let’s end off the year on a positive note.

ahh, the birth of a new life. full of joy and promises – something i wish to all of you in 2008!

it's been a while... :)
“why, hello Tahui Brudder #2! mimmy, why are you making him cry??”

and to us too. :)

“ahh, that’s better.”

anyone seeing the fireworks today?? not sure if we should stay up outside with the little one for that eight-and-a-half minutes of spectacular sky action, or stay snuggled up indoors catching up on those shows we’ve recorded on Smart TV.

ahh, we can do both, right? tomorrow holiday you know!

10 Responses to “goodbye, hello”
  1. esah says:

    congrats to the neos!!

    tahui boy #2 so hansem! btw, what is tahuiboy brudder’s name dar? hehee

  2. hana says:

    as at time of visit, belom ada nama dar! nanti ah kita tunggu mak bapak dia reveal, but should start wif N too! :)

  3. lennie says:

    wahhh congrats to heriati & hubby on the arrival of their precious 2nd baby boy!!!


    babe, kita pun bringing the boys to watch the fireworks later! join us ai mai..?

  4. hana says:

    really?! ok set, jap lagi pon i will see you girls… perot lapar liao!

  5. lennie says:

    ak ah! i also perot lapar liao..

    saving some space for the wats coming..! oklah, nak siap ni.. see u in 1 and half hr.. :p

  6. lynn maharet says:

    alah alah so cuteeeeeee!!! cant wait for mine!!..lama tak the labour if u don’t mind me asking…hehe

  7. diah says:

    you glowing hor! lol! congrats to Tahui Boy and family! :)

  8. hana says:

    apa glow?? you mean muka cramp! cet! :p

    yours won’t be long, lynn… ahh bila baby cry and wail, u see cute or not, k! hehehee…
    she stuck it out at home, so the labour was pretty fast, i think abt 4hrs or so.

  9. jetaime says:

    congrats to the neos!!!!! mesti hansem mcm the brother! muka cam bule! awwwww!! (bule is omputih in bahasa) hurhur

  10. lynn maharet says:

    ya now already jan!! serams!

    baby cry i pass to shai har har

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