so we didn’t manage to catch the fireworks. well, we *almost* did, but the little one had a little spewing incident in the car just as we arrived (we’re starting to think he’s got motion sickness… or morning sickness ha ha), so we had to turn around and watch the terrifically terrible countdown at home on tv.

despite that tiny glitch in our plan, a bunch of people more than made up for it earlier that day.

the complete 77clan, finally!

the birthday girl and hostess made us dress up for the occasion, so we did. not that it took much persuasion, we’re always looking for excuses to dress up anyway, heh.

there wasn’t talk of new years’ resolutions, but everyone has something exciting to look forward to this year.

and well, i guess you can more or less tell what *i* have in store in 2008… :p


and no, that’s not from eating the entire high tea buffet that day, lol!

78 Responses to “a new chapter”
  1. Ayu says:

    Congrats IzadnHana!!! Great to hear there’s another 2008 baby on the way! Best ye, u preggy cuma tummy jer grow, I preggy, 180 degree smua grow! heheheh.. But its ok… I love the feeling of being preggy! Enjoy ur preggyhood sweetie! :)

  2. Frina says:

    Wow! Congrats Hana!! Aniq dah jadi abang lah!! :)

  3. Fidah says:

    tee hee hee.. it was certainly nice to see u again that day hana and i still remember how happily terperanjat i was when i saw ur bump! yr tumtum sure looks cute! ;) one day when i grow up.. erm, i mean when i get pregnant, i hope to have a cute tum like urs and a killer cleavage like lenny. but first, have to find husband. so wish me luck on that. heheheheh… congrats to u, izadd and aniq! :D

  4. raudha says:

    omg! omg! congrats for this mummy hana!

    well done for keeping it really well!

  5. Mama ariel says:

    ok hana, let the gussing game start..
    i guess u gonna due on april right?..the date i cant predict…guess the million dollar questn had been answered…hehe..
    let us know let us know ok…. :) :)

  6. elastica says:

    ahhh.hana..i reckon you dah tau the baby’s gender..hmm…surprise for us jugak ke??? alahhh….lambat sangat nak kena tunggu.

  7. hana says:

    hehe… alah, kasi suspen sikit lah… :p

    tks raudha, kalau boleh nak keep lama lagik mcm last time! or sampai dah beranak, lol!

    oit fidah, it was fab seeing you again too baybeh, ko byk jambu tu hari, baju lawa! and haiii ako masih tertunggu-tunggu macam durian tak jatuh for those KILLER slot machines too lor… sigh…. :D ok, ako doakan this year ko dapat tangkap satu husband, k… hehehee!

    ayu, u oso kan, in feb? my SIL too!

    yah liz, i damn well better be able to wear all my tops again… :S

    hope everyone else has been having a good start to the new year so far!

  8. reen says:

    Happy New Year hana, Aniq & izad… Congtras to you on 2nd pregnancy..

  9. yanty says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on ur 2nd pregnancy!!! I’m so happy for u. take loads of care babe. can’t wait for ur updates :)

  10. huss says:

    ooh bestnya! congrats on your 2nd pregnancy! im so happy but sooooo jealous! i sooooo want another one (my firstborn was a jan05 girl) but a terrible labour has my gynae, my hubby, my mother, mil and everyone else saying STOP AT ONE! sampai hubby cakap “do you really want to risk losing your uterus or your life?!” i miss being pregnant but pikirkan the 6 bags of blood transfusion, the nearly lost uterus, the 2 night stay in ICU and the explosive hospital bill the last time round…*shudder*. looks like i have to vicariously enjoy pregnancies from now :\

    but hey…congrats once again! wishing you a smooth pregnancy and easier labour :D

  11. has says:

    i tot i noticed a slight bump in some pics! but i didnt realised its gotten so big! hee. congrats many many kak hana!

