i don’t think i’ve officially introduced this much-anticipated baby here on our blog, sooo, everybody, please meet baby Natra Ashalina!


she’s a month old now, and her newly-minted parents brought her out for her first post-confinement trip to town. i’ve never seen a baby with such a perfectly-shaped sharp nose, my own babies having come out of my birth canal with flattened, squishy ones. :p

there was some serious shopping to be done, as with most mums after being released from forty days of maternity imprisonment. and some serious catching up to do with the gang.


as a welcome-into-the-world-of-shopping gift, aunty hana got the baby something which made the other aunties want baby girls even more. and now her mummy has something that her idol nicole ritchie has, other than a baby girl and an infinite amount of style, that is – a pair of Heelarious heels.

luckily, we had a ‘model’ baby that evening, baby Elsa (whom we all agreed looks like a combination of lilo and stitch, and is all of 6 months old cuteness), and true to the word, the Heelarious heels were… hilarious.

iP1030988 iP1030989
iP1030990 iP1030996

these Heelarious baby’s first heels are actually very soft (and highly glamourous) satin pumps, and meant for babies about 0-6 months who aren’t able to even stand up yet. i admit i was creeped out at first by the idea but when i saw and felt them for myself, it was just toooo adorable and yes, hilarious, indeed. definitely LOL-worthy!

they’re really great as novelty gifts, especially for fashionista mums, and i know there are plenty of them out there. (and in true fashionista mode, esah’s already planning for natra to wear them for hari raya, with which outfit. hah! mak nenek or what!?)


the heels are totally soft and cushiony, so they’re not for babies to walk in (believe me, i tried to squeeze them on auni but her feet are already too big and she’d have mauled the thing in ten seconds), and because they’re so soft, they won’t impede the babies’ growth in any way. jimmy choo should seriously look into this market. :p

heel3 heel4

hey you know i love to care and share my finds, right? ;)

well guess what, my friend Mei sells these and other cute baby products at her site, mummylicious AND she’s giving you a 10% discount on ALL products, including these Heelarious baby heels! all you have to do is send her an email with your orders at mummylicious@gmail.com with HANA in the subject title. really. really really. :)


so, baby Natra, welcome again to the world of shopping – in style, no less. coz you’re never too young to look fashionable! :D

baby Natra

*oh, and mei says, closing date for this exclusive discount is 8 June 09, so email her quick. :)

13 Responses to “baby’s first”
  1. lynn maharet says:

    now that u’ve mentioned it..yes hidung natra so mancung!!! hahaah

    and definitely here she looks like daddy! hehe

  2. esah says:

    yes yes, after seeing fadz’s newborn pic, chop & confirm that natra is a carbon copy of her daddy! sebijik!!

    and tnx again babe for the Heelarious heels! can’t wait for natra to wear them.. so mentel and mak nenek LOL!

  3. saudari lee says:

    love the heels! lol! very the mak nenek like! haha! and yes, mancung hidung natra! pee wit!! :)

  4. is says:

    thk she’s a mix. combining e best of both parents’ features, isnt it? but the mancung nose -’she got it from her mama!”

  5. esah says:

    hehe tnx.. i think she got her mancung nose fm her daddy. mine not so mancung! :P

  6. mahd says:

    Natra is uber-gorgeous with the sharp nose…and with those heels, wow! Hehehehe

  7. nunu says:

    natra is going to be one gorgeous lady when she grows up! :D

  8. jetaime says:

    wahh jari so panjang..halus.. muda macam fadz..nice mata.. sigh.. u lucky girls..get to carry, smooch, gigit the baby!! and esah!!! selimmmmmmm kau! :P

  9. hana says:

    ayu, muda ke muka? lol.

    no doubt she’s a beauty, mum and dad evidence of good-looking genes lah. :)

  10. fadzzi says:

    muda macam aku. Aisayman. Thanks Ayu. Must be the haircut. RT @ayu wahh jari so panjang..halus.. muda macam fadz..nice mata.. sigh.. u lucky girls..get to carry, smooch, gigit the baby!! and esah!!! selimmmmmmm kau!

  11. hana says:

    @fadzzi sejak bila blog ni jadi twitter…?!

  12. jetaime says:

    ahhahaha muka lah!!! lol!!! fadz dah hook to twitter kot!!

  13. Salinna says:

    yeah! hidung mancung! nice name and she’s sucha pretty baby!

    cant wait to see Natra in that red heelarious heels! :)

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