
Jesse: I think so. I read this study where they followed people who’d won the lottery and people who’d become paraplegics. You’d think one extreme is gonna make you euphoric and the other suicidal. But the study shows that, after about six months as soon as people had gotten used to their new situation they were, more or less, the same.
Celine: The same?
Jesse: Yeah. Like, if they were basically an optimistic, jovial person, they’re now an optimistic, jovial person in a wheelchair. If they’re a petty, miserable asshole, they’re a petty, miserable asshole with a new Cadillac, a house and a boat.
Celine: So I’ll be forever depressed no matter what great things happen?
Jesse: Definitely.
Celine: Great.

watching this, 9 years later, in my thirties, just like the characters themselves are, everything sounds a whole lot more… well, true. was re-watching Sunrise and Sunset back-to-back, in anticipation of Midnight, and while the twenties version of myself would have liked the first movie better, the thirties version of myself liked the sequel better. they’re less awkward and insecure (at least Jesse is – it’s funny how much he’s matured, and is less of the cynic he was before, while Celine is less the idealist and romantic she once was), more confident of themselves (which makes them each, admit it, WAY sexier), have a wider worldview, and yet… despite the responsibilities and realities of life anchoring them down, there’s still that… restless feeling, a wistfulness of something left behind in youth or lying in wait in the future, some undefined longing, some unfinished quest… and i think maybe more than a few of us thirtysomethings can relate to that, despite the settledness of being in our thirties. well, i can anyway. (not that i’ve ever, you know, had a brief-but-life-changing encounter with a stranger in a european city or whatever…)

anyway, i totally agree with that very sentiment by celine there. whenever i look back at my old journals, i always thought it funny that however much circumstances have changed, how much good/bad things have happened since, in so many number of years, at the *core* of it, i am still the same person and would still think/feel/say a lot of the things i did then (but in less cringeworthy ways).


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- The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Eugenides

yeah, he hit the nail on the head. that’s me, exactly.


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