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we made a discovery the other day, while we were writing down our orders at eighteen chefs.

no, our little boy did not suddenly break into a calligraphy of a shakespeare’s sonnet. no, he did not even manage to list down his own order of cheese fries and hot chocolate.

well, you have to start somewhere. chicken scratches are a start. even though chickens are known to never end up writing great script.

it’s the letter A, yo!

it’s funny coz of all the things we never got around to doing, is to shove a pencil in his hand and force him to churn out the alphabets on demand. so it was something of a surprise for us. i was hoping it’d be something he’d pick up on his own when he’s ready. so apparently, he’d already picked it up in school… somewhat. (coz the letters ‘A’ and ‘I’ are about as far as it goes, lol.)

and another thing we discovered was his ability to draw… stick figures. you know, with a head, eyes, a mouth, limbs. he calls it “alien” though. wth?!

needless to say, i guffawed to no end when i saw his artwork. (i still do.)

his daddy asked why his alien was hypnotised. (refer to googly eyes.)

when i was small, i remember being forced into one of those supplementary art classes in school on saturdays, and we were taught drawing methods in precise shapes to form figures like, say, chickens. you know, e.g. big circle for body, small circle for head, smaller circle for eye, triangle for beak, oval for eggs, etc. it was sooo weird. it was more like a math lesson. where was art, in its freeform style? sky – must be blue. grass – here’s green crayon. sun – yellow, of course. it’s a good way of finding out whether one has colour blindness.

as for my penmanship, that went pretty well. no chicken scratches there. teachers used to write in my report books commending my “neat” handwriting. like how important that turned out to be, in this age of perpetual typing and incessant texting. :p



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i’d meant to bring the family somewhere for an overnight stay where it’s near and cheap and that wouldn’t require a tedious drive across the causeway, but bogged down by sheer inertia and procrastination, it didn’t happen. so on the last day of our week-long holiday last week, we decided last minute to just hop onto the ferry to batam for a day trip, just for the heck of it.


we left aniq to spend time with his grandpa and uncles, and brought mum along, who was equally curious of the place.


it reminded me of old shopping centres in malaysia. (not the KLCC types, of course.) nothing much to shop for, so we concentrated on, erm, eating. which izad was more than happy to do.


i liked the Breadtalk spree the best. and so did auni, as you can see. she devoured a whole cheesy bread thingy by herself.


the thing about not driving up was, we couldn’t bring back a load of stuff, so we had to give a miss to a lot of cheap groceries and toiletries at the hypermart. and concentrated on bringing back these instead, which went like half the price of that in SG.

my loot!

for $40 a ferry ticket, i think the next time we head there, it’d better be for a spa resort holiday.

goodbye batam!


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the olympus e-p1 ‘digital pen’, the retro style camera that i’ve been drooling for the longest time. it will definitely make a great father’s day gift but unfortunately its not out yet. coming soon in july!!


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who doesn’t like the airport? i do! i still harbour a deep desire to one day be employed within the grounds of the changi terminals. maybe after i retire i can be the janitor there or something, who knows.

for now, h1n1 or not, it’s one of our favourite places to go to whenever we run out of air-conditioned open spaces for the kids to run around.

budget playdates. discussions of the fall of changi airport’s spot to world’s number 3. temasekholdings and outsourcing. discovery of bigger portions at the food outlets thanks to travelling angmohs’ feedback. potato chip confiscations on budget airlines… we learn something new everyday, not just the kids. who are always, always busy learning, from everything and nothing.








and what better way to end the day than a home-cooked meal by someone who’s not me? :)

home made fish and chips!

tomorrow’s itinerary: we’ll know when the sun comes up.

now, where are those passports…


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so we’re halfway through our week-long break.

we let aniq ditch school from tuesday onwards, and since our half-cooked plans to get out of the country didn’t look like it’d materialise, i thought, what the heck, we can still have fun right here without getting our passports stamped, dammit.

no fixed itinerary. just free-and-easy.

at marina barrage, after our holiday ‘tradition’ of a mackers big breakfast.

a panoramic view of the skyline marred by cranes and buildings undergoing construction, some information about water (i think, ha haha), a wide open grass area that’d be great for kite-flying or a picnic (if one doesn’t mind a suntan while at it). and a shallow wading pool thingy, alike the one at vivo, except, perhaps, cleaner. nothing makes kiddies happier than splashing about in a bit of water on a hot day. coz they’re easily amused like that.


and after all that sun, a bit of ice kacang was called for. these were particularly good.


can’t you tell? they were so good, daddy’s ratty handkerchief had to double up as a bib for the little one, who dug in with as much relish as the rest of us.


Bottle Tree Park, where some pathetic attempts at fishing took place. lol!


for $10, we got a boy with his pants soaked, mommy with slimy feet from pond scum, baby with restraint fishermen instincts, and daddy who caught 11 longkang guppies but gave credit to his 3-year-old for the triumph. much to the delight of the baby, who now knows what ‘fish’ is. (when asked “where’s the fish?”, she’d waddle to the kitchen where the fish was subsequently held captive in their fishtank. they were all to die tragically 24 hours later – death by chlorinated water. talk about irresponsible pet owners, tsk.)


the boy spent quality time with his yai today (no doubt glued to the video game console), while the girl spent quality time with her daddy (trawling sim lim and funan, future techie in training). and mommy, err, spent quality time with her friend in retail therapy. ahh, the life.

“let’s go, my engine’s revved up!”

nope, it’s not turning out to be a SAHM week after all. there’s to be no staying at home, that’s fer sure.


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the wedding was without the person most dear to her – her father, my uncle. he’d passed on recently, not long after my own father did.

as such, bonds between certain parties were not the same as it used to be, but thankfully, our generation of cousins still have each others’ support, no matter what (sorry to say) crap the elders are going through. (yes, i am bitter. alas, washing family laundry in public is not very pleasant. and, if anything, is a happy, happy place.)

in any case, the wedding went WONDERFULLY, with enough love and laughter to go around, and us cousins (plus the little nephews and nieces!) couldn’t be happier for her. :)

the late Atan grandchildren & great-grandchildren

wedding cake by Shamilah

azfar, who acted as his older sister’s wali, or “guardian”. that means “authorised”, by the way, but apparently not to certain parties. ha ha. (in-joke.) again, so proud of him, can?

Anugerah non-finalist turns Wedding Singer

some mutual friends

some old friends

Official Guardian of the Playground

Operation Flower Girl: Fail Whale!

i wished my mum was around, she’s on holiday for a week at sabah with her sister’s family. which is why i’m on leave too, to hang out with the kids.

and now i hear the little one stirring in her cot. think she’s just woken up from a loooong nap. fetching aniq from school, and buying tulang for dinner later, you know.

tata! have a great week, happy, happy people. :)


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footsie fc wore their new kit yesterday for the first time against nie in a friendly at the tampines safra.
sporting a sleek new black adidas kit, footsie fc was at an all-time high morale mood to extend their unbeatable run.

Footsie FC

perhaps we were rusty (last friendly was 2 months ago!) or just plain unfit,
the younger nie team ran riot against us, beating us 5-3.
nevertheless, footsie fc as usual throughly enjoyed the game and hope to build up the camaraderie among the players.

Footsie FC Vs NIE

as the saying goes, “kalah tak aper, style mau ada!” translated loosely as lose nevermind, style must have. we all agree that the new kit looks good and stylo! thanks to ashiq for sourcing them out for us!

Ashiq the Model


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my wallpaper of the month!


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we adore our little girl. she’s starting to show her personality and from the looks of it, she’s going to be just like her brother!!
btw, no baby was harmed in the making of this video clip :)


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