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first of all, i apologise to the hundreds of girls (and guys?) who submitted their photos to the Studiofrost team in the hopes of getting a free makeover.

but, alamak, i got it, along with esah esah ‘bypassed’ the process (she does have an impressive modelling résumé after all), and i… well, just tagged along for the ride. so kelong, right? LOL.

in any case, it was all good because we got to let them test us out like guinea pigs on your behalf, you know. it was hard work, okaaay.


and the end result?

check out our virgin bride vs sexy milf looks… :D

click for bigger view

sexy milf was smokin’ hawt, even the virgin bride was tempted to go over to the dark side and pounce on her. thank god i was fasting. ha ha!

kudos to diah and nurul, for their vision and teamwork. am truly proud of friends who are talented, who take risks, who do what they are passionate about. and you can clearly tell that they really love what they’re doing, and they are absolutely blessed with people who believe in them. (and i’m saying this with all honesty, like i do with most things on this blog.)

so do support our young entrepreneurs, and if you want to have a crazy fun time with the StudioFrost team, now!

who knows, you might even get to meet this adorable chick (who is ever-ready with her hand-on-hip pose – seriously!).

you know what she said when she saw esah posing? “sexy yah!” and you know who she pointed at when we asked her to choose between her aunty aan/nurul or esah? yup, “sexy yah!” won. lol.

"sexy yah!"


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