confession: i devoured book 1 of The Hunger Games in two sleepless nights. I got hooked. and now i understand its appeal.

i’d resisted it for ages, always picking it up in stores and putting it down, refusing to buy into the increasing hype.

but it had to happen eventually. i buckled, caved in to curiosity. besides, i cannot bear to watch a movie adaptation without first reading the book. (and then insisting to everyone who’ll listen that “the book is waaaay better!”)

and so, i grudgingly started on it – on the husband’s Kindle.

yes, hana on an e-book. gasps! the blasphemy!

btw, i would like to report that, at the end of my intense e-book experience, i suffered a stiff neck, stiff fingers, and stiff eyes. immediately after, i went to get the paper version – and its sequels.

so, back to The Hunger Games.

well, it sure sated my appetite like a plate of hot satay.

from the engaging characters, to the details of the world they inhabit (Orwell’s ’1984′ being my last read, the themes of dystopia, oppression, and a government of surveillance bear comparison), to the exciting action and plot twists, there is something for everyone – boys and girls – and the story, especially the gripping Survivor-like spectacle, moves at such an exhilarating pace, it’s really quite hard to put down.

confession: i tell you what else did it for me – the boy-crushing-on-girl-for-longest-time-ever part. (ikr, “say whuuuut?”)

please, forgive me for reliving my teenage fantasies through “young adult” fiction. i simply have a weak spot for strong, self-sacrificing boys who nurse crushes on emotionally-clueless girls. especially when the protagonist has not one, but TWO boys crushing on her, amidst err, more pressing matters of life and death. (ref: Twilight.)

so, is it Team Peeta or Team Gale for you? i find myself liking both (it’s not as clear-cut as my allegiance to Team Edward), so yeah, i’m still deciding. :p


(now, where do i hunt for hot satay at this hour…?)

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8 Responses to ““may the odds be ever in your favor””
  1. Lynnmaharet says:

    Hey im curious abt hunger games too!! Been to popular a few times .. Saw so many covers.. Not sure how many books altogether! Hee!

  2. hana says:

    There are 3 in total, they’re pretty easy reads. (I think book 2 is even better than the 1st!). Nak pinjam just lemme know, rumah dekat aje… ;)

  3. Lynnmaharet says:

    Ouhhh … Eeee malu lahhh pinjam buku haha.. If its good i’ll prolly read a few times if im bored like my beloved twilight series . i’ll go buy!

  4. aznary says:

    Moi –> #teamgale!

  5. hana says:

    i like gale too, really. (doesn’t help that in the movie, liam hemsworth’s so tall and strapping, mmmm.) but i based my decision on the final page of book 3…! ;)

  6. aznary says:

    Hmm… intriguing… I have not read the books lah. Looks like I REALLY gotta go get them books.

  7. hana says:

    yes you GOTTA. :) (then come back and discuss with me!)

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