a few april birthdays in the family. (thanks for the treat, big bro. err, it WAS a treat, right…? :p never mind, next month’s universal studios trip is on me.)


guess who else has been counting down the months (yes, she does know the names of the months after all) and going “I CAN’T WAIT FOR APRIL!”?

the girl with the red shoes

5 Responses to “april”
  1. faizah says:

    awww…so fast they grow up, huh?

  2. Aunty Nur says:

    Ohhhh… a present for a certain 4 year old is all wrapped and waiting to be presented to her. ;)

  3. hana says:

    gasp, i wonder what it is. ;p (thanks, u just reminded me of yours too. we must do that english high tea date.)

  4. sha says:

    hi hana …. may i know where’s this ice cream place? :)

  5. hana says:

    sure, it’s an italian gelato place just along the shops where yureka teppanyaki is. :)

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