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hi, the guitar hero super bundle will arrive tomorrow afternoon. would you like us to do delivery….” as my sms beeped to inform me. finally after 3 months of wait, the guitar hero is finally here!! I was really hooked to the first version of guitar hero that i played at my dad’s house that i told myself if i got a ps3, guitar hero would be the first game i purchase. great timing it was that the latest version with drums will be coming out soon!

forward to friday 7 november, 6pm, as i await patiently for the delivery, 2 guys from the game shop arrived as expected with a very huge box!! yes, finally i could relive my childhood dream to be a drummer, haha!!

anyway, i’ve shot the unboxing of the guitar hero super bundle and did a short drumming session to show you what a great piece of gaming this is. so if you guys are up for a jamming session, you know where to come. :)

Unboxing Of Guitar Hero World Tour from izadnhana on Vimeo.


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