just a few highlights from the brother-in-law’s wedding.

i) the beautiful setting at pias plaza, pasir ris park. don’t bother googling it, it’s so new, the place isn’t even on the map. it’s this open hall amidst a background of greenery, perfect for that garden wedding we wished we’d had in our days.

pasir ris park

ii) as you can see, this was my favourite spot of the day. and obviously, aniq’s.

gleeful mummy with candy

for me, it wasn’t so much the spread of candies and chocs, which obviously was the draw for aniq and all his little friends. it was the innovative concept, the loving attention to details, and the pretty, pretty colours – i think we’ve established that i’m a sucker for such things.

all of them very nice

iii) as i had my hands full running after the little girl who was going berserk with all that grass to trod and trample on, i didn’t get to witness the little feeding ritual of milk and banana between the bride and groom. we thought it was a quaint and interesting tradition, but never got to find out its cultural significance.

drink your milk

iv) the best thing about the juahir family’s weddings, i must say, is the food! the nasi padang and satay alone are worth going to their weddings for. so now you know where izad gets his love for traditional food from – yes, his family. and to top it off, there was an unending flow of piping hot pisang goreng which i stuffed myself with throughout the day. but, er, please don’t tell anyone that.

pisang goreng panas panas

v) the popcorn machine which i’d love to have kept for myself, if i knew how to work the thing. then again, izad’s other brothers and cousins were all professional popcorn makers by the end of the day, so i could hire them to do the work for minimum wage.

tiga abdul

vi) the kids who thoroughly enjoyed themselves over the two days. mainly, the band of four sticky, smelly, sweaty boys. thanks is, for sponsoring their colour-coordinated shirts.

keretapi budak berbaju polo

vii) the wedding croquembouche, sponsored by the groom’s generous eldest sibling, ie. izad, and by proxy, hana. we were exceedingly pleased that the colours turned out exactly right, thanks to the brilliant people at the patissier.

gambar croquembouche lagi

am now seriously considering getting a mini version for auni’s first birthday, just because i didn’t get enough of it at the wedding, dang.


viii) and last, but not least, the gorgeous couple. of course.

pengantin kelihatan berseri

pengantin emi dan hajar

everlasting love to you, emi+hajar. :)

so now, i am officially… The Da Jie!

(ps: is there a manual somewhere on How To Be A Da Jie that i can refer to, you think?)

25 Responses to “wedding highlights”
  1. Mira says:

    Hi Hana, happened to visit yr interesting blog. I am very impressed with yr BIL’s wedding and coincidentally looking for a Jawa themed kompang for my wedding. Bapak I la..die die nak ikot roots wak jawa dia.. If you don’t mind, would you pls tell me which kompang services did he use? Thanks! =)

  2. hana says:

    you could try http://www.srimahligai.com
    good luck!

  3. hana says:

    oh wait, you asked for kompang, i’m not sure about that. the one i mentioned above is the group that provided traditional music during the wedding. sorry.

  4. liz says:

    oh my, lovely lovely concept! attention to details is right. they sure got everything down!

  5. hana says:

    see that little paper bag i was holding? we’re supposed to scoop the candies into it. so cute. :)

  6. rin says:

    Hi Kak Hana..

    I love reading ur entries lah..

    Btw, can I check with you where you ordered/buy the croquembouche?
    Thanks.. and stay sweets!

  7. emi+hajar says:

    We are back! YEA!..well u dun need a bk to refer to…..u r gd the way u r!

  8. lynn maharet says:

    oh yes lovely venue for a wedding!!! sigh… nak kawin lagik can? hahaha

    and the wedding cake’s unique sey..

    ah mebe u can do auni’s bday at the park? hehehe

  9. Salinna says:

    sucha splendid wedding!
    congrats to them :)

  10. jetaime says:

    wahhhhhhhhhh :) hehehe nice wedding!

  11. groovyladies says:

    baju jawa pengantin so cantik. the bride looks so gorgeous. which bridal?

  12. lyna says:

    hi hana,

    I’ve sent two emails to whims n fancies for a diaper cake order since sunday but no replies. let me know wads de status on this k…dunno if you guys are still operating or not…thanks

  13. hana says:

    hi lyna, looks like the mailbox is jammed! sorry about that… :)

    groovy, which bridal eh? hmm, i’m guessing chinta? kinda forgot, so many new ones out there now!

    ayu, pls master the skill of making croquembouche before you come back ok. tak payah kita order kat patissier.

    lynn, if you ask me, no i wouldn’t want to go through another wedding, whether it’s at a park or istana or whatever… lol.

    emi+hajar, we’ll see you tonite!! you better have good souvenirs from your honeymoon for your Da Jie. :p

    rin, we ordered from The Patissier: http://www.thepatissier.com/

  14. lyna says:

    hey hana,

    hope you can email me bout de details…thanks!

    need the diaper cake by next tues if possible…

  15. irris says:

    Eh, da-jie means big sister

    da-sao means SIL.

    So u ni da-jie ke da-sao?

    Haha, thanks to my mandarin class on thurs nights.

  16. hana says:

    ouhh da-sao eh?? ok, thanks for the lesson, lol! yes, that’s what i am.

    hi lyna, afraid that’s not possible.. :( you might want to try other dpcake makers. thanks babe!

  17. rahyan says:

    wat a splendid wedding!! love all the details! sigh……too bad we’re 8 yrs late for such a wedding. LOL!

  18. Faiqah says:

    heheheehe you’ll be one vogue Da Jie

  19. arina says:

    Hi, kak hana…
    love yar blog entries… u look so dashin esp wif yar 2 kids… nwae may i ask wat is yar BIL wedding caterer…very nice ah…
    coz my sis is looking for one..thanks for the help…;)

  20. lyna says:

    hey hana,

    wads de advancement notice like for the diaper cake? think my friend can hold her baby in for a lil bit longer…lol

  21. Wati says:

    AMAZING!!! Fabulicious!! Yummylicious..the f00d esp candies i lurve muahaha
    The whole theme is awesomeamazing!!!
    I lurve their JAWA trad clothes….
    A truly TRAD WEDDING amidst of modern theme

  22. k says:

    Hi Hana..quite sometime dat i’ve follow ur interesting blogs..
    dah cam stalker heh heh..
    nak tumpang tanyer boleh..
    yang wedding tu,they all rent popcorn machine tu kat mana eh??
    thinking of renting it also for birthday celebration..
    thanks auni mummy

  23. lin says:

    hi hana.. saw a popcorn machine in the wedding pix.. may i know which company did the bride & groom rent it? want to have it too for my wedding. unfortunately my caterer do not have such machine. thanks in advance. :)

  24. Fara says:

    Hi hana, bleh email me the wedding caterer? Thanks!

  25. hana says:

    sorry, i don’t have the details!

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