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there was a time, almost a decade ago, when i finally decided to meet this guy for lunch on a saturday afternoon, somewhere in bugis.

call it serendipity.

we were actually acquainted some seven years before that, but being the vacuous youths that we were then, well, we never hit it off. only seven years later, when our paths converged again, that we discovered we had, in fact, many things in common, uncannily enough.

among them being, our taste in music. needless to say, idle moments were spent sharing earphones plugged to a discman. (you know, from the dinosaur age before mp3 and ipods.)

he used to burn copies of cds for me, and in return, i made him a compilation for his birthday in 2000. wow, was that eight years ago?? :D


so, what’s on it, then? erm, i’m afraid i can’t exactly explain all my choices here – he’d know the context and meanings best. i think. :p

1. soundtrack 4 2 lovers – mansun
2. ultraviolet (light my way) – U2
3. funny thing – travis
4. morning song – jewel
5. you & me song – the wannadies
6. with or without you (live version) – U2
[like, hello! mega bono fan here, of course. ha ha.]
7. hummer – smashing pumpkins
8. my dark star – suede
9. black star – radiohead
10. i want you – third eye blind
11. ice-cream – sarah mclachlan
12. all i want is you – U2
[we love 'reality bites'. period.]
13. what’s my age again? – blink182
[this was, after all, a 23rd birthday compilation! ;)]

of course, if we were to make a new compilation now, there’d be a whole LOT more songs we’d have to squeeze in. like our wedding song. (don’t laugh – it was a norah jones, lol!) heck, we’d even have to include our kids’ favourite songs as well. (as it is, aniq already has a few hot picks!)

and seeing how izadnhana intend to stick till-death-do-us-part together, you can say, the list would be infinite.

speaking of which, we’re pretty psyched to watch this movie, opening on 11 dec – nick & norah’s infinite playlist. it’s got michael cera, who also starred in juno (he’s grown so much since arrested development), and promises to be the kind of teen romance you wouldn’t find in, say… hmmm, high school musical? lol!

watch out for it…

nick & norah's infinite playlist
Movie opening 11th Dec!


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when you’re in the confines of an empty car with the radio airplay on repeat mode, your meandering mind tends to come up with some strange observations.

one being, that women these days are, in general, not a very happy lot, particularly with their male counterparts, as the evidence below will show.

1) beyonce declares that if she were a boy, she’d drink beer with the guys, and chase after girls, and kick it with who she wants, which is what her fictitional half does. (coz surely her real-life spouse, jay-z, doesn’t do that… right?)

2) katy perry gripes about how her supposed groom-to-be changes his mind like a girl changes clothes, and PMS like a bitch, drilling her infectious one-moment-hot-one-moment-cold refrain into his brain, and yours.

3) pink who just lost her husband (to divorce, not death), but so what, she’s still a rock star dammit, she’s got her rock moves (and loads of cash) so who needs him?!

4) britney proclaims, in all her usual articulate self, that her fella’s nothin’ but a womanizer, womanizer, oh a womanizer.

it’s a revolution, i tell you – women with the power to diss their men… and getting away with it (with royalties to boot)!

now, the men, on the other hand, are a bunch of lovelorn wussies these days. let’s see:

1) david archuleta whines about a crush. on a *girl*. (yaawn. i’m still rooting for him to lean the clay aiken way, give it time.)

2) neyo pines for bossy, independent babes who pay their own bills. (read: he’s a cheap date.)

3) t.i. offers his shawty whatever she wants. you know, the kinds of things you and me wants – bags, jets, stacks of rubberband banks. (hehe, i is rapping yo.)

4) some sick irish lads who refuse to move from a corner of a street just to wait for some girl. (how will they pee and shave and shower? not a great idea to woo a girl with a bursting bladder, grizzly beard, and B.O, i would say.)

then, to further reinforce how women have evolved into man-eating, power-crazy, power-hungry species, are the increasing emergence of shows such as:

1) sex & the city, or better known as SATC (THE show which probably set the wheels in motion for our generation’s iWoman-hear-me-roar-in-my-jimmychoos revolution.)
2) lipstick jungle (top honchos in the media, publishing, and fashion worlds, juggling demanding careers with neglected children, errant spouses, steamy affairs, etc.)
3) cashmere mafia (ditto above. with better casting.)
4) desperate housewives (which should really be changed to desperate husbands, coz the wives? not so desperate anymore.)

