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found a kids’ yoga book at the library, so that evening they dragged out my mat…

Bow pose (Dhanurasana)
bow pose
bow pose

Triangle pose (Trikonasana)
triangle pose / trikonasana

err… Wrestling pose? (WWFasana ha ha)
wrestling pose -_-

inevitably, they ended up in a crumpled heap within minutes and started horsing around instead. a 5yo and a (almost-) 3yo staying in one position for more then 5 seconds? HAH, fat chance.


meanwhile, mommy is always trying to find her inner calm, peace and zen… because she tends to lose them a lot. *does a Lion pose (Simhasana) on her cubs*


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round 2 of book-reading by auni.
title: Creeping Crawlers

good night, don’t let the (powerful) bed bugs bite!
(or worse, the dung beetles.)


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book-reading by auni.
title: Alive and Not Alive – an “I Know Opposites” series.

(you can test her on other objects too – she can pretty much tell them apart. :D)


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here’s a plug for our cousin, lina, who designed these awesome posters – frame them up and they’ll look great in your kids’ rooms, or as gifts… (i personally love 1, 4 and 5~)

you can order at:


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so our weekends are quickly turning into a vortex of activities as we’ve added two more to his weekend itinerary – reading and swimming.

am not exactly proud for sending him to the former, really. i mean, a mother who was an english & literature major… quite embarrassing, doncha think? oh, the irony! but i tell ya, teaching your own kid is quite a different animal altogether. the cajoling, the threatening, the negotiating, the emotional blackmails, the guilt trips… they never taught you all that, you know.

P1120697 P1120699

but as much as you hate it, and are very likely perpetuating the vicious cycle of putting unnecessary pressure and expectations upon a child when he’s probably not developmentally ready, you do it aaaanyway, because the harsh reality is: it’s terrifyingly competitive out there, and being a full-time working mother with little time (and frankly, patience), you swallow your pride and do what it takes to keep him on par with – if not ahead of – his peers.

it’s sink or swim, honey.


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Aniq & Auni


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with the daddy on night shift, it’s easier for me to impose my no-tv rule in the evening before bed (we activated the child-lock, and it’s SO effective, even mommy doesn’t know how to unlock it… erm..), which means having to come up with more ways to ‘entertain’ or keep them occupied. so we’d play bouncing balls or monopoly or ‘masak-masak’ or drawing, and sometimes they’ll ‘exercise’ with me….

downward dog
(i think auni’s downward dog is so cute – her heels are all the way down. love how flexible kids are the younger they are.)

you can guess what usually happens during my downward dogs and my bridges and whatever poses i attempt – they’d gleefully crawl under/over me, so yeah, yoga at home – not so safe for me!

but i figured out a way around it the other night, by giving them the important grown-up task of taking mommy’s pictures with her grown-up camera. is she a genius or what? :p

the wheel

the plow
(my amateur-ish Wheel/Upward Bow and Plow – still works-in-progress.)

tree pose amin
(the girl on the mat – perhaps a little confused, heh.)


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(the following took place on the same day.)

Cinderella does her chores…

… before going to the ball to find her Prince. :D

mommy is both Evil Stepmother AND Fairy Godmother.


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somewhere only we know…., originally uploaded by izadd.

was teaching the brother how to swing (“kick the ground with your toes! point your legs up!”) and the sister how to, well, not be scared. she may be a lil fiesty and will be all “hiak! hiak!” complete with air-kicks when engaging in ‘pretend’ combat with her brother, but sometimes… she can be quite the girl.

(and *i* gotta be less of a girl and learn me how to ride the damn bicycle, once and for all. then again, i say that EVERY year as a new year resolution for the longest time, and yet…)

in other news, the girl’s turning three in a few months.

i smell a party a-brewing…


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busy day ahead…
kids' corner


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come, tooth fairy~!, originally uploaded by izadd.

his wobbly tooth finally dropped! well, technically, it got knocked out, thanks to him bumping into his sister by accident. whoops. :p

this was taken after his initial shock at the amount of blood that spilled out of his gum. yes, there were some tears involved, lol. so much for being gungho and teasingly shaking the tooth at me and laughing when i CRINGE.

told him that it’s ok, happens to every kid, and when we were small, ours dropped too. my grandma even extracted one with a string! (sadism runs in the family, apparently.)

the daddy gave him a container to keep the tooth and ALL the future milk teeth that will eventually drop off. to make him feel better, we even told him to put the tooth under his pillow… (so, what IS the market price these days?)

and so we hit another milestone.

do you remember when YOUR first tooth dropped? :)


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