it was about 10 months ago that we were deciding whether aniq should have another sibling. we were having so much fun with aniq with the growing up, the laughters, the tantrums.

the thought of having another little aniq has always crossed our mind but perhaps we were concerned if we could give the same undivided love and attention that we have showered aniq but the thought disappeared immediately when i looked at her for the first time. :)

sleep tight

more photos in my flickr here!

22 Responses to “retrospect”
  1. liz says:

    beautiful photos. :)

  2. is says:

    nice photos..i have the same thoughts now, coz having so much fun with arshad.
    guess now its 2x fun for u guys.

    also then i ask my support system (i.e. the grandparents),. can or not?
    and my mak said..”tiga tahun lah..tiga tahun ok”

  3. esah says:

    gorgeous photos :)

    sighhh, can’t help feeling envious :(

  4. rouge says:

    she’s such a photocopy of mummy ok? we’ll see whether the mole will pop up later. :) see you all when u come back home!

  5. TwinKz says:

    wow.. now *that* is something. she’s so beautiful. i’m envious also..makes me itch for a second one..

  6. diah says:

    hehe, ya she is a photocopy of hana!! so gorgeous hor! makes me want to have another one. ahahahaha.

  7. rouge says:

    tell me about it!! the itch IS here, but must wait a bit hehe.

    cikgu diah, what are you talking about daa dey??!! LOL! tak cukup space nanti hahahaa

  8. OshKosh11 says:

    Omg! She really2 looks like Mummy! :) Hmmm really2 thinking of having another baby after looking @ her tooo hahahaha, after having 3 boys myself hopefully insya-allah ;P

  9. lennie says:

    my gawd!! the photos are gorgeous!!! & of course haniz lah! heehee..

    izadd, can u pls help to take pictures of mia??? my laki tak guna u know.. hahahahah.. :p

  10. aliyah says:

    auwwww~!! this photos of haniz…remind me of nks sooooo much when she was a newborn….
    those cheeks….nice to sedut2 bau baby and romos2 and kish2……..
    im sure watching haniz grow up will be as much fun as aniq…..!

  11. Salinna says:

    yeah agree.. she’s the photocopy of hana. beautiful baby :)

  12. lizanoor says:

    chubby baby!!! makes me go so auwwwww
    congrats hana and izad!

  13. Zany says:

    Congrats Hana & Izad. She looks so much like her mother. What a precious bundle of joy. :) And like all the mums who have spoken before…I want another one tooooooo!

  14. Frina says:

    She is sooo cute… so chubby! geram nya tgk… :)

    Congrats again to both of you..

  15. lynn maharet says:

    ooo such an angel(ina)! teheheh..

    feel like having another one!!…NOT! not now that is..hehe

  16. sen says:

    awwww……shes so precious!!!
    and yes…. makes me like having another 1 nowwww!!! HAHA!

  17. syafiqah says:

    in black&white she already look gorgeous. imagine her in colour… sure more beautiful.
    how i wish im married and haf a baby…

  18. aprima says:

    The yawning one was nicely taken! *thumbs-up*…


  19. junesky says:

    congrats hana! so whats her name? ur baby girl is chubby eh,,at 3.45kg right…did u go for the induce or wait…? my both pregnancy I kena induced n it was so blardy painful,,so this time i want to wait n wait n wait till the baby is ready to *pop* out! heh…

  20. mahd says:

    ooh, very gorgeous baby!!! yeah, rini…the itch to have another one is also present…hehehe tapi wait lah ah…

  21. pak ngah says:

    eh sorry don’t think we would be able to pop by soon to see the baby, sufi’s not well don’t want my new niece to fall sick…will drop by once she’s better…

  22. Tasyah says:

    she’s so cute!! my MIL would say she so “busyuk”(pantang..tak leh puji baby nanti sakit..LOL) best kan! can’t get enough of the the smell, love the small hands and feet.

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