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return after read (APAD)

took aniq for a ride to the library to return the library books.
he enjoys the trip so much that he wants me to send him to school tomorrow on the bicycle!

picture taken outside tampines library.

Exposure: 0.033 sec (1/30)
Aperture: f/2
Focal Length:5.1 mm
ISO Speed: 400

taken with LX3, edited with lightroom 2


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i guess i haven’t been writing as much as i would have liked of late, due to a lot of things happening, that i simply can’t keep up.

especially with this little girl.

Auni @ 8 months

she’s only just starting to show glimmers of her personality lately. otherwise, she’s still quite a mystery to us. yeah, seriously.

Auni @ 8 months

sure, she’s by and large the smiley baby you see in the pictures. her laughs are still characteristically… ‘inaudible’ – coupled with crinkly eyes and nose – but her displeasures are definitely vocal.

she’ll growl along with you like a revved-up engine when you point out the cars zooming past outside the window, and she’ll growl too as she attempts to play with her brother’s toy vehicles or anything that resembles one.

Aniq & Auni playing

she calls out for her abang in an excitable “AH!” or “BA!” each time she spots him, and they’ll engage in some playful tussle, very much like two little sibling kittens.

speaking of kittens, she’s as curious of the feline creatures as they are of her, but when you put her close to one, she’ll pull herself back and look away. same thing with the $5.95 touch-and-feel pop-up book on cats i just bought for her from borders the other day – she touched the furry bits and immediately retracted her hands, and i think i may have traumatised her, coz one of the cats that popped out admittedly looked kinda creepy. oops.

there’s this stretch of pictures i’d pasted over her cot (from aniq’s baby days) and, to keep her from wriggling, have been pointing them out to her whenever i change her diaper/clothes, and the other day i asked her where the cat was, she seemed to register and looked up at the right picture, so mummy takes it that her pseudo flashcard attempt worked after all. :p

she’ll flail her arms when we look at birds flying. she’ll imitate my animated hand-waving to the incessant “bye bye!”s that accompany it. she’ll tap her hands when she hears music, and randomly claps when she’s excited for some reason. her favourite nursery rhyme is of a fat, clumsy egg who sat on the wall and fell.

she’s hopeless when i’m in sight, her arms will reach out to me, her face will crumble, and she’ll go “ehek.. ehek…”, and sometimes i try to hide myself behind whoever is trying to take her away. i deny labeling her as ‘clingy’, although she’ll cease and desist all forms of tears and protestations with immediate effect upon being handed over to me. the stranger wariness we skipped with aniq, we got with her, though i think it’s relatively mild – she’ll look away and bury her face, then look again to scrutinise the unfamiliar person. a shy one, this is turning out. then again, no no, i’m not going to do the labeling thing.


she’s got her brother’s pain threshold, as witnessed from the various bumps and bruises she’s inevitably collecting along the way. her love for crawling and climbing around (and at such speed!), and her ability to play by herself show that she can be an independent baby, also like her brother. but i’ll try not to label her as a tomboy, just yet.

sometimes the daddy and i look at her, chuckle, and go “she’s so cute eh?”. and the daddy will always try to take credit for it.

i still have things to write about, particularly about our recent stay chez hotel eastshore. bear with me. i’m known to be labelled as a bit ‘slow’.


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