every time i begin typing out a sentence to commemorate our anniversary, i end up backspacing.

because, well, let’s face it, we’re not exactly the most romantic, lovey-dovey of couples. phooey.

yet, while we generally downplay displays of showy affection for each other, especially in public (you know the kind, like yeah yeah, we know you’re in lurrrve and have hot s*x every night, etc.), we are deeply rooted to the fact that we’re genuinely two pieces of a puzzle in the grand scheme of life, rightly fitted together, by sheer destiny and pure kismet.

okay, so maybe not as dramatic or poetic as that sounds – but you get the point. we’re just basically… meant to be.

not that everything fell into place without any effort. of course not. the rough patches are out there, for sure. sometimes we bump into them, most times we steer clear away from them, preferring the calm over the choppy.

but, i do count my blessings (in my own quiet way) to have found someone: whose hand fits into mine just nice; who ‘gets’ my oftentimes misunderstood sense of humour and twisted logic; who is rarely impatient with my mood swings that alternate between rambling rants and stony silence; who has never given me hell for my lack of domestic or culinary expertise; who gives counsel and advice for my doubts and misgivings – and if that fails, backs me up, within reason; who doesn’t flaunt or pass judgments and whose humility balances my vanity; who readily does the diaper duties and other disposable deeds when called upon to; who trusts me to be the mother of his children and the guardian of their moral compass; and many more points he isn’t aware of that i’ve accumulated of him over the years.

God knows i’ve failed in many of my wifely duties. is there hope yet?

well, admittedly, some things will be hard to change (like my entire disinterest in cooking!).

but hmm, as they say, i can always make it up in other ways. ;)

here’s to our sixth… and to many more zen years ahead, God willing.


14 Responses to “in six-ness and in health”
  1. izadd says:

    wah, i’m touched! anyway, i looked so james bondish, got that, “don’t mess with me or else” stare! haha!
    as the PAP would say it,”more good years!” :)

  2. lynnmaharet says:

    wah izad muka fierce! hhawhaw

    ok happy anniversary to u both!! more chewren! ahahw

  3. madness_in_love says:

    “more good years!” insyallah :) , happy ani-pak-sari to both ..hee hee

  4. mahd says:

    definitely more good years ahead!!! happy 6th anniversary!

  5. raggedyanne says:

    hihi, me too. tabley tahan le muka izadd. happy anniversary you guys!

  6. lennie says:

    aawwww.. so tarching one!!!

    happy 6th Izad&Hana! May u both be blessed with lots of happiness, good health and many more beautiful gorgeous smart kids… ;)

  7. sharon says:

    Sweet like anything, esp para 6.

    Happy Anniversary Izad and Hana. Cheers to your love, devotion and friendship to each other. Forever k.

  8. raihan says:

    clearly, written from a lovely place within. my fav bit?

    “whose humility balances my vanity”

    byron pon kalah. such beautiful words.

    happy six-years-and-counting, you two.

    ps:gambar macam taken smalam, not six years back. :)

  9. The 6 of Us says:

    Happy anniversary to the both of you, and all the best for the many more years to come :-)

  10. hana says:

    wow, compared to BYRON?? too much. lol.

    thanks all!

  11. Salinna says:

    sucha sweettttttttttttttt entry!

    happy 6th anniversary to you both and many many more years to come, insya-allah :)

  12. janna says:

    hapi anibeseri both! so berseri! hana glowing as ever lah u!
    more of As to come eh?

  13. aida says:

    wow. six already! so fast. hehe…saw u tt day at the car park. anyway congratz yeah!!

  14. FaiQah says:

    happy 6th you guys!!! one more after auni mebi?

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