who doesn’t like the airport? i do! i still harbour a deep desire to one day be employed within the grounds of the changi terminals. maybe after i retire i can be the janitor there or something, who knows.

for now, h1n1 or not, it’s one of our favourite places to go to whenever we run out of air-conditioned open spaces for the kids to run around.

budget playdates. discussions of the fall of changi airport’s spot to world’s number 3. temasekholdings and outsourcing. discovery of bigger portions at the food outlets thanks to travelling angmohs’ feedback. potato chip confiscations on budget airlines… we learn something new everyday, not just the kids. who are always, always busy learning, from everything and nothing.








and what better way to end the day than a home-cooked meal by someone who’s not me? :)

home made fish and chips!

tomorrow’s itinerary: we’ll know when the sun comes up.

now, where are those passports…

6 Responses to ““roam if you want to, roam around the world””
  1. mayshah says:

    wahhh…hana your brain capacity not bad to remember all those unknown facts!!
    let’s pray you’ll meet with a flexible ground staff who can give a close one eye to those smuggled potato chips on a pretext it’s for the kiddos : ))

  2. nonamanis says:

    lurve ur dd shoes…so colourful…amy i know where u got em..?

  3. faris,faiz,sufi n fazli says:

    tks aunt hana for the free play time at the bouncy castle…lain kali kalau ada benda free lagi don’t forget to tell our Pak eh…then we all can play with Aniq n Auni again

  4. rahyan says:

    babe thanks for the playdate. and thank you maya for the free pass!

  5. hana says:

    hi nonamanis, the shoes are from Gap! :)

    anak-anak haznsham, of course i will think of you guys when there are free stuff. thanks for looking after aniq and auni! you all make very good abangs and kakak.

    hey yan, it was too short lah babe. have to wait for the next time i go on leave for our – i mean, the kids’ next playdate!

    thanks again maya! yes, let’s hope lapangan jimat-cermat will be kind to my kids. lol.

  6. zu says:

    they have all those things at the airport?? Goshh….im soooo outdated!

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