cousins, originally uploaded by izadd.

6 Responses to “cousins”
  1. Yatifadeolie says:

    Auni! Aunty nak pinjam your rainbow skirt can or not ah? So stylo milo! hehehe

  2. hana says:

    can! what size are you, aunty?? ;)

  3. Yatifadeolie says:

    Aunty can sure fit into that lah! You dnt drop my water face ah….even If it doesnt fit, aunty turn it to a scarf lor! hahaha

  4. Fara says:

    Hi Hana, may I know where you bought the skirt? Been looking for similar ones..

  5. hana says:

    i got it from a pushcart selling kids’ clothes at downtown east. :)

  6. Fara says:

    Thanks Hana. I’ve been looking for long skirts in particular. :0)

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