the first thing i checked with the doc yesterday during my monthly check up was whether it’s STILL a girl.

the good news is: it still is. heh.

the bad news is: my low tummy is likely due to my laziness at exercising after the first baby, hah! weak muscles = flabby womb, you know. so, first-time mummies, let this be a lesson! but ugh, the thought of tummy crunches turns me off, so nevermind, another reason for me to stop at two. or i foresee my tummy hanging down to my knees the next time round. eew.

at this point, the scans of the baby aren’t too exciting coz the baby’s grown too large to be seen in full on the screen, so the doc could only show us parts of the blurry images which i, after two babies, still am very bad at deciphering what is what. ok, the head is easy enough, being round and all.

baby is now almost 1.4 kg, mummy has gained all of 7 kg, EDD stands at 17 april. well, give or take two weeks.

the doc offered me ventolin nebuliser for my phlegmy chest, and so, seeing that the clinic was TOTALLY empty that morning (a miracle, i tell ya!), i had my feet on the sofa and breathed in the damn thing for twenty minutes. i also wanted to know what was it about the nebuliser that kids absolutely hate, and the aftermath, as i find out, was a palpitating heart, shaky hands, and plain jittery-ness. the phlegm was still there, but i guess with all the other meds, i slept somewhat better at night.

aaaaanyway, the highlight of the day was aniq’s first trip to the dentist. i’d psyched him up by telling him over the past few days that we’re bringing him to a doctor who is going to brush his teeth, and we got him to practice opening his mouth when instructed, hehe. so by that day, he knew that he was going to the “entist” to “ush teef”.

waiting room full of toys

the dentist discussed with us about his daily diet and brushing habits, showed us the proper way to brush his baby teeth, and warmed him up with a teeth model for him to brush…

showing his brushing skills

then it was on to the dentist’s chair with daddy! he had his teeth counted (17 in all for now, including one erupted molar), brushed properly (without any biting or chewing, like he does with his own toothbrush at home), and some stains scraped off (due to the iron-rich spinach he eats). and all throughout, he simply kept his mouth opened compliantly like a good patient, and kept very still, allowing the dentist to do his thang. kinda like when he has his haircuts, actually. i think he’s a funny little boy like that, always taking in new experiences in a curious, adult way.

counting his teeth - 17 for now showing how to brush his teeth
scraping off some stains reward for being such a compliant patient

you know how dentists, like in movies, tend to give kids a lollipop at the end of their visit? i always thought it strange and disturbing that they do that, or it could be a conspiracy to keep the kids’ parents coming back to give them more business. but thankfully, no candies were in sight, only a toy as a reward. phew!

and as our reward to him, we brought him to the botanic garden nearby to run around and feed the fishies. :)

this is how the fishies eat
check out my teeth!

i must add that i myself like going to the dentist, never having a bad experience before – well, except that the pocket hurts most during visits. (why are dental checkups so expensive?!)

i remember my mum used to be very insistent in reminding us to brush our teeth every night since i was small, so i know dental hygiene is important, and i guess it’s subconsciously passed down to me now that i’m a mother myself. so yeah, call it the kiasu-mother-syndrome or whatever, but i think it’s an investment coz… do you know just how freaking expensive braces and extractions cost?? (i’ve never needed them, but i’ve heard!)

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  1. Awi says:

    confirm gerl la awak! no need to check anymore! ehehehe!!
    so have u got all yr pinky stuffs ready?? i think i’ve OD-ed on pink!
    and the clinic was totally empty? that’s like the MIRACLE of the year!!!
    i’m totally clueless on the baby scans too! hah!
    anyway, abang aniq! what great white teeth u have there!
    sure to make all those piranhas jealous of u lar!

  2. hana says:

    i havent bought a single thing lah, awi, and certainly NO PINKS, haha!
    i will avoid buying anything pink, if possible… boring arh! purple ke, green ke, orange ke… kan cantik? :p
    and yahhh, i arrived at the clinic after 10 and there wasnt anyone else in the queue, amazing!

  3. jewel says:

    girl girl girrrrrrl powerrrrrr! eh i watch channel 70 day in, day out and besides being almost an ob/gyn myself, i also found out how to conceive girls instead of boys teeheeheeheeheeeee! *macam betol jer aku ni hehe*

    i too am very anal-retentive about dental hygiene and care. kalau gigi cantik kan macam hemsem lebih gitu kan kan kan? and yes better take care of your teefies from young, going to the dentist can be expensive indeed (though i also kinda enjoy a visit to the dentist)! extractions are expensive ker? one time i had a tooth that cracked right down in the middle (and hurt like hell), the dentist asked me, you want to extract or you want to save it? i asked her the cost for each, she said, extraction $50, root canal starts from $800 (mon dieu!!). after much consideration, i opted for the latter cos i don’t want to look like a toothless old lady. paid almost $1000 just to save one little tooth (sigh). and yes, root canal HURTS BIG TIME! (this coming from a woman who has a high tolerance to pain).

