ok, a few more hours before my time is up. (macam kena recall masok jail, or worse, kena execution gitu eh? :p)

am still feeling queasy, lethargic, a little achy and chilly from the leftover viral flu which i’d contracted on friday out of the blue, like what bad timing huh?

and nevermind that i had over six months (technically, is apr 3 to nov 3 considered seven months?) to get ‘things’ done, it’s simply… not enough!!

i’ve been trying to come up with a list of ‘accomplishments’, kinda like your half-yearly work appraisal thing you know. erm, so far, i think, not so impressive.

A. Work achievement/progress

Project I: Baby A

i) Gave birth to Baby. (with least possible incurrence of additional hospitalisation costs.)
Progress: Completed

ii) Placed Baby to sleep in own room and through the night by eight weeks.
Progress: Completed

iii) Provided complete nourishment for Baby 0-6months, direct from source. (with no supplementary requirements.)
Progress: On-going

iv) Provided basic care to Baby. (including clothing, bathing, diapering, minyak-telon-ing, urang-aring-ing, etc.)
Progress: On-going

v) Provided stimulation to Baby to best of ability. (ie. verbal, visual, social, emotional.)
Progress: On-going

vi) Ensured proper immunisation of Baby and post-immunisation care. (6-in-1 package)
Progress: Completed

vii) Providing homemade first foods to Baby.
Progress: On-going

viii) Weaning Baby on to bottled teats.
Progress: On-going

ix) Captured Baby’s photographic moments and physical milestones.
Progress: On-going

x) ??

Project II: Elder Child A

i) Ensured smooth transition from single child to elder child and prevented any possibilities of sibling jealousy.
Progress: Completed

ii) Developing verbal skills, physical abilities, emotional well-being, and setting of ‘moral compass’.
Progress: On-going

iii) Successful toilet training to underpants in daytime, with increasingly lesser assistance.
Progress: Almost completed (night training still on-going)

iv) Ensured smooth transition from three-hourly daily playgroup to full-day centre-based care.
Progress: Completed

v) Weathered through various strains of ‘The Terrible Twos’ syndrome with minimum repercussions.
Progress: Good (behaviour still under monitor)

vi) ??

Project: Housework

Progress: ON-GOING
(*note: employed services of new helper, forecast looks promising.)

Project: Social & Love Life

Progress: Minimal. Positively dismal.

B. Training and Development Plans

Nil to date.

C. Career plans/ possible posting

i) Child-bearing career: Retired.

ii) Mothering career: On-going (end date: most likely on deathbed.)

iii) Wifely career: Endeavouring for a raise and better remuneration.

iv) Professional career: To be reviewed…

and in order to ensure that C.(iv) gets to see the light of day, i will need to log off this instance and literally wake up in the first light of day. (note to self: do not forget to bring the ‘espresso machine’ and all its parts, unlike the last first-day-of-work!)

wish me luck, people! (and good luck to you too, kiddos, ha ha.)

last day of ‘freedom’, on the sg flyer



mummy to aniq: aniq, daddy go to work, mummy go to work, aniq go to school, ok?
aniq: noo, aniq go to work also!
mummy: you want to go to work? where?
aniq: prison!


26 Responses to “Half-yearly Appraisal”
  1. Azlifah says:

    Hey, if onli we women got work review 2 submit for appraisal…aahhh…wunder how much PB we’re gonna get? *lol*

  2. Hami says:

    Gd luck on the 1st day back to werk! I know how dragging it can be. U tends to see Auni face “bayang- bayang” when u at work.
    That what happen to me on my 1st day at werk after the ML and NPL!!

  3. elastica says:

    and of course the “real” yearly appraisal is due soon this dec and we who came back from maternity lv always hv this fear next year’s PB sure rabak!! sighh…

    i) Gave birth to Baby. (with least possible incurrence of additional hospitalisation costs.)
    so kalau tak accomplished kena justify tak for more funds?? hee…

    anyways, welcome to the workforce and no worries i’m keeping a close tab for that “one”..cross fingers : )))

  4. liz says:

    happy going tback to work sis! and i love the pic. and you are a really awesome mom!

