Me: *eating an orange* “auni, what is manis?”
A: “sweet!”
M: “good. masam tu apa?”
A: “i think… sour?”
M: “pandai. besar maknanya?”
A: “big.”
M: “kecil?”
A: *looks uncertain*
M: “kecil… or kecik… you know.. *demonstrates tiny space between index finger and thumb* KE-CIK… although the correct word is KE-CIL…”
A: “small! *thinks* how about juuust right?” *indicates some random height with her hand*
M: “just right? oh, SEDERHANA.” (for lack of better word – IS there a better word?? at this point, even i am suspicious of myself because this sounds more like it means ‘average’. i mean, i don’t imagine Goldilocks exclaiming “sederhanaaa sahaja!” with the same amount and tone of enthusiasm at Baby Bear’s porridge/chair/bed.)
G: “like NURHANA?”

well, I suppose you could say, ‘average’ IS my middle name…. -_-

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