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with the daddy on night shift, it’s easier for me to impose my no-tv rule in the evening before bed (we activated the child-lock, and it’s SO effective, even mommy doesn’t know how to unlock it… erm..), which means having to come up with more ways to ‘entertain’ or keep them occupied. so we’d play bouncing balls or monopoly or ‘masak-masak’ or drawing, and sometimes they’ll ‘exercise’ with me….

downward dog
(i think auni’s downward dog is so cute – her heels are all the way down. love how flexible kids are the younger they are.)

you can guess what usually happens during my downward dogs and my bridges and whatever poses i attempt – they’d gleefully crawl under/over me, so yeah, yoga at home – not so safe for me!

but i figured out a way around it the other night, by giving them the important grown-up task of taking mommy’s pictures with her grown-up camera. is she a genius or what? :p

the wheel

the plow
(my amateur-ish Wheel/Upward Bow and Plow – still works-in-progress.)

tree pose amin
(the girl on the mat – perhaps a little confused, heh.)


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