  5. lervme says:

    err… welcome back to work!
    and how come aniq wants to work in the prison??

  6. nahuya says:

    lol, wonder why prison? ni mesti bnyk tgk prison break lah ni! : )

  7. Amayuz says:

    Haha was laughing when I read this at work, this so sounds like forms civil servant has to fill up every now and then, R you a checher as well?

  8. irris says:

    Hey you back at work eh? So it’s back to 5th floor nursing room on lunchtime? Hehe, catch ya around with yr tote (filled with BF stuff, hehe)

  9. mahd says:

    prison? LOL!!!!

  10. Mrs STEADY says:

    So hows first day at work?

  11. hana says:

    Oh, kenapa prison eh? Tak tau takpe, lol!

    No, i is not cheecher, hurhur. Tak tau takpe.

    Hey nani, sorry to bother you just now! Ended up using the usual room i always went to last time.

    So liz, what should my PB be like, you think? Haha. Betol cakap azlifah, tapi nak kena submit to sapa eh? Laki? Gahmen?

    Maya, sib baik tak payah justify. The ‘productivity savings’ has gone into the monogram pun. Heh.

    Hey hami, i think yg terbayang2 is probly my face in baby’s mind ho ho!

  12. Mrs PowerDol says:

    bila kita nak ber’lunch together?!

    haahaa.. welcome back hor u!

  13. lynn maharet says:

    best kerja? hawhwahwa

    i tahu i tahu! tahu takpe awhwhahwa

  14. dee says:

    hi, was reading thru and want to know, howwwww to make baby sleep thru e night?
    mine already 7 mnths…
    too late to start eh?

  15. diah says:

    lol. so funny one this appraisal. ;p
    best tak keje?
    and im glad the new maid looks promising.

  16. jetaime says:

    lambat lah aku buat appraisal mcm tu! hehe

    anywayyyyyyyyy my lahling hana!! guess what i’ve learnt to make? wohoooo.. crooooooquemmmmmmbucheeeeee..heh and also how to pronounce it correctly too!!!

  17. hana says:

    you mean crock-em-bush?? lol!
    ok, balik lah nx month, boleh i order buatkan bday kita… :p

    hey diah, your appraisal nanti veeerrryyy long eh. PB sure good also, hahaa.

    hi dee, hmm… not sure leh, could be a lot of factors. do your kids sleep with you?
    or, you could try to keep them awake longer in the day… :)

    haha lynn, tau ehh… :p

    mrs dol, lunch?? haa boleh, in your opis k, saya pump and makan at the same time. u and rin boleh keep me company ha ha.

  18. jetaime says:

    ahhaha but more of the frech twang! next mth? alahai~~ ehehehhehe

  19. jetaime says:


  20. eja says:

    kak hana, auni looks so cute.

    avid fan of ur blog =]

    btw, is it true that true love waits?

    i know its random.. :/

  21. nymph says:

    eiyerrrr i just submitted the last of my guys’ annual appraisal today.

    hey when were u back at work? was nearby at Old PA last week and had wondered whether u cld’ve come down for lunch ;)

  22. TwinKz says:

    ehhhh itu baju familiar hor?!!

    i lurrrveee the stripes la!LOL!

    Welcome back to the working world babe!!!

  23. nad says:

    aww.. you are back at work? must have been gut-wrenching these few days.

    i really salute you for being able to make both your kids sleep thru the night by 8 weeks. for me, it’s a dream. maybe i’ll be able to make my kids sleep thru the night when they are 8. years old.

  24. Tasyah says:

    It is almost the end of your first week at work, I hope you are surviving. 6 months of maternity leave went very quickly, right?

  25. idayana says:

    hi hana.. i’m the shepherds’ pie girl that reads your blog avidly. has always beem awed by the beauty and cuteness of ur lil ones. esp the smile of auni, who can resist. there was this once i was oogling over her, and i dreamt about her that very same night! hah, freaky, i know!! hopefully u enjoy the pie, and and and, be generous on the review ay!!

  26. Niyaz says:


    wow such a wonderful Appraisal u have given urself :-)


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