  4. liz says:

    ok so that means that when i have a kid in like…next 10 years, i have to keeeeepppp onnnnn exercising? malas nye!

  5. fatia says:

    yes, braces n extractions cost a bomb!

    i had to wear braces coz i got terrible gigi tarings. 1st time when my tarings were starting 2 form, showed 2 d dental nurse but she said it will grow n somewhat move 2 wear it shud be.

    but then it, or rather they hung up there like raja bersiong’s. -_-

    coz of that, i had to wear braces. and since i hv small jaw, hvta extract my 4 wisdom teeth!

    just imagine the thousands my parents spent that time. just coz the nurse told us it was gona be ok.

  6. misa says:

    just guessing…is this dentist@camden? i may be wrong, though…..

  7. hana says:

    yes it is, tu pasal kita drop by botanic garden, dekat….

    alamak fatia, raja bersiong tu keturunan vampire ke… lol! during my last dental check up last mth, the dentist thinks i’m a freak for not having any wisdom teeth come out yet. i’m unwise! but takpe, seb duit hehe. and u must be thankful to ur parents for the amt of money they spent on u to have a nice smile, ok!

    liz, yah keep on exercising, jangan mcm akak ni, ada phobia ngan gym. hurhurr.

    $1000 on root canal! cannot use medisave ke? yikes.

  8. diah says:

    what do you want for your girl? a diaper cake? lol!
    your little princess can make her appearance anytime as long as it not on the 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Azfar says:

    join a gym, like kakak and me. but if you need a kaki, you can join Fitness First with kakak, or California Fitness with me…hehe!

  10. Ogy says:

    that’s a piece of valuable information! i didn’t know we have to exercise in order to prevent low tummy!

    oh, I’m having a ‘date’ with the doctor on valentine’s day! hehehe…what a day to choose for the appt! hehehe…

  11. hana says:

    azfar, a bit TOO late for that now ok… nak mampos pegi gym mcm gini? terpelanting dari treadmill nanti. :p

    dun worry diah, not due this month arhh…. though i still have to find something to wear on the 17th, wekkkk!!!

    ogy, maybe it’s just me, or my age, or hereditary, but i memang tak suka exercise punye olang hehehe…. padan muka!

  12. Azfar says:

    hehe…not now lah, nanti after you give birth. not necessarily treadmill ajer – they also have yoga therapy, pilates, aerobics and lots of other class that you can sign up for…all included in the gym membership.

    ok, now my whole body aching liao. 20 minutes of boxing and i’m like a pulp. *falls asleep…zzzzzzz*

  13. hana says:

    i heard u gained 10kg after ORD… wuahahahaa! kalah i pregnant. :pp

  14. Azfar says:

    yah lor…eat, work, eat, work…supper, supper, supper. forgot to watch my diet and exercises in between.

  15. hana says:

    well, lucky you don’t have to get pregnant then. pfffffffft.

  16. Azfar says:

    woohoo…my job, once married, is to make the wife pregnant. and not get pregnant. hahahahahaha!

  17. Yati says:

    Hi Hana,
    I was surfing thru the internet and into blogs looking for dentist best for children with special needs and came upon ur blogsite.
    The dentist you went, Camden, is it at Forum Shopping Mall?
    Is the dentist or owner a Malay guy who is also has experience with ‘special’ children?
    I teach children with Autism and I got info from one of my parents abt a dentist, who used to work with children with special needs, open up a dental clinic called Camden. I was wondering if its the one you went to for ur son.

  18. hana says:

    hi Yati, i’m not sure if he’s had experience with children with special needs, but yes, he’s a malay dentist whose clinic is at camden, but it’s not at forum shopping mall, it’s behind tanglin mall.

  19. Yati says:

    thanks for the reply…
    Is the dentist name Rashid?
    And do have the clinic’s contact nos for me to enquire?

  20. hana says:

    yati, google has the answer to everything – here’s the website:
    hv a good trip to the dentist!

  21. Yati says:

    Hi Hana,

    Thanks for the website and your kind help.



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