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when you’re in the confines of an empty car with the radio airplay on repeat mode, your meandering mind tends to come up with some strange observations.

one being, that women these days are, in general, not a very happy lot, particularly with their male counterparts, as the evidence below will show.

1) beyonce declares that if she were a boy, she’d drink beer with the guys, and chase after girls, and kick it with who she wants, which is what her fictitional half does. (coz surely her real-life spouse, jay-z, doesn’t do that… right?)

2) katy perry gripes about how her supposed groom-to-be changes his mind like a girl changes clothes, and PMS like a bitch, drilling her infectious one-moment-hot-one-moment-cold refrain into his brain, and yours.

3) pink who just lost her husband (to divorce, not death), but so what, she’s still a rock star dammit, she’s got her rock moves (and loads of cash) so who needs him?!

4) britney proclaims, in all her usual articulate self, that her fella’s nothin’ but a womanizer, womanizer, oh a womanizer.

it’s a revolution, i tell you – women with the power to diss their men… and getting away with it (with royalties to boot)!

now, the men, on the other hand, are a bunch of lovelorn wussies these days. let’s see:

1) david archuleta whines about a crush. on a *girl*. (yaawn. i’m still rooting for him to lean the clay aiken way, give it time.)

2) neyo pines for bossy, independent babes who pay their own bills. (read: he’s a cheap date.)

3) t.i. offers his shawty whatever she wants. you know, the kinds of things you and me wants – bags, jets, stacks of rubberband banks. (hehe, i is rapping yo.)

4) some sick irish lads who refuse to move from a corner of a street just to wait for some girl. (how will they pee and shave and shower? not a great idea to woo a girl with a bursting bladder, grizzly beard, and B.O, i would say.)

then, to further reinforce how women have evolved into man-eating, power-crazy, power-hungry species, are the increasing emergence of shows such as:

1) sex & the city, or better known as SATC (THE show which probably set the wheels in motion for our generation’s iWoman-hear-me-roar-in-my-jimmychoos revolution.)
2) lipstick jungle (top honchos in the media, publishing, and fashion worlds, juggling demanding careers with neglected children, errant spouses, steamy affairs, etc.)
3) cashmere mafia (ditto above. with better casting.)
4) desperate housewives (which should really be changed to desperate husbands, coz the wives? not so desperate anymore.)

and in our local context, with girls making up the top psle students these days, it won’t be long before mediacorp catches on and comes up with our very own shows featuring high-powered women who’ve scrupulously climbed the corporate ladder or have superior hold over their spouses in the prime bukit timah suburbs. suggestions for show titles:

1) manicured CEOs in merlion city (shortform, MCMC)
2) stiletto singapura
3) kebaya mafia, and
4) don’t call me tai-tai

and to end this fluff entry, i leave you with katy perry’s other famous song, ‘i kissed a girl’, which sends a signal that girls are so self-sufficient and dissatisfied with the other gender these days that they’re eventually replacing men with other women in the equation. uh-oh. :D

Us girls we are so magical
Soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist so touchable
Too good to deny it
Ain’t no big deal, it’s innocent

*disclaimer: the above entry is merely a frivolous jibe at the opposite sex in general, and in no way intends to show disrespect or create ill-will towards our ‘better halves’, whom we need to throw the rubbish, make hot tea, and change the diapers… kidding! :p


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