we were at is’s place a couple of weeks back for a family gathering when she served us homemade burgers. and boy, do they taste really good! so good that i asked for the recipe and tried it out last weekend. basically its from jamie oliver’s burger recipe but he uses steak meat which is definitely fresher than your minced beef meat that you get from the supermarket. and where in singapore can you get free range chicken eggs?

anyway, if you must follow his recipe religiously, you can check out the recipe here


so i did try to follow the recipe as instructed.


i fried some chopped onions


pounded the cumin and coriander seeds together. add the black pepper and salt for taste.


added the ingredients together which included the breadcrumbs, grated parmesan cheese, egg and english mustard.


mix well, if its too sticky, add more breadcrumbs.


shaped ‘em into err, burgers and sprinkle more breadcrumbs. leave in fridge for around an hour.


fry them in olive oil.


all done, enjoy!!

16 Responses to “the making of a very tasty burger”
  1. nahuya says:

    rom a fellow cook to another,

    well done! looks yummylicious! : )

  2. mary says:

    this makes me HUNGRY! can practically smell the burger patty through the screen

  3. lilbug says:

    i tried this recipe and boy i’ve never look back since..even my sis request me to make these from time to time for her children..i tried to get chuck steak from local butcher but they don’t know which part of the cow is chuck steak.. i heard if you buy from tekka market they would know..if you watch jamie’s show, their local butcher takes pride in their job by knowing how to cook the different parts of meat best. i also use the ends of the bread (the unwanted) and grind them using handblender. and if i’m not wrong you can get free range eggs from cold storage or get them from any supermarkets in orchard road..they have out of the world stuffs there…the last i went took me hours…so many things to check out.

  4. izadd says:

    i always prefer cold storage than giant, they seems to have lots of interesting stuff!

    thanks lilbug for the info, will check them out!

  5. Faiqah says:

    bro, you made me salivate, man!

  6. minah_YZy says:

    wah!!! sedapnyer!!! (i tink! coz it looks v nice!) and it doesnt help tt i only had breakfast today. thx for sharing!

  7. raraavis says:

    yeay!!! another one had a go at it and a successful attempt indeed!! well done!

    i juz love the part when u gotta mix all the ingredients and the meat. cheese in there!! wohoo!!

    that reminds me to hold another hamburger party.

  8. mrs rendra says:

    wow!! it sure does look good!! next potluck, u must do this for us!!

  9. hana says:

    hamburger patty for a hamburger party? i like the sound of that. =)

  10. is says:

    glad you like it. that night was e second time we serve e burgers for guests. first time was a hit too! and it’s so easy to make isnt it?

    must say, faizal is e one who likes to do the mixing n shaping the patties..n he does it much nicer n neater than e ones i do..so i guess he is e burgerdil guy in the house..sampai he willingly volunteer to make em!

  11. Kynne says:

    The Market Place and few NTUC branches sell free range eggs from NZ, if I’m not mistaken. But like all organic products, they’re very expensive. I bought a 10-pack once, cost me over 20 buckaroos. -_-
    But the taste is way better than normal battery eggs! :)

  12. Lis says:

    ~now that’s what I call FOOD!! Though it has weird and funny look, I can’t help imagining the taste of it…yyyummmmmmmy!!!

  13. Red Herring says:

    Ah, so desu neh. I did try making homemade patties once, but oh-so-basic-survival-type: just salt, garlic, onions, ground black peppers and the obligatory egg to bind them all. Heh. Boleh lah. No one died eating them patties. ;)

  14. lynn maharet says:

    hmmm chef izad..kalau i pakai cumin and coriander powder instead ..u think ok tak? coz i have lots of them haha

  15. izadd says:

    hey lyn sorry for the late reply!

    if you want to use the powder instead its perfectly fine but the smell might not be as fragrant as the freshly ground ones!

  16. lynn maharet says:

    ah..ok i shall not compromise on the flavour..will get them seeds and err batu lesung! whawha..

    thanks ya!

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