  12. hana says:

    dang, got slight bump sightings ah?! ceh, salah angle, nak kena practice lagi… hehee!

    oh dear, huss. sounds… traumatising! :S
    but see, all those ‘after-birth’ hormones are dang good right, makes you forget all the pain. crazy stuff, they should try to reproduce that and sell it!
    anyway, who knows, maybe there are other plans in store for you in the future… at least you had the experience once, syukur alhamdulillah, yah?
    ps: ur babe is sooo gigit-able, gosh! :D

  13. Nabilah says:

    Hi Hana..Congrats on yr pregnancy..I thought I saw a bump on yr tummy esp on the ‘apple of my I’ post and I guessed right..Yeayness..Can’t wait to see Aniq jr..Hope you have a smooth sailing pregnancy and delivery,InsyaAllah..Please update on this pregnancy mcm time Aniq dulu ok…Bestnyer….Hugz…

  14. mafiababy9594 says:

    Congrats Hana!…may u have a safe & smooth delivery =D

  15. diah says:

    wah 63 comments!!! topic hangat lagi sensasi! wey you pregnant ah? congrats, we are so happy for you!

    lol lol lol lol lol.

    keep me updated hor! you know what.

  16. mahd says:

    congrats, izadnhana!!!

  17. hana says:

    my besan, wait i whisper to sharleez on sunday, then u ask her, k. Lol! :-P

    tx mafiababy!

    ok 64 comments, dah cukup!

  18. ibu aisyah says:

    65 comments lah…hehe.

    congrats! woooot.

  19. yuRa says:

    Tahniah, izadnhana!

  20. diana says:

    hi there! congrats on ur 2nd pregnancy…reading thru ur entries in ChapII, i tink we will be ‘popping’ around the same time..ur tummy looks nice u noe…im still waiting for mine to be like that coz it looks nothing more like babat aje skarang….heehee…i cant wait to have a pregnant tummy to show!

  21. hana says:

    hmm, if you’re not showing yet, think you’ll definitely be popping later than me, diana!
    it’s good to have one that shows coz so far, bus drivers have waited for me to sit before moving off, and passengers have offered seats, how nice! (well, these being the rare occasions i venture out on buses lah hehe.) i think mrt passengers, however, won’t be as ‘kind’.

  22. herna says:

    hey hana!
    its me..its been a loooog time eh?!

    just wanna say congrats on your 2nd pregnancy.
    semoga everything will go on well for you..insya’allah!

  23. Siti says:

    I have been reading your blog ever since Aniq was born.Congratulation on baby no. 2 …. Awaiting for more tips on breastfeeding…

  24. Liz says:

    hI..congrates on ur second pregnancy…You’re such a gorgeous mum I must say.
    Im juz a blog hopper who happen to bump in to ur website.
    Interesting entries you have there.

    Im just curious,what camera do u use?It seems so alive.Hope you can share it with me.


    Take care!

  25. hana says:

    wow, thanks Liz!
    the pics above are taken with a canon powershot G7, which is my own toy hehe.
    izad uses different cameras – some pics with a nikon D70 and some with an olympus E-500.
    you can see which ones are used thru the info on each pic in our Flickr! :)

    hi siti! gosh, seems just yday aniq was born! insyaallah, we can share/exchange bf tips…

    herna, it’s been a LOOOOONG time indeed! i think the last time i bumped into you i was preg wif aniq, lol!

  26. diana says:

    heehee…well, ppl have been guessing im in my 2nd mth, when in actual fact im waaaaay waaaay over the 1st trimester….anyway i bunting lain lah…bukan bunting perut…at least tats wat the tukang urut said..heehee…

    definitely reading up on aniq’s blog for breastfeeding tips…cite cite nak jadi one of those BF moms also…heh…

  27. hana says:

    haa, bunting lain?? apa tu?!
    insyaallah you’ll bf successfully too! it won’t be easy but it’s worth the effort. :)

  28. herna says:

    ar ah sey..that time was at the metro sale at the expo or sumting kan!
    walauwei…so lama sey…how have you been doing??

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