picture of my brother with his bride. taken at pasir ris park during the akad nikah. so happy for them, finally married! already been together for more than 10 years i think! anyway, they are off on their honeymoon to a resort island, somewhere near Queensland, Australia.

APAD - with this ring, i wed thee

ps: i know, i’ve been slow in updating in the pictures department, my APAD section was sort of, in a coma for the past month. anyway come 1st april i will update the section with more pictures, promise!

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  1. mamafai says:

    Congrats to your bro.. oh.. this is siti hajar kan? wedding at Pasir Ris Park?

  2. Fina says:

    Congrat to Emi & Hajar.. Baju pantin is SO lawa…

  3. hana says:

    hi mamafai, yep, this is the one at pasir ris park. :)

  4. Nasha says:

    Hi there, stumbled into ur blog, this wedding looks beautiful! may i know wat decor did ur fren use? :) thanks!

  5. hana says:

    jentayu: http://thejentayugallery.multiply.com
    more pics of the beautiful wedding, err, soon. :)

  6. Nasha says:

    Hi ! ohh its jentayu… the decor is super nice, put up more pics if u can hehe :)

  7. nini says:

    hi there. truly gorgeous wedding. Congrats to both of them.

    btw as indicated above u said they’ve been together for more than 10yrs. Are they from the same school (ITE Bedok)?
    Apologized if I am wrong.

  8. izadd says:

    hey nini, indeed very long indeed, from ite to lasalle to pelamin!!

    so you know them from school?

  9. nini says:

    wow…cool. alhamdullillah they make it this far.

    in fact i dun reali know them, i tink they are my senior in school. i find them rather familiar especially wen i saw the wifey name, it seem to ring a bell. she is gorgeous with the make up that i only recognized her from the name. hehe… if im not wrong they too from building drafting in ite. ;-p

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