and in our local context, with girls making up the top psle students these days, it won’t be long before mediacorp catches on and comes up with our very own shows featuring high-powered women who’ve scrupulously climbed the corporate ladder or have superior hold over their spouses in the prime bukit timah suburbs. suggestions for show titles:

1) manicured CEOs in merlion city (shortform, MCMC)
2) stiletto singapura
3) kebaya mafia, and
4) don’t call me tai-tai

and to end this fluff entry, i leave you with katy perry’s other famous song, ‘i kissed a girl’, which sends a signal that girls are so self-sufficient and dissatisfied with the other gender these days that they’re eventually replacing men with other women in the equation. uh-oh. :D

Us girls we are so magical
Soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist so touchable
Too good to deny it
Ain’t no big deal, it’s innocent

*disclaimer: the above entry is merely a frivolous jibe at the opposite sex in general, and in no way intends to show disrespect or create ill-will towards our ‘better halves’, whom we need to throw the rubbish, make hot tea, and change the diapers… kidding! :p


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something which i got to share with you guys,  absolutely hilarious!

yes, you do look super gay!!


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as you can probably tell, the lack of updates by hana is a sign of profound malaise. clearly, the switch to non-sahm mode has not been the most joyful of event for her.

which made her question as to who in heck created the work week to stretch for five days and not contain it to just, say, four, or maybe three days?

to which she received a reply from her ever-sensible husband that it was all in the name of a healthy economy and The Big Picture. longer weekends mean longer downtimes, he says. less productivity and lower standards of living. worse still, he came up with the ‘less effective gahmen’ trump card. and in his usual gadget-centric logic, if his handphone is spoilt and requires servicing, a longer weekend would mean a longer time to get it repaired. hmph, the consumerist.

so apparently, long long ago, people, especially in the industrial era, used to work really long hours with really poor working conditions (boo hoo). then in the 1800s, some fella began demanding for shorter work hours, starting some kind of workers’ union, and went around with a catchy phrase, “Eight hours labour, Eight hours recreation, Eight hours rest”. that took quite a while to catch on, but it eventually did for most parts of the world, and May Day or Labour Day had something to do with that, you know, to commemorate the achievement of the labour movement, yadda yadda.

ok, so what’s the point of all this again?

ahh right, i’m *supposed* to be thankful that the work week has been greatly reduced from ancient times when workers were greatly exploited, especially women. but it’s hard to console myself when the fact is that most of the “eight hours of recreation” and “eight hours of rest” is sapped up by the demands of motherhood, leaving little for the self. (yes, i am after all part of Generation Me.)

labour is indeed a great pain for many women – the one experienced in the hospital to expel their offsprings from their wombs, and the one that takes them away from those offsprings eight hours a day, five times a week. the latter being more prolonged and painful for some, like me.

our respite – the forty-eight hours called The Weekend. where family, friends and food are the bonus and remuneration. <3

the picnic spread


ok, digressing a little, i cheated (as usual) for the potluck picnic and bought a tray of shepherd’s pie from The Shepherd’s Pie, located at the second floor of Bedok Market Place, just next to our ever-favourite makan haunt, simpang bedok. we could have had it delivered for free, but since we were there for dinner the night before, we dropped by to pick up a frozen tray so we could bake it ourselves on the morning of the picnic.

what can i say, everyone approved, even the husband, the foodie! needless to say, the whole tray was polished off within minutes (as you can see in the picture). definitely tasty, with just the right amount of meat and potatoes. yes, i’m a carb person, i am. i love my potatoes. next time we’ll try the spicier stuff, ok idayana! ;)

the two G.I. janes, aka botak janes. “kakak mia, don’t pull my hair!”

happy 30th! omg we’re old. hurhur.

and that reminds me – aniq’s birthday is coming, AGAIN! ha ha. of course there’s the question of should there or should there not be yet another party this time round.

to which the reply is that it would greatly depend on the economy. namely, the mother and father’s. which means, mummy would have to keep working to sustain that economy, baby. just so you can keep enjoying your birthdays.


aunty farah, can you save those three candles for him?

maybe i’ll just order a shepherd’s pie and plonk them on it.


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thanks for the overwhelming response, currently the set is reserved but will update you guys on the status on monday! SOLD!

i got a brand new set of vodafone 720 for sale. got it after i recontract my m1 plan.

vodafone, cheap cheap!!

features are as follows

  • stylish clamshell design
  • 2.0 inch tft 176 x 220 main display with 262.144 colours
  • 128 x 64 monochrome OLED external display
  • 1.3 Megapixel and VGA Camera
  • Video Telephony
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • Media & Music Player
  • 3G
  • A2DP (Stereo) Bluetooth V1.2
  • SMS/MMS/Email

Good buy for those looking for a backup phone, very slim and stylish. Plus 1 year warranty.

