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the wedding was without the person most dear to her – her father, my uncle. he’d passed on recently, not long after my own father did.

as such, bonds between certain parties were not the same as it used to be, but thankfully, our generation of cousins still have each others’ support, no matter what (sorry to say) crap the elders are going through. (yes, i am bitter. alas, washing family laundry in public is not very pleasant. and, if anything, is a happy, happy place.)

in any case, the wedding went WONDERFULLY, with enough love and laughter to go around, and us cousins (plus the little nephews and nieces!) couldn’t be happier for her. :)

the late Atan grandchildren & great-grandchildren

wedding cake by Shamilah

azfar, who acted as his older sister’s wali, or “guardian”. that means “authorised”, by the way, but apparently not to certain parties. ha ha. (in-joke.) again, so proud of him, can?

Anugerah non-finalist turns Wedding Singer

some mutual friends

some old friends

Official Guardian of the Playground

Operation Flower Girl: Fail Whale!

i wished my mum was around, she’s on holiday for a week at sabah with her sister’s family. which is why i’m on leave too, to hang out with the kids.

and now i hear the little one stirring in her cot. think she’s just woken up from a loooong nap. fetching aniq from school, and buying tulang for dinner later, you know.

tata! have a great week, happy, happy people. :)


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