his second book creation – slightly higher in content and closer to his real ‘voice’.

(i must disclaim that this is purely a work of fiction because his daddy hardly ever speeds OR has ever been slapped with a speeding ticket by a traffic police.)

bus number 4017 goes to..?

his teacher explained that he originally entitled it ‘Fast and Furious’, but seeing how his daddy supposedly got summoned – though one could argue that this would likely cause a reaction of fury from the daddy, or the traffic police, OR even the driver of the bus number 4017 who got overtaken – and there could well be copyright issues due to the movie of the same name, he was asked for another title. to which he replied, “ok lah! then ‘Fast and Fined’!” (i may have plagiarised.)

the cut-out vehicles and jolly traffic policeman were coloured on both sides, and glued between plastic (transparency?) sheets, so that you can flip them over the left and right pages to create a layered effect, which i thought was kinda cool. heh.

5 Responses to “‘Fast and Fined’”
  1. hazrin says:

    pecah lobang izad kena summon…haha

  2. faizah says:

    that’s so cool!

  3. nad says:

    I am so impressed! This is so amazing! I admire the effort put in by the teachers of Aniq’s kindergarten. It’s such a huge undertaking and they manage to make sure that the stories have all the essence of a good story AND good illustration to boot.


  4. hana says:

    thanks nad! (btw, it’s a child care centre, not kindergarten, so i guess they have more time with the kids to spend on such projects. :))

  5. aunty nur says:

    awww… well done aniq!!! that’s some dandy work!!!

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