so the eldest in our clan reached 34… yeah, we’re not ashamed to claim our age. we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we’re loving our 30s! we were saying how we’d occasionally look through old photos of us together.. how fun it is to see how we’ve evolved over the years…

(77clan, est. Dec 03)
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77 clan

so what do we possess now, more… confidence? maturity? wisdom? grace?
(well, i guess you qualify for all that when you go around with a koyok plastered on yourself and *still* have someone ask if you’re a model, and have a tube of tiger balm handy in your gucci bag for random moments of muscle aches… :D)


“all u need is effort to keep the friendship going… best is to have friends who are easy going.. and no feelings of trying to outdo one another” – wise words from back-then 30-yr-old esah, dec 2007 (from an old blog post)

ps: happy birthday to the two Arians in the clan!

4 Responses to “almost-mid-30s”
  1. Has says:

    I swear u guys kp getting hotter n hotter! N kak hana, e bangs looks really nice on u. Mcm teenager!

  2. hana says:

    gosh, thanks Has… teenager?! tu dah melampau lah… haha. ;)

  3. sally says:

    Hey Hana, I love reading your blog! Especially on the parts about childrens’ books. Always admired your English. You’re so good at it! Anway, just wanna ask, where’d you get the back on the last photo? :)

  4. hana says:

    you mean the bag? it’s an MBMJ Catty Q Hillier hobo. :)

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