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our winning streak continues as we notched another win. for the first time, footsie fc players have to wake up early on a sunday morning for football.
but it was worth it as we won 2-1 against the Tanjong Katong Tech Sch Alumni, who were more than a match for us. we took our chances well, although some of us were guilty of a few sitters :)

but, it really doesn’t matter as we run out eventual winners. goals were scored by nazfarah in the 34 mins and fadz in the 55 mins. more pictures in flickr.

Footsie FC And TKTS Alumni


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picture of my brother with his bride. taken at pasir ris park during the akad nikah. so happy for them, finally married! already been together for more than 10 years i think! anyway, they are off on their honeymoon to a resort island, somewhere near Queensland, Australia.

APAD - with this ring, i wed thee

ps: i know, i’ve been slow in updating in the pictures department, my APAD section was sort of, in a coma for the past month. anyway come 1st april i will update the section with more pictures, promise!


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the coldplay concert in singapore, what can I say? perhaps the best concert in singapore for 2009.


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record time: ten months and a week. not too bad, i guess. :)

she did wait for me to come back from work before she launched into a full-fledged totter towards me. she didn’t even show off to her oma whom she was with the whole day, so i think she must’ve been reaaally glad to see me at the end of the day. hehe.

meanwhile, glimmers of her personality have begun to shine through. she may look docile, but this is no girly-girl you’re messing with. numerous falls and bumps hardly faze her, and she’s even made bigger boys cry with her fierceness (and no, not aniq, who has been doing pretty well as the relenting big brother). perhaps it’s to do with being a younger sibling of a tough brother, a survival of the fittest, or in her case, survival of the loudest shriek and the strongest hold on a toy or an object, lol. hey, no one taught her, so it’s gotta be instinct. but don’t worry, we’ll work on rehabilitating her.

but i think i like having a fiesty little girl.


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i think we’ve established that when it comes to planning a do, we really go all out. coz we’re mad like that.

the girls, they’re all incredibly talented individuals, i tell you. and collectively, they’re like the Powerpuff Girls – with the emphasis on Power, of course.

the baby shower theme that the uber-hawt mom-to-be came up with was Hollywood Glamour, and the colours picked were gold and black. yeah, bling, baybeh! :D

being fans of hollywood celeb babies that we all are, plus the remnants of oscar fever still lingering in the air, it was a theme that we took to with (gold-laden) open arms. can you spot Suri, Harlow, Honor and company on the (not) red carpet?


there was the fab food – mouth-watering pastas, pastries, potato salad, all kudos to the appointed ‘head chef’ and everyone else who contributed from their own kitchens. and the fab deco – special thanks to Luxe Nuptials for the use of all things black and gold that was hantaran-and-wedding-worthy to decorate the hotel room with. an entire coop of black chickens was even massacred for aesthetic purposes, lol.

High Tea is served!
high-tea menu: eclairs, macarons, danish pastries, sandwiches, gold cupcakes, mini blueberry muffins, mini quiches, mini fruit tartlets, pasta, chicken potato salad.

Favours Fruit juices
shower favours… gold “champagne”

Whims & Fancies Diaper Cake
our gift to baby. not commissioned one, ok.

there were games and prizes, of which almost each of us won at some point. congrats to farah for her finely-tuned tastebuds (gerber baby food expert, she is) and scissors-paper-stone skill (a tie-breaker between her and Is). also to raihan ruslan, who unwittingly won the pass-the-pampers-full-of-poo contest (of course, it would’ve been more exciting with real baby poo, but we value our dresses waay too much to risk that, even those who only spent $5 on their outfit, hmph). oh, and i won the celebs’ baby names contest, which i sorta cheated on. oops, sorry. alah, who wants my plastic femmebot piggybank prize anyway? no one right?? :D

Guess the Gerber! Yuk...
Guess the Gerber! and Pass the Pampers!

and most importantly, the glam-but-gila company. fortunately, i was holding auni, who was almost terrified of the hairy momoks and clung to me for dear life, so i managed to avoid being implicated in this scary spice scene and maintained posh spice. ho ho!


Nicole Ritchie with Harlow Winter Drunken Dragonball

to baby N, know that your beloved aunties did all this for the love of you and your mummy (never mind that it ended up more like a hen party than baby shower, heh). your mummy has been wanting to have you so much, you’re the blessing she’s been wishing for, for so long. and now we ALL can’t wait to meet you and be part of your life.

not to mention the soo many things we can’t wait to do to you – to pay back for all the bullying your daddy did on our own little kids! :D


ps: if you follow your mummy’s gorgeous genes, i would like to place aniq on the waiting list, pls. thank you.

The Glam Girls


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ok, so just how do you define a ‘blogshop’, eh?
thoughts please!


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the last time we brought aniq to the kids dentist was about a year ago, and we were supposed to follow up six months later but kinda forgot about it, until an opportunity came up for a not-so-far-in-the-distance slot (you know how impossible it is to make dental appointments within the foreseeable future!), thanks to, erm, a ‘special arrangement’. :)

the boy was compliant as ever, answering the doc’s questions (or at least tries to, lol!), opening his mouth and spitting out according to instruction.

to cut the story short, his set of teeth is complete for now, at a full 20. all gappy and nicely spaced out, according to the doc. plaque and stains had inevitably set in despite our best efforts, so those were promptly scraped and polished off. thankfully, his candy intake is still *somewhat* under control, so no cavities for now.

and after the lil baby teeth were restored to their pearly white glory, the doc pronounced that we need only come back for another visit a year later. :)


his choice of toy from the toy chest this time? after careful deliberation via a thorough elimination process (car? no. spiderman? no. ball? no.), he chose a… bottle of bubbles. wahliao. pay dental fees so expensive, choose 30cent toy. wth.

and speaking of teeth, after a few days of swollen gums, her first tooth FINALLY erupted, like the tip of an iceberg. we only discovered it righhhht after the visit to the dentist. we’re still unable to actually view it, just stuck our finger in her mouth and felt the rough edge. sho cute.


and no, she’s still not biting me. or any part of my anatomy. i’ve scolded her a few times before, so i think she got the point.

how? nice or not, my teeth??


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