round 2 of book-reading by auni.
title: Creeping Crawlers

good night, don’t let the (powerful) bed bugs bite!
(or worse, the dung beetles.)

4 Responses to “creeping crawlers”
  1. FaiQah says:

    cute. thank you auni, fateha followed the way you read. she especially like the “jumping” part :P

  2. Adilah says:

    Oh gosh, Auni’s so smart and cute. I laughed out loud at the “berak” part. LOL.

  3. Suzannah says:

    Ooh, I love these reading videos! Your kids are going to grow up to be book lovers! ;) Three cheers to Auni… (and mommy too, for teaching her, hehe!)

  4. sharon says:

    oh no! and her berak is verrrrry busak. hilarious. still not sure this is the vid you mentioned so going to look at the rest. this child makes science so verrrrrry interesting! hahaha.

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