come, tooth fairy~!, originally uploaded by izadd.

his wobbly tooth finally dropped! well, technically, it got knocked out, thanks to him bumping into his sister by accident. whoops. :p

this was taken after his initial shock at the amount of blood that spilled out of his gum. yes, there were some tears involved, lol. so much for being gungho and teasingly shaking the tooth at me and laughing when i CRINGE.

told him that it’s ok, happens to every kid, and when we were small, ours dropped too. my grandma even extracted one with a string! (sadism runs in the family, apparently.)

the daddy gave him a container to keep the tooth and ALL the future milk teeth that will eventually drop off. to make him feel better, we even told him to put the tooth under his pillow… (so, what IS the market price these days?)

and so we hit another milestone.

do you remember when YOUR first tooth dropped? :)

8 Responses to “come, tooth fairy~!”
  1. jane says:

    dont forget to tanam the tooth!

  2. hana says:

    to grow a tooth plant??

  3. hazrin says:

    $1 for those small ones and $2 for the molars

  4. hana says:

    hey that’s what i thought too, $1 seems err, reasonable.
    but i think he hasn’t caught up on the idea of tooth fairies coz he hasn’t demanded for any money. :p

  5. abang says:

    I threw mine over nenek’s kampung house roof. And always get ice-cream after from the apek shop next door for each tooth….the kind like Solero ice-cream popsicle

  6. jane says:

    mmm nope. tanam coz thats the way to be done in islam… semua yg datang dari Allah, shd be buried back to earth when it’s detached from us…

    wallahu alam bisawwab.

  7. hana says:

    abang, how come you got ice-cream?! i don’t remember getting any! i feel cheated!

  8. [...] aniq lost his first at 5 too (the same bottom front tooth as his sister!), and more than one at a time thereafter. the girl seems pretty unfazed by it, unlike me. i thought, being a girl, she’d feel self-conscious about being toothless, especially in pictures, but maybe she hasn’t realised it yet. my grandma insisted on just plucking it off instead of leaving it dangling precariously – she warns it’ll affect the growth of the new tooth – but i’m more of a, err, naturalist?! you know, let it drop off by itself. [...]

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