The kids love their satay. And they particularly love the satay at their Yai’s stall :)

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7 Responses to “Alhambra satay”
  1. hanna says:

    looks yummy! where’s the stall at?

  2. izadd says:

    hi hanna, the stall is located at

    geylang serai market, 1 geylang serai, #02-145

    happy eating!

  3. ianT says:

    Promote nampak hehehe…ianya memang lazat! :D

  4. Norza says:

    Didn’t know it’s their yai’s stall. We have been loving it since like forever. And we just talked abt it last wk. Time to buy some soon!! :)

  5. Djulienna says:

    Do u hv their contact no? I want to order their satay.

  6. Farina Tokaran says:

    Hai there..bolehtk i get your phone number? I nk order satay for kedai can? Like 100 stick brape?

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