a lot of controversy on this one lately….

“This controvers­y seems to come up because people are offended by combining sex appeal and yoga…but sex appeal is already all over the mass-media in many forms, both in-your-fa­ce and subtle. We all are highly influenced by the sex/shame controvers­y and it’s beyond yoga.

I am unfazed to see it come into yoga because the tradition has already turned into an american commodity. If we use sex to sell everything­, and we want to sell yoga, of course we are going to use sex. In my personal opinion is that the video shows a great home practice, with a beautiful body, in some clothing that one would naturally wear while practicing at home.

We must be bigger than sex, bigger than capitalism­, and bigger than nudity to thrive, and the fact that this yogini is not ashamed triggers people’s shame of themselves­, of others, and of our own society.”
- from elephantjournal.com

all those prudes/feminists/purists/plain-jealous-women who made a big fuss over this should just take a few ujjayi breaths and a chill pill, i say… :)

“Life is easy if you don’t live it.

If you put yourself out there…especially these days on the internets…we’re all putting yourself out there not only for accolades or backslaps…but for criticism. Criticism is essential, and helpful—when and if it’s constructive. But…particularly these days on the internets…criticism is all too often as lazy and casual as it is vicious. We forget there are humans behind the targets we throw our words at.”

–> interview with the brave and beautiful yogini herself at huffingtonpost.com (ps: she has a 7-yr-old kid too!)


hmm, so how about this guy then, in nothing but a white loin cloth? ok for him coz he’s 1) a man, 2) non-Western, 3) set against a gritty backdrop, 4) not in an advertisement for a yoga studio…? ahh.

(speaking of which, dear True Yoga: STOP CALLING ME ALREADY.)

(and while we’re at it, dear yoga-apparel-brands: Y U NO sell your stretchy halter tops and pants at more ‘spiritual’ prices?! i don’t get.)

*ok, ujjayi breaths…*

9 Responses to ““meet me on the equinox…””
  1. rruzanna says:

    okayy so when will i see you doing THAT on video? :p
    it’s SOOO BEAUTIFUL i really loved it! :)

    sighhh bila lahhh my turnnn… (time is just an excuse) hahahahahhahahahaha

  2. hana says:

    i think it’s beautiful too – so graceful, the flow from one pose to another. oh, to have an iota of her strength!
    and no, you’ll definitely NOT see me do any of that any time soon… (especially wearing *that*, ha ha. nanti lagi besar punya controversi.) :p

  3. aznary says:

    She is soooo good! And cantik too. Rin, apa kata u do a yoga vid. A hijabi doing all those yoga stances. Lagi awesome! ;)

  4. rruzanna to aznary says:

    HURHURHURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR tak boleh beb! nanti controversi sampai ke mesia! :p

  5. Jannah says:

    Hello! OMG the video. OMGOMGOMG!
    U’d be glad to hear that i finally tried out hot yoga (flow, and er, regular) – LOVELOVE FLOW!
    Aaaannywaayyy, wondering if ur amore membership is still up for transfer? :)))

  6. hana says:

    ouhh yey! any chance you go to Updog for your hot yoga too?
    (and no, amore doesn’t transfer membership. meh.)
    so nice to hear from you!!

  7. Jannah says:

    Nope, am halfway thru a trial package at Absolute Yoga – just 5 mins away from my office ;)
    Garrhh darn it! Are u going for classes, still?
    :) Love ur posts, as always!

  8. hana says:

    Nope, am never going to be a gym rat.
    Sticking to yoga!
    And yey, thanks, glad to still have readers haha. ;)

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