we adore our little girl. she’s starting to show her personality and from the looks of it, she’s going to be just like her brother!!
btw, no baby was harmed in the making of this video clip :)

10 Responses to “such great heights”
  1. Yati (JW) says:

    She is one tough cookie alrite! Adorable & Cheeky as ever!
    Auni, you make me want to try harder, you cute little thing you! :-)

  2. Farhana says:

    Okay Hana; I don’t mind babysitting her till u’re done with the 25hrs of the 25 episode of GGS2. lol!!

  3. Lynn says:

    Cutenyer!!!! I see I cannot tahan you know!!!
    Who do they take after eh? I don’t think you both husband and wife are that cheeky/playful kan? I can’t imagine either one of you is like those kids of yours. Maybe you should take a video of hana or izad with that cheeky and playfulness. What say you??? lol

  4. aliyah says:

    i feel like squeezing her…..cute eh kids at her age.

  5. saudari lees says:

    lol! lol! auni is so cute lar!! cannot tahan!

  6. FaiQah says:

    opocot!!! jatuh plak hehehe cutenyer auni
    aniq tak baik tau buat adik camtu heheh

  7. nor says:

    hahaha…was laffing my heart out when Auni knocked against the wall.
    she reminded me of that little girl in Monsters Inc. when she had that cylinder-shaped thingy over her head. So cute! =p
    i hope my baby girl will grow up lasak like that. Auni’s a tough cookie, alright. Best!

  8. pak ngah says:

    ah auni can use tt for auny nur’s wedding when u become the flower girl

  9. Sham says:

    Hi Hana, may i have the contact of your tukang urut? Thanks.

  10. izadd says:

    she’s turning out to be the livewire of the family, trying to outdo whatever things her brother is doing!!

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