our winning streak continues as we notched another win. for the first time, footsie fc players have to wake up early on a sunday morning for football.
but it was worth it as we won 2-1 against the Tanjong Katong Tech Sch Alumni, who were more than a match for us. we took our chances well, although some of us were guilty of a few sitters :)

but, it really doesn’t matter as we run out eventual winners. goals were scored by nazfarah in the 34 mins and fadz in the 55 mins. more pictures in flickr.

Footsie FC And TKTS Alumni

5 Responses to “friendly sunday (APAD)”
  1. Azfar says:

    as you can see, everyone’s red as a lobster. hehe!

  2. nymph says:

    how come i dnt recognise anyone in white..? field looks familiar tho’. ahakz! :p

  3. mrs rendra says:

    congrats footsie FC for winning despite the many absentees! :p

  4. izadd says:

    thanks mrs rendra, kudos to your husband for a great tactical strategy that worked in our favour despite missing many key players. for one, i’m still recovering from my injury but still managed to play around 60 mins of football. but great teamwork nevertheless!

  5. yati says:

    Are you interested to have a game with SATS guys? pm this man at renodanial@yahoo.com

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