hi, the guitar hero super bundle will arrive tomorrow afternoon. would you like us to do delivery….” as my sms beeped to inform me. finally after 3 months of wait, the guitar hero is finally here!! I was really hooked to the first version of guitar hero that i played at my dad’s house that i told myself if i got a ps3, guitar hero would be the first game i purchase. great timing it was that the latest version with drums will be coming out soon!

forward to friday 7 november, 6pm, as i await patiently for the delivery, 2 guys from the game shop arrived as expected with a very huge box!! yes, finally i could relive my childhood dream to be a drummer, haha!!

anyway, i’ve shot the unboxing of the guitar hero super bundle and did a short drumming session to show you what a great piece of gaming this is. so if you guys are up for a jamming session, you know where to come. :)

Unboxing Of Guitar Hero World Tour from izadnhana on Vimeo.

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  1. lynn maharet says:

    baik ah ! haha..dah leh form a band skarang hehe

  2. zan says:

    cool. where did u buy the set?

  3. adam & aeva says:

    sorry to invade & intrude guys..wow! it looks soooo damn cool lah & after watching the vidz..am not sure to get Wii OR PS3?
    *contemplating mode*

  4. izadd says:

    hey zan, i got it thru a local online game shop, gamebox.com

    a&a, it depends on whether you are a casual gamer or hardcore gamer. if you just play the occasional sports game or mario bros, wii is good enough, but if you love first party shooting games like metal gear solid or rpg games, nothing beats ps3, maybe xbox360, but having bluray is a big factor in me getting the ps3 over the xbox360. but be warn, ps3 games are dearer than xbox’s!

    btw, guitar hero game comes in all game systems, from wii to xbox360!

  5. visitor says:

    you’re loaded brudder! must be getting a lot of bonus lately!

  6. izadd says:

    the word is “was” loaded, as in the past tense… :)

  7. fidah says:

    izadd…. guitar hero bloody rocks lah ok! im in looooooooooooooooove with guitar hero! it’s been awhile since i got it out to play all cos ive been too busy. u shd get rock band too since u hv the drums. i heard it’s really cool.

  8. Miza says:

    Omg, you make me want to buy a PS3 and Guitar Hero World Tour! Yg ini punye dah mcm Rock Band eh.

  9. Yati (JW) says:

    LOL…I don’t normally comment on Izadd’s post but THIS I have to!

    Cool!!!….You look just like a small boy excited about his new toy, with that smirk on your face!!! Oh Boy!!! LOL

    ROck ON Brudder!!!!

    Hana, sabar, sabar…..I am sure you know this is not the end! LOL *Guys with their Gadgets*

  10. hana says:

    yah lor, what to dooo… terpaksa lah bini tahan gedebang gedebung tu, lol!
    kalau ada garage kan bagos. hmph.

  11. dayah says:


    guitar hero world tour!

  12. diah says:

    izadd, now time to form a band. The Cheetah BOYS!!!!

  13. liz says:

    hehehe.. and i was just wondering what kak hana’s opinion on this… gedebang gedebung eh?!

  14. hana says:

    that’s what the drumming sounds like to me, lol.
    the guitar – no comments! :p
    actually, i would’ve preferred wii, dapat exercise sikit. and not so shiok sendiri ha hahaa.

  15. sas says:

    Hey its damn fun ok. Me and hubby every wkend jamming on rockband. Hana u shld try join in too :P

  16. hana says:

    the animated ‘singers’ on the screen give me the creeps lor. lol!

  17. jetaime says:

    when i first came here, the guys went gaga over guitar hero! they had 2 guitars..so u can imagines when they compete with each other. I had fun too..feeling minah rockers main guitar!!! hehehe power power..i terror lagu Black magic woman u know! hahahahahaha n pls choose that sexy scary minah! ehhehehe

  18. jetaime says:

    *imagines eh? ahhahaha

  19. adam & aeva says:

    thanks izad & hana for the detailed replies!
    counting down to year-end bonus to get my Wii :))

  20. Carlita612 says:

    Wow how much izit? Saw at another local shop PLaycraft, theyre selling for 299, not sure whether dats ok or not.

  21. Smiling BKK says:

    Hello! I am one of your family’s random blog reader. Love the way u & your wife describe your everyday routines. No, I am not a stalker. Just love to read anything that brings a smile & laughter. :D

    Anyway, Xmas is coming and I would love to get the Guitar Hero World Tour for my hubby. Is your PS3 – PAL/NTSC/USZ version?

    Not sure which version of PS3 they sell in Singapore. Coz my hubby’s PS2 & Wii are both PAL versions. In Bangkok, most machines are modified.

    If u don’t mind, may I ask how much does the whole set costs in SIngapore? And can u recommend any good place to buy from pls? I’m going home to Singapore soon, so thot of checking out the stores for these but I am clueless when it comes to boys gadgets.

    Appreciate your advice. Thanks!

  22. izadd says:

    hey guys! sorry for the late replies, my workplace can’t access my blog ;)

    carlita612, i got it for $285 and yeah, the retail is price is $299

    smiling, my ps3 is multicode because my plasma can support all! but i guess the common ones are pal/ntsc.

    you want to buy ps3? check out this shop at eastpoint in simei, its a small game shop beside challenger. can get good price :)

  23. Smiling BKK says:

    Thank you!

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