so we’re halfway through our week-long break.

we let aniq ditch school from tuesday onwards, and since our half-cooked plans to get out of the country didn’t look like it’d materialise, i thought, what the heck, we can still have fun right here without getting our passports stamped, dammit.

no fixed itinerary. just free-and-easy.

at marina barrage, after our holiday ‘tradition’ of a mackers big breakfast.

a panoramic view of the skyline marred by cranes and buildings undergoing construction, some information about water (i think, ha haha), a wide open grass area that’d be great for kite-flying or a picnic (if one doesn’t mind a suntan while at it). and a shallow wading pool thingy, alike the one at vivo, except, perhaps, cleaner. nothing makes kiddies happier than splashing about in a bit of water on a hot day. coz they’re easily amused like that.


and after all that sun, a bit of ice kacang was called for. these were particularly good.


can’t you tell? they were so good, daddy’s ratty handkerchief had to double up as a bib for the little one, who dug in with as much relish as the rest of us.


Bottle Tree Park, where some pathetic attempts at fishing took place. lol!


for $10, we got a boy with his pants soaked, mommy with slimy feet from pond scum, baby with restraint fishermen instincts, and daddy who caught 11 longkang guppies but gave credit to his 3-year-old for the triumph. much to the delight of the baby, who now knows what ‘fish’ is. (when asked “where’s the fish?”, she’d waddle to the kitchen where the fish was subsequently held captive in their fishtank. they were all to die tragically 24 hours later – death by chlorinated water. talk about irresponsible pet owners, tsk.)


the boy spent quality time with his yai today (no doubt glued to the video game console), while the girl spent quality time with her daddy (trawling sim lim and funan, future techie in training). and mommy, err, spent quality time with her friend in retail therapy. ahh, the life.

“let’s go, my engine’s revved up!”

nope, it’s not turning out to be a SAHM week after all. there’s to be no staying at home, that’s fer sure.

7 Responses to “not SAHM-ing”
  1. liz says:

    auni’s so pretty!!! very geram tengok dia punya smile!

  2. FaiQah says:

    marina barrage’s water i ada confident sket nak campak fateha ke dlm cos like u said it’s cleaner than vivo’s. hehe.
    kesian betol ur longkang fish eh, but they dun last. and cheap hehe.

  3. Yati (JW) says:

    OMG!!! Auni look so cute in purple!!! OK…heart palpitating now just by looking at that lil girl’s face!

  4. saudari lee says:

    auni look so refreshing and very the matching from head to toe in purple. i suka sekarli!

  5. hana says:

    i also suka sekarli purple, can?? lol.

    yati, you also suka sekarli eh? :p

    yeah, the vivo wading pool seems to be always crowded!

    you geram, liz? if you see her antics, you’ll be even more geram.

  6. Yati (JW) says:

    Hana : Yah lor I loikke purple laaa…although most of my wardrobe is black! :-P

  7. zu says:

    hana dear, be careful with that longkang fishing at Bottle Tree. Brought Alya there but plan terus cancelled when we saw 2 kids with wat looks like rashes on their legs/feet, waddle in the pond. Kid’s Kampung much better, hygiene wise, since they dun allow kids to waddle in the longkang.

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