BTW, M1 is selling it for $288 without line. And i’m selling it at almost half price – $160!

Those interested please email me at Thanks!


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hi, the guitar hero super bundle will arrive tomorrow afternoon. would you like us to do delivery….” as my sms beeped to inform me. finally after 3 months of wait, the guitar hero is finally here!! I was really hooked to the first version of guitar hero that i played at my dad’s house that i told myself if i got a ps3, guitar hero would be the first game i purchase. great timing it was that the latest version with drums will be coming out soon!

forward to friday 7 november, 6pm, as i await patiently for the delivery, 2 guys from the game shop arrived as expected with a very huge box!! yes, finally i could relive my childhood dream to be a drummer, haha!!

anyway, i’ve shot the unboxing of the guitar hero super bundle and did a short drumming session to show you what a great piece of gaming this is. so if you guys are up for a jamming session, you know where to come. :)

Unboxing Of Guitar Hero World Tour from izadnhana on Vimeo.


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ok, a few more hours before my time is up. (macam kena recall masok jail, or worse, kena execution gitu eh? :p)

am still feeling queasy, lethargic, a little achy and chilly from the leftover viral flu which i’d contracted on friday out of the blue, like what bad timing huh?

and nevermind that i had over six months (technically, is apr 3 to nov 3 considered seven months?) to get ‘things’ done, it’s simply… not enough!!

i’ve been trying to come up with a list of ‘accomplishments’, kinda like your half-yearly work appraisal thing you know. erm, so far, i think, not so impressive.

A. Work achievement/progress

Project I: Baby A

i) Gave birth to Baby. (with least possible incurrence of additional hospitalisation costs.)
Progress: Completed

ii) Placed Baby to sleep in own room and through the night by eight weeks.
Progress: Completed

iii) Provided complete nourishment for Baby 0-6months, direct from source. (with no supplementary requirements.)
Progress: On-going

iv) Provided basic care to Baby. (including clothing, bathing, diapering, minyak-telon-ing, urang-aring-ing, etc.)
Progress: On-going

v) Provided stimulation to Baby to best of ability. (ie. verbal, visual, social, emotional.)
Progress: On-going

vi) Ensured proper immunisation of Baby and post-immunisation care. (6-in-1 package)
Progress: Completed

vii) Providing homemade first foods to Baby.
Progress: On-going

viii) Weaning Baby on to bottled teats.
Progress: On-going

ix) Captured Baby’s photographic moments and physical milestones.
Progress: On-going

x) ??

Project II: Elder Child A

i) Ensured smooth transition from single child to elder child and prevented any possibilities of sibling jealousy.
Progress: Completed

ii) Developing verbal skills, physical abilities, emotional well-being, and setting of ‘moral compass’.
Progress: On-going

iii) Successful toilet training to underpants in daytime, with increasingly lesser assistance.
Progress: Almost completed (night training still on-going)

iv) Ensured smooth transition from three-hourly daily playgroup to full-day centre-based care.
Progress: Completed

v) Weathered through various strains of ‘The Terrible Twos’ syndrome with minimum repercussions.
Progress: Good (behaviour still under monitor)

vi) ??

Project: Housework

Progress: ON-GOING
(*note: employed services of new helper, forecast looks promising.)

Project: Social & Love Life

Progress: Minimal. Positively dismal.

B. Training and Development Plans

Nil to date.

C. Career plans/ possible posting

i) Child-bearing career: Retired.

ii) Mothering career: On-going (end date: most likely on deathbed.)

iii) Wifely career: Endeavouring for a raise and better remuneration.

iv) Professional career: To be reviewed…

and in order to ensure that C.(iv) gets to see the light of day, i will need to log off this instance and literally wake up in the first light of day. (note to self: do not forget to bring the ‘espresso machine’ and all its parts, unlike the last first-day-of-work!)

wish me luck, people! (and good luck to you too, kiddos, ha ha.)

last day of ‘freedom’, on the sg flyer



mummy to aniq: aniq, daddy go to work, mummy go to work, aniq go to school, ok?
aniq: noo, aniq go to work also!
mummy: you want to go to work? where?
aniq: